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Ima Pea : Including It’s Your Turn Study Guide


Have you ever looked forward to something with such excitement and anticipation that it completely consumed you? You thought about it constantly during the day, dreamed about it at night, and talked about it incessantly. You could hardly wait for it to occur. You couldn’t eat. You couldn’t sleep. You paced the floor, hoping time would pass quickly; but the hands on the clock seemed to have stopped. Finally the waiting was over! Your heart was pounding. Your body was shaking. And then it was there! And it was … a dud! A disappointment! A disaster! Not at all what you had been anxiously awaiting. Now you are no longer filled with excitement and anticipation; you are devastated and deeply depressed!

Every day, everywhere, children and youth are devastated and deeply depressed over the disappointment of their it. And there are a multitude of its for them … parents; siblings; extended family; friends; enemies; rivals; bullies; peer pressure; relationships with the opposite sex; responsibilities; school; health, including disorders; money; and on and on and on.

What ways do they find to cope with their depression? Sadly, most often through inappropriate behaviors toward themselves and others; addictions to drugs, alcohol, and sex; eating disorders; and attempts to commit suicide.

Because of the seriousness of these issues, Ima Pea was written. Through Ima’s adventures and the interactive study guide, children and youth will be introduced to the greatest truth and joy, who changes lives now and forever!

SKU (ISBN): 9781449727505
Cathy Breland
Binding: Perfect
Published: 2011
Publisher: WestBow Press

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