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Next Day : How God Still Speaks


Is it possible to spend an entire lifetime running as hard as you can, only to look up, sweaty and panting, and find that you’ve barely left the starting line? It’s very easy to get off track without the clear and steady voice of God directing and guiding you to the finish. But what does God’s voice sound like? What is He saying? Where is He leading? God speaks into the everyday life of the Christian, and the language He uses doesn’t require a seminary degree or a position on the church staff for understanding; God asks only for eyes to see and ears to hear. Fishermen and tax collectors learned many of their most valuable lessons when they followed Jesus out of the synagogues and into the streets, marketplaces, hillsides, and seas to discover how God still speaks. Let’s join the conversation!

SKU (ISBN): 9781449726102
Tim Leiphart
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2011
Publisher: WestBow Press

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