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Cecelia Dowdy

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  • Teachers Heart : 4 Historical Stories


    Some Lessons Only the Heart Can TeachCouples come together to teach and learn, but working together has challenges that test their faith.

    Lessons of the Heart by Terri J. Haynes
    Washington, DC, 1864
    After fleeing slavery, Sergeant Elim Smith must teach the First Colored Infantry’s newest soldiers to read. Schoolteacher Adeline Barris comes south searching for her still enslaved mother and brother. When she volunteers to assist Elim, can they learn the lessons of loss and love in the middle of a war?

    Courting the Doctor by Cecilia Dowdy
    Pennsylvania, 1870
    Deborah was in love with Timothy years ago, but he married her sister Eve instead. Now Deborah is a schoolteacher and widower Timothy is back as the town’s doctor. As he helps her to study for a college entrance exam, her feelings for him are rekindled. Will Timothy return her affections?

    Schooling Mr. Mason by Lynette Sowell
    Massachusetts, 1895
    Adelaide Parker thought she was a shoo-in the director of the prestigious Wickham’s Academy for Young Ladies. However, old Mrs. Wickham brings in her nephew, Stephen Mason, who’s new to teaching. She promises the position to the teacher whose team wins the academic challenge–a clever guise for her matchmaking. Who will win the coveted top spot?

    Lessons of Love by Lynn A. Coleman
    Eastern Tennessee, 1899
    Helen Jones and Daniel Moore both teach by very different methods. But learning their own life lessons is a bit more difficult for both of them -and romance is a lesson neither is ready to take. Life keeps pushing them together. Will they surrender and be tutored in love?

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