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Brian Seagraves

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  • Gender : A Conversation Guide For Parents And Pastors


    PART 1:
    Foundation 1: Preschool And Young Children
    Foundation 2: Elementary (5-10)
    Foundation 3: Middle School (11-13)
    Foundation 4: Teens And Beyond (14+)
    PART 2:
    Toolbox Of Resources For Users

    Additional Info
    The world around us is changing quickly, and it’s difficult to keep up with the debates about some of life’s most important issues. Whether you are a parent, mentor, pastor, or friend, this book will help you get clarity in a world spinning in confusion.

    This book seeks to help families teach the Bible’s view clearly and consistently throughout a child’s life. It contains two major sections. Part one focuses on what is most critical during three major foundations, or stages, in a child’s life. Part two is a toolbox of resources to help you better understand and articulate various topics surrounding gender.

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