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  • Captivating Video Series Updated Edition


    Every woman was once a little girl. And every little girl holds in her heart her most precious dreams. She longs to be swept up into a romance, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, to be the beauty of the story. Those desires are far more than child’s play. They are the secret to the feminine heart.

    And yet, how many women ever find that life? As the years pass by, the heart of a woman gets pushed aside, wounded, buried. She finds no romance except in novels, no adventure except on television, and she doubts very much that she will ever be the Beauty in any tale.

    Most women think they have to settle for a life of efficiency and duty, striving to be the women they ought to be, but often feeling they have failed. Sadly, too many messages for Christian women add to the pressure. Do these ten things, and you will be a godly woman. The effect has not been good on the feminine soul. But her heart is still there. Sometimes when she watches a movie, sometimes in the wee hours of the night, her heart begins to speak again. A thirst rises within her to find the life she was meant to live, the life she dreamed of as a little girl.In this video Bible study (study guide sold separately), the message of Captivating is that your heart matters more than anything else in all creation. The desires you had as a little girl and the longings you still feel are telling you of the life God created you to live. He offers to come now, as the Hero of your story-to rescue your heart and release you to live as a fully alive and feminine woman. A woman who is truly captivating

    Sessions include:
    The Heart of a Woman
    The Wound
    Healing the Wound
    Beauty to Unveil
    Loving a Man
    Warrior Princess

    Designed for use with the Captivating Study Guide (sold separately).

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  • Seeking Him : Experiencing The Joy Of Personal Revival


    Does Your Heart Need to Be Revived?

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth can now join your personal devotions or study group through these twelve 15-minute video sessions. This DVD/USB set is designed for individuals and women’s small groups and allow you to get more out of your Seeking Him workbook as Nancy goes deeper with insights and teaching.

    Invite your friends to study God’s Word through these videos, and let the Holy Spirit bring revival to your hearts. Nancy equips and encourages you to go deeper in your reading of Scripture, personal reflection, and prayer. This is an eternal investment you’ll never regret!

    (Filmed c. 2005)

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  • Nothing Wasted Video Study


    Have you ever sat in church and hoped against hope no one would find out who you once were? Who you are still letting go of? Have you ever wondered if your past was just too much?

    In a world that often encourages us to over-spiritualize, dismiss, or water down the messiest parts of us, Nothing Wasted presents a fresh perspective, showing God is a mixed media artist, lovingly gathering the broken bits and scraps of our lives to create a masterpiece of grace and redemption.

    Bestselling author and speaker, Kasey Van Norman offers perhaps the most honest and vulnerable exposition of just how capable and willing God is to resurrect us from sin and redeem us from all shame.

    This six-session video Bible study (study guide sold separately) will take the pressure off outing your past and expose God as the perfecter of everything that brings us shame or pain. God does not care if we are the reason for or the recipient of our messes–he wants us to understand the depth and magnitude of receiving his grace and trust him to transform our pain into something glorious! Nothing is wasted with God.

    Designed for use with the Nothing Wasted Study Guide (sold separately).

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  • Determined : Living Like Jesus In Every Moment


    VIDEO – Imagine waking up every single day convinced that the twenty-four hours ahead of you are a precious gift to be used wisely. Now imagine that you know exactly how to spend them to be a force for God’s good. All too often we wander through life without appreciating the gift of every moment we’ve been given. The result? An unsatisfying life, missed opportunities to experience the joy of being in sync with God, and days marked with apathy instead of passion. Our time on earth is measured. We should want to make every moment count-not only because we aren’t guaranteed the next one, but also because this is exactly how our Savior spent His time here. How, then, do we walk out unwavering joy-filled faith every day, determined to let go of the things that keep us from experiencing abundant life and fulfilling the plans God has for us? The answers are found in following the footsteps of the One who lived fully, because He was determined that we might do the same. In this six-week study of Luke, we will follow the life and ministry of Jesus as we consider the choices He made on His way to the cross. We’ll intimately connect with a Savior who remained laser-focused on His mission to love the world. In return, we’ll receive a model for intentional living that we can replicate to ensure we are living each day to the fullest and making a difference for God’s kingdom. And together we’ll determine to embrace the abundant life we are promised in Jesus. It’s time to stop wandering and start living!

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  • Its Not Supposed To Be This Way Video Study


    Life often looks so very far from the reality we long for. Lysa TerKeurst deeply understands. But she’s also discovered that whether we’re dealing with daily disappointments or life-altering loss, we can find unexpected strength as we wrestle well between our faith and feelings.

