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Not So Black And White


Reggie Dabbs and John Driver–a black man and a white man, and longtime friends–engage in a respectful, challenging exploration of racism in America, including how black and white Christians can come together to fight the sin of racism within our hearts and our churches.

White privilege. Black Lives Matter. George Floyd. When it comes to racism in America, many of us feel confused, overwhelmed, angry–and eager to know how to engage in meaningful, action-oriented conversation about such a difficult topic. In Not So Black and White, public school communicator and internationally acclaimed speaker Reggie Dabbs and pastor John Driver team up to offer a hope-filled, convicting, inspiring look at how to be anti-racist in America today.

Through Reggie and John’s honest conversations, you will:
*Hear the stories of fellow believers who have found ways to reach across the racial barrier with humility, empathy, and forgiveness

*Understand a simple yet robust history of racism in America and in the church, including its role in systems, policies, and individual actions

*Discover fully biblical yet culturally wise responses to the challenges of racism in yourself, your community, and your church

*Come away with fresh thought processes and practical steps for what you can do to think rightly and engage bravely in conversations and actions to end racism

Not So Black and White is a compelling resource for pastors, teachers, and community leaders who want to read about issues of racism from a biblical and a historical perspective. For readers of all denominations and backgrounds, Not So Black and White equips us to engage together in the intentional work of dismantling racism, just as the gospel calls us to do.

SKU (ISBN): 9780310363408
Reggