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Dark Light


He thought he was following new light. Then God opened his eyes. It took a dream of slime and a vision of love to bring John and Sharon Witcombe out of the darkness that had engulfed them while they were seeking new light. All they ever wanted was to be right. To be in the light. And to share that light with others.John was young, strong, enthusiastic, and dedicated to mining gems of truth from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. His insightful mind and incisive logic could find an answer to every question, until he faced the big question: Have I been following my own light, instead of God’s?Their pursuit of light had taken them from an Adventist college campus to a self-supporting institution, then from church to church, and across the European continent. They wanted to lead others to joyous victory in the lord. But in their path they left shattered homes and divided churches. Finally, they joined in founding an independent remnant church. Then came the dream, and the vision. The dream was enough to shake them up. But it took a vision of Jesus’ love for sinners to finally wake them up.

SKU (ISBN): 9780816335725
Eileen Lantry
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2005
Publisher: Pacific Press Publishing Association


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