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Forbidden Islands


I am ashamed of my people today, Manasa said. Their hearts are like stone, and nothing will change them. The Christian religion, as it has so far been observed on this island, has brought no change.

By the year 1963, Catholics and Methodists had left their mark of a form of Christianity upon the Rotuman people of the Fiji island of Rotuma. The seven-day week was changed to end on Sunday, the church leaders forbade the people to read the Old Testament, and any other religions were banned from the island. In addition, the island people never completely forsook some of their most sacred heathen customs. They still believed that the spirits of the dead returned to torment the living by entering their bodies while they slept, and their religion became a mixture of the teachings of the Protestant Christians and the customs of their former religion.

Pastor John Gray embarked as missionary to the Fiji Islands in 1963, and in the face of great opposition, evil spirits, and disheartened people, he sought to win souls for Christ and teach them about a loving God.

SKU (ISBN): 9780816339938
John Gray
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2015
Publisher: Pacific Press Publishing Association


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