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Frau Luther


Late one night Katharina von Bora and eleven other nuns slipped out of the marienthron Convent and hid among the herring barrels on Herr Kopge’s wagon. The driver, having tied down the heavy canvas over the barrels, clambered up onto the wagon and urged the horses on their way. Under the canvas the nuns shivered and gagged as they crouched among the smelly fish barrels.If Katharina von Bora had been content to count her beads, do penance for her sins, and close her mind to the truths of the Bible, she would have lived and died in the obscurity of the Convent. But because she followed where God led, she became the first lady of the evangelical Reformation, the wife of the great Dr. Martin Luther, and the mother of a fine family. She lived to bless others. She found true happiness in serving those in need. The poor, little escaped nun died a truly rich woman.

SKU (ISBN): 9780816342105
Yvonne Davy
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2005
Publisher: Pacific Press Publishing Association


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