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Diane Stortz

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  • Say And Pray Bible Easter Sticker And Activity Book


    Invite your preschooler to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with this Easter sticker activity book based on Say and Pray Bible. Little kids will read, write, match, count, and draw as they learn the Easter story and interact with over 40 activities and puzzles and 100 stickers.

    This interactive activity book inspired by Say and Pray Bible by Diane Stortz includes:

    *15 short and simple New Testament Bible stories from the Passion Week
    *bright illustrations that bring to life the characters and events of the Easter story
    *over 40 educational activities that will engage young children and keep little hands busy
    *100 stickers used to complete activities throughout the book
    *sight words paired with illustrations to grow kids’ vocabulary and reading fluency

    Children ages 3 to 6 will build early learning skills in reading, writing, and math; practice fine motor control; and learn the Easter story with a variety of activities:

    *hidden pictures
    *tracing, drawing, and coloring
    *counting and patterns
    *and more

    Children will love hearing stories about Jesus, completing activities, and placing stickers. You’ll love seeing little ones grow in faith, have fun learning, and stay entertained during church services, Sunday School, car trips, and more with Say and Pray Bible Easter Sticker and Activity Book.

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  • Say And Pray Bible Wipe Clean


    This wipe-clean activity book based on a popular kid’s first Bible storybook will have your preschoolers reading, writing, matching, and praising God. Complete with a dry-erase marker perfect for little hands, this spiral book features glossy pages that easily wipe clean, offering unlimited fun and practice.

    This interactive workbook edition of Say & Pray Bible by Diane Stortz includes:

    *bright illustrations and engaging Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments
    *sturdy pages with dotted rules that give clear guides to trace simple words and practice handwriting
    *sight words paired with illustrations to grow kids’ vocabulary and reading fluency
    *Scripture verses and prayers to help preschoolers and kindergartners understand that God created them and wants them to know Him

    Children ages 3 to 5 will build early learning skills as they:

    *develop fine motor control and master forming lines, curves, and combined shapes
    *learn to recognize letters and simple sight words
    *match words to pictures
    *delight in God’s love and build confidence in their own value and skills

    Children will love tracing the dashed letters. You’ll love seeing little ones grow in faith and have fun learning how to write at the same time with the Say & Pray Bible Wipe Clean.

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  • I Am : Bible Stories Devotions And Prayers About The Names Of God


    This book includes 40 of the names and descriptive titles for God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as shown throughout the Bible. Each story features Scripture verses, a prayer, and a short section about that name and its significance in kid-friendly language that children can comprehend. For example:
    *Jehovah Tsuri: the God who helps me
    *Jehovah Rophe: the God who heals me
    *Immanuel: the God who is with us
    *Rabbi: the God who teaches me

    This wonderful introduction to the many names of God will help your children get to know God as all powerful, loving Savior, Healer, Creator, and so many other ways that show He is completely awesome and trustworthy.

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