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Brock Morgan

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  • Parents Guide To Understanding Teenage Guys


    1. Shepherding At Home In A Shiftng Culture
    2. The Extreme Struggles Of Teenage Guys
    3. Preparing Him To Take The Reins
    4. Parenting Styles
    5. Setting The Atmosphere Of The Home
    6. How To Ruin A Life

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    God wants to do amazing things in your son’s life–and wants you to play an integral role in that adventure. Raising a son to become a God-honoring man is no easy task. It’s complex, it’s dynamic, and it requires a lifetime of investment. But authors Brock Morgan and Mark Oestreicher know it can be done–confidence that’s rooted in their individual journey of faith and in their experience as longtime youth workers.

    A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teenage Guys will help you discover insights on shepherding your son, preparing him to take the reins of his life, and helping him confront the extreme struggles every guy faces–such as loneliness, anger, lust, apathy, and technology. They can pursue a life that challenges the values of our culture and experience a life lived for God.

    This book will enlighten, encourage, and equip you as a parent. And if you’re a youth worker, you’ll want to put this book into the hands of parents of the young men in your ministry as you walk alongside them.

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