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Brush Valley Adventures


Aw, Dad, groaned Bruce, do you mean that we are going to leave here when the school year has barely started, and I’ve just made the basketball team?

I’m afraid so, son, replied Mr. Dardon. The doctor said that mother must get out of the city to a dry, warm, country location as soon as possible.

But, dad, couldn’t I stay here in town? I don’t want to go to any old country school. It has been hard enough to be the only Adventist here in Franklin Junior High, where I have so many friends. What would it be like in a little backwoods school? Please let me stay here.

After living in the city for thirteen years, Bruce Dardon has no choice but to move his ailing mother to the country. With apprehension he finds himself in a new school, living on a farm and surrounded by strangers, but it does not take long for Bruce to realize that living in Brush Valley is really an adventure.

SKU (ISBN): 9780816328529
Betty Stirling
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2014
Publisher: Pacific Press Publishing Association


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