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Boldly Brave : God’s Courageous Champions


God asks each of us to be boldly brave in the ongoing struggle between good and evil. However, warriors for God do not always fight with swords or spears. God gives each of us weapons of faith. In Boldly Brave you will find stories of girls and women, men and boys of the Bible who used their weapons of faith kindness, prayer, love, trust, and hope to win battles for God. You can use your weapons of faith, too, when you face problems in your life. God promises to help you win the victory, because when you are victorious, He is victorious! Read the stories of Rebekah and Ruth, Miriam and Esther, Samuel and Solomon, Isaac and Josiah, and many more, to learn how they stepped out boldly with their faith-weapons to win victories for Jesus. Then look for the questions and activities following each story questions to make you think, fun activities to help you understand the story better, and suggestions of how to be God s warrior every day. Be brave and courageous. Psalm 27: 14, NLT

SKU (ISBN): 9780816363155
Kirsten Roggenkamp
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: Pacific Press Publishing Association


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