    This book offers a safe guide, fresh biblical insight, and life-giving perspectives for living in between Eden and eternity. With grit, vulnerability, and honest humor, Lysa helps readers:
    *Stop being pulled into the anxiety of disappointment by discovering how to better process unmet expectations and other painful situations.
    *Train themselves to recognize the three strategies of the enemy so they can stand strong and persevere through unsettling relationships and uncertain outcomes.
    *Discover the secret of being steadfast and not panicking when God actually does give them more than they can handle.
    *Shift their suspicion that God is cruel or reckless to the biblical assurance that God is protecting and preparing them.
    *Know how to encourage a friend and help them navigate hard realities with real help from God’s truth.

    Designed for use with the It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way Study Guide (sold separately).

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  • Adorned : Conference Video Set – Women Mentoring Women The Titus 2 Way


    7 speakers. 14 sessions. One message: living out the beauty of the gospel together.

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and her friends teach about pursuing God’s pattern of discipleship. Through original skits and messages on Titus 2, you’ll be challenged to live (and thrive) in community. As we live out Christ’s beauty before a dying world, we adorn the gospel-together.

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  • Losing It : Gods Plan For The Crazies


    Don’t we all have people and situations that make us pull our hair out? Whether it is our children, spouse, thoughts or self-image, these things are covered by God’s Word. Join us through this 8-lesson series that takes a look at several of life’s circumstances and choose for yourself what is the best way to handle the CRAZIES!

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  • Rocking Ordinary Small Group DVD


    Designed for use with the Rocking Ordinary Small Group Kit. The kit includes Leader Guide, Rocking Ordinary: Holding it Together With Extraordinary Grace book, and DVD of author Lea Ann Garfias. This study is designed to be done in either 4 or 8 parts depending on how the leader wants to work through the study. Ordinary is extraordinary is the message of this study and is designed to encourage women that they have significant influence in their ordinary, everyday lives.

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  • From Marys Heart To Yours


    A dynamic presenter leads us through Mary’s life in relation to women’s everyday life and struggles.

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  • Reclaiming Eve Small Group DVD


    Inferior. Second-best. Marginalized. Every daughter of Eve faces an identity crisis at some time in her life. Through this valuable accompaniment to the Reclaiming Eve book, both women and men uncover a scriptural blueprint that sets them free to serve Christ together as full partners in building God’s kingdom.

    Lead your group through thought-provoking video content and discussion with the Reclaiming Eve Small Group DVD and Discussion Guide. Designed for use with the Reclaiming Eve book.
    Facilitator’s Guide (downloadable PDF)

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  • Becoming Myself 8 Session DVD


    In Stasi Eldredge’s most vulnerable book yet, she writes frankly about her own struggles with self-worth, weight, and her past as she shows readers that change in their lives is possible.

    Becoming Myself is for anyone who wonders if her life will ever change-if she will ever change. Eldredge teaches readers that God wants them to participate in their transformation as he completes his good work in them. She invites women to look at their pasts, especially their mothers, with honesty and mercy and to look toward their future with hope.

    An exploration of a woman’s true self, Becoming Myself will help women understand their identity and learn more about the God who beckons them to come closer.

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  • Bad Girls Of The Bible


    With her beloved combination of trademark humor and biblically based teaching, Higgs explores truths learned from women like Eve, Delilah, Jezebel, and others whose experiences have surprisingly contemporary relevance. Her engaging approach to each story is sure to draw her audience in. Perfect for Bible studies and small groups, the 10- to 12-minute video sessions can be used in 3-week, 6-week, 12-week formats, allowing groups to decide what works best for them.

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  • Ladies Of The Labyrinth


    The Order of the Eastern Star is the major women’s auxiliary body of the Freemasonic Order open to both Masons and their unsuspecting female relatives. William Schnoebelen, former 32 Mason and former Associate Patron of the Eastern Star, draws from extensive Biblical knowledge and history with the Lodge to expose secret dangers of this perilous but seemingly innocent group.

    The video on this DVD is from a 1999 Ministry to Masons Conference where Bill Schnoebelen revealed many secrets of the Eastern Star. Almost every Masonic ritual finds someplace in which they can take glory from Jesus, and give it to someone else.

    Why do so many women who join suffer from spiritual oppression? Whose star are they really gathering around in ritual? What is the blasphemous secret behind their secret Cabalistic Word?
    You will learn:

    The meanings of the Eastern Star symbol (5 points and 5 colors)
    Does the symbol represent Satanism because it is an upside down pentagram?
    What does the term Eastern Star really mean?

    This DVD uncoils the devil’s tactics to draw unsuspecting women into an evil labyrinth and terrifying spiritual bondage. Now you can TAKE BACK your spiritual freedom… and lead others out of the Labyrinth of the Eastern Star.

    NOTE: This presentation was recorded live at the conference. It was not filmed in a studio, so the video is not high quality.

