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Indispensable Jesus : Our Desperate World In His Dependable Hands


The Indispensable Jesus was the catalyst for all that followed. It points to Jesus’ personal qualities and qualifications, which make Him indispensable. He was genuine and unique, truly God and truly man. In this study, many descriptive titles are lifted from Scripture and discussed in detail with the practical purpose in mind of meeting human needs. Author Douglas Martin shares stories of intelligent, honest people who were influenced by the evidence to place their faith in Jesus.

We struggle for faith and reality because we tend to forget the already finished accomplishments of Jesus. This is the heart of the book. It becomes a simplified New Testament theology. A friend with two doctorates encouraged me to put into book format what I had written as separate pamphlets. If theological terms are used, they are explained, becoming spiritual and giving meaning to the gospel without making it complex. Stories from today are windows through which we can view the life of Jesus and His influence. The hopeful outcome for readers will be that spiritual food available for intellectual giraffes will be enjoyed by the sheep of His pastures.

The final section contains our responses to the lover of our souls. While it is important to see that the mind matters, so that Jesus makes sense, it is likewise important to accept the fact that truth is only truly effective when it is internalized-when we treasure it in our hearts. That is what part three encourages us to do. What becomes routine is lost, but that which resides in the heart nourishes our spirits and makes life meaningful and enjoyable. It is meant to cheer the heart of readers.

SKU (ISBN): 9781449719685
Doug Martin
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2011
Publisher: WestBow Press

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