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Camryn Pitts

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  • Meet The Daniels Sisters


    Fun, relatable, and inspirational, the Daniels Sisters books bring hours of reading enjoyment for tween girls. This Faithgirlz 3-in-1 collection is a great value for these popular fiction books, which speak to girls looking to express their talents and individuality alongside their faith, and focusing on issues every girl will face in their life.

    From the family that brought you the Lena in the Spotlight series and the popular For Girls Like You brand comes this collection of fiction about three young sisters finding their way in the world and having fun along the way. With true-to-life stories about diverse tween girls and their struggles, joys, and adventures, these books are sure to become favorites for girls ages 8-12.

    Meet the Daniels Sisters is:
    *Ideal for gift giving
    *Great for summer reading
    *Perfect for girls who enjoy relatable stories and realistic fiction
    *A trusted read with inspirational themes for young girls, and part of the Faithgirlz and For Girls Like You brand families

    Meet the Daniels Sisters 3 Book Set includes Ansley’s Big Bake Off, Ashton’s Dancing Dreams, and Amber’s Song. Each book addresses an important topic that every girl will relate to at some point in her life:
    *Ansley’s Big Bake Off (Book 1): Ansley, her sisters, and their dad move to a new town, new house, and a new school, where they meet new friends after the earth-shattering death of their mom. Ansley finds comfort in familiar things like gymnastics and baking (an activity she often did with her mom). But when big decisions need to be made, and competition and mean girls complicate things, what will Ansley do?

    *Ashton’s Dancing Dreams (Book 2): For Ashton, there is nothing better than dancing-especially with her friends! But when her best friend Rani may have to move halfway around the world, can Ashton save the day (and keep Rani right where she is)?

    *Amber’s Song (Book 3): Amber is off to summer Christian camp with her sisters Ansley and Ashton. She is especially excited about performing in skits, singing, and horseback riding, to name a few activities. But will this annual time with old friends and familiar fun turn into a disaster when new friends, a missing precious coat, and a camp copycat take up Amber’s time and attention?

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  • Ambers Song


    From the Faithgirlz series and the family that brought you the Lena in the Spotlight series and the popular For Girls Like You brand comes Amber’s Song, the story of three young sisters working to rebuild their lives and find their place in the world after their mother’s death.

    In the third book in the Daniels Sister series, Amber and her sisters Ashton and Ansley head to Christian summer camp at Camp Caracara. It’s been an annual tradition for years! With high hopes, the twins meet their cabinmates Gio, an old friend from back home in Texas, and Milli, a new friend with some challenges to overcome. Amber will have to work hard to practice kindness and patience as she handles teasing from her own sisters about bringing along her favorite furry coat from Mom, which she thinks she’ll be able to use as a costume in a skit or two, since she plans on participating in as many as possible this year-she just loves singing and performing for a crowd. And she’ll also need the same patience and kindness as she navigates new camping experiences this year as well.

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  • Ashtons Dancing Dreams


    A new city. A new school. New friends. The Daniels sisters have been slowly rebuilding their lives after their mother’s death.

    Ansley’s the baker. Amber’s the volleyball player. Ashton “Cammie” Daniels has fallen in love with dancing. There’s nothing she loves better than attending dance class with her two friends, Rani and June. But that joy is in jeopardy when Rani’s father announces they may be moving to London.

    When she finds out about the school’s spring talent show, Ashton thinks that if she and her friends enter and dance, Rani’s parents will think twice about taking their daughter away from her home, friends, and activities.

    But her dreams begin to fall apart when the group can’t agree on music, costumes, or choreography! Cammie has an important decision to make: stick it out for Rani’s sake, go off on her own, or close the curtain for good on her dream to dance.

    Ashton’s Dancing Dreams-

    *Is the second book in the Daniels Sisters Faithgirlz fiction series
    *Features diverse characters any tween girl can relate to
    *Written by the daughters of beloved author and speaker Wynter Pitts
    *Is an engaging read for girls ages 8-12
    *Includes illustrations
    *Is a perfect gift for tween girls, and is great for Spring Break and summer vacation reading

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