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  • Womans Wisdom


    Advice books continue to top best-seller lists even though much of the wisdom being offered proves shallow in the long run. Women are looking for practical, proven advice for life, and the book of Proverbs is the wisest place to start. Unpacking the short, pithy blurbs in Proverbs, Lydia Brownback shows how the Bible speaks to real life issues such as money, purity, marriage, and the day-to-day grind. As a companion to the book, Brownback expands on key points within the text in a conversational, engaging manner. She teaches for approximately 20 minutes on each of the 9 chapters, and includes a compelling introduction to the study. This one-disc, teaching DVD is an excellent supplement to the book that women of all ages will enjoy.

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  • 12 Women Of The Bible Video Study


    Lysa TerKeurst and five other authors collect and study the stories of twelve women in the Bible, in the twelve-session, video-based Bible study. By looking at the spiritual lessons learned from these women in a modern light, you and your Bible study group will be empowered to face trials in your own life.
    In Twelve Women of the Bible, a twelve-session video-based Bible study, individuals and small groups will learn about the triumphs and failures of Mary Magdalene, Rebekah, Hannah, and nine other women, studying their lives and learning how to:

    *Apply biblical lessons to their own modern-day struggles;
    *Live through their failures as well as successes;
    *Draw near to God in a world filled with trials;
    *Find lasting contentment;
    *Overcome rejection and insecurity;
    And much more.

    Through 12 sessions, each focused on one biblical woman, this fresh look at the women in the Bible helps women discover new insights and provides a powerful witness to God’s gracious love that will leave readers feeling challenged, encouraged, and deeply valued.

    You’ll study the lives of:
    * Rebekah
    * Abigail
    * Hannah
    * Eve
    * Gomer
    * Leah
    * Mary Magdalene
    * Mary of Bethany
    * Martha
    * The Woman at the Well
    * Mary [the mother of Jesus]
    * The SyroPhonecian Woman

    A Study Guide with discussion questions and supplemental material is also available (sold separately).

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  • Girls Still Got It


    Take a walk with Ruth and the God who rocked her world! Author and speaker Liz Curtis Higgs brings to life the book of Ruth, a rags-to-redemption biblical story. Verse by verse, Liz guides her audience through the twelve chapters of her book, THe Girl’s Still Got It. Designed with flexibility in mind, the DVD can be used individually in the privacy of your home or in a group setting with the book. If done in a group, you can set the pace. Whether your Bible study meets for three weeks or twelve weeks, is your decision. Approx. Run Time: 120 minutes.

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  • Wisdom Of God


    Gain a fresh perspective on the Wisdom Literature when you join Bible teacher Nancy Guthrie on this incredible journey to see Jesus in the Old Testament!

    This 2-disc DVD companion to The Wisdom of God book features ten 40-minute sessions of Nancy Guthrie teaching with contagious passion and theological precision. Her engaging personal stories and authentic conversational style will help your group to mine the Wisdom Literature not only for wise principles for living, but also for the wise person these books point to through their drama, poetry, proverb, and song-the person of Christ!

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  • What Happens When Women Say Yes To God


    Lysa TerKeurst invites women to experience the remarkable joy of saying yes to God. In six powerful 30-minute sessions based on the popular book (more than 55,000 copies sold), Lysa inspires women to delight in the great path God has for them as they explore:
    *The Power of One: Why we celebrate women’s stories
    *The Five Questions: How to recognize God’s leading
    *Learning to Live Open Handed: How to receive God’s blessings
    *Simple Acts of Obedience Change the World: Ways to have transforming faith
    *I Want to Say Yes, But I’m Afraid: How to release excuses
    *So What Does God Want Me to Do?: How to live in God’s will

    Excellent for individuals or groups, this video series illuminates God’s daily invitations to say yes! A separate workbook is available to help women apply the message on a personal level.

    Includes helpful leader’s guide.

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  • Divine Design : 40 Days Of Spiritual Makeover


    Imagine that you have participated in a fashion makeover. You look beautiful, polished, and radiant. Cries of You look amazing! and I can’t believe it’s you! reach your ears-and you feel fantastic. Oh, yes, it’s exciting, but that kind of transformation doesn’t last long. By next week, the manicure will be chipped. By next month, the shoes will look scuffed. The elegant dress will last a little longer, but by next year, it will be out of date.

    Divine Design: 40 Days of Spiritual Makeover will lead you through a different kind of transformation: an alteration of attitude. Your journey through these pages will, by God’s grace, enable you to
    experience a spiritual makeover that will transform your heart. This renovation of character will not become chipped, scuffed, or passe. Through God’s free gift of faith in Jesus, you possess the garment of salvation: the robe of righteousness and eternal life with God. He has begun a spiritual makeover in you!

    For individuals and small groups, this eight-week Bible study contains true stories and encouragement that will change you, transform you, and make you new!

    Approximate running time: 96 minutes.

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  • Loving God With All Your Mind


    Millions of women have benefited from the challenging, spiritually rich teaching of bestselling author Elizabeth George. In her first video from Harvest House, she delves into her life message, Loving God with All Your Mind.

    Elizabeth teaches that loving God involves acting on that love. In six 25-minute sessions, she focuses on six key Scripture passages, helping viewers understand how to

    handle their emotions by focusing on what is true about God and about life
    grasp His purpose for life and move toward it
    trust Him in all things and find inner peace in every circumstance
    Each concept is reinforced in the companion workbook, which will help women integrate the teaching on the DVD into their minds and hearts. As their thinking changes, their lives will too!

    Six 25-minute sessions. Helpful leader’s guide included. Designed for use with the Loving God with All Your Mind Interactive Workbook

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  • Heart Of Jesus Small Group DVD Starter Kit


    The starter kit includes:
    One 120 minute DVD
    One book (The Heart of Jesus)
    One student workbook
    One leader’s guide

    Additional Info
    Jesus’ treatment of women with compassion and respect was proof that all are equal in God’s eyes. Participants will be encouraged and uplifted through the stories of the women who knew their Savior and His love for them. An engaging weekly DVD presentation, Participant Workbook, and an inspirational book provide women of all ages the opportunity to encounter the lives of the women we know from the Gospel of Luke and discover their own identity in the heart of Jesus.

    Developed for women who want to connect personal experiences with Scripture, this study highlights examples of Jesus’ ministry to women from the Gospel of Luke. Lessons will focus on Mary the mother of our Lord, Elizabeth, Mary Magdalene, Martha and Mary, and many more. 12 sessions

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  • Abide In The Vine


    Bible teacher Cheryl Brodersen takes an in-depth look at the life and ministry of Jesus found in the book of John. Jesus challenges the believer to abide in Him and produce fruit that will last for eternity. This Bible study includes 21 video messages on DVD, and an MP3 disk with the audio messages. This personal encounter with Jesus is ideal for one-on-one discipleship or for a women’s Bible study. Workbook and DVD pack sold separately.

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  • Graced And Gifted


    Graced and Gifted with DVDs-a valuable resource for small group discussion.

    Boxed set includes:
    – The complete seminar manual, Graced and Gifted: Biblical Wisdom for the Homemaker’s Heart.
    – Three DVDs (six complete sessions) containing Kimberly Hahn’s lively presentation of the Graced and Gifted material to a seminar audience.
    – Discussion questions to help you apply the lessons to your own life.

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  • Planted By Streams Of Water Small Group DVD Kit


    A Woman’s Bible Study Devotional

    The Small-Group DVD Kit contains everything you need to get your group started!

    *5 Books
    *1 DVD
    *Promotional Materials to create excitment for your study
    Psalms on Divine Wisdom Explores:

    *Psalm 1
    *Psalm 34
    *Psalm 37
    *Psalm 49
    *Psalm 73
    *Psalm 111
    Sing a new song! Our God does marvelous things … for you.

    A New Song: Planted by Streams of Water will encourage and uplift you as you reflect on the life-giving stream that never floods, never dries up, a stream that always sings songs of God’s wisdom, songs of our Savior’s love.

    This Bible study series is a fresh approach to individual and group study. Each book in the series provides six weeks of stories-faith narratives-based on biblical psalms. Following each day’s reading are questions that will facilitate your own reflection on the Bible. And at the end of each week is a short 5-10 minute video presentation that will enhance your small group experience leading to a fruitful, meaningful conversation in the comfort and security of your small group.

    Each faith narrative was written by a real woman facing real-life issues. Just like you. Each author found help, encouragement, and direction for her life from God’s Word and shares her stories in her words. These stories, new songs if you will, will help you weave His Word into the unique melody of your life.

    Includes daily individual (five per week) and weekly group Bible studies, prayers, hymn stanzas, and journaling space.

    Contributors include: Jane Fryar, Jane Wilke, Rose Adle, Nicole Dreyer, Rachel Hoyer, Julie Stiegemeyer, and Ruth Koch.

    Learn more about these women and their experiences inside A New Song!

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  • Slightly Bad Girls Of The Bible


    Sara mistreated her maidservant. Hagar despised her mistress. Rebekah manipulated her son. Leah claimed her sister’s husband. And Rachel envied her fertile sister.

    In Slightly Bad Girls Of The Bible, designed for both individual reading and group use – Liz once again combines contemporary fiction and verse-by-verse commentary in her novel approach to Bible study, offering eye-opening lessons for women who long to know, Does God love me, flaws and all?

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  • Women In The New Testament


    Enter into discussion and prayer about expectant faith, what it means to be touched by Jesus, and the meaning of discipleship through the lives of the women who lived in the first generation of Christianity. 8 sessions

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  • Women In The Old Testament


    These women have rich stories that are vital to God’s relationship with the covenant people. This study introduces readers to women whose stories offer courage and insight.10 sessions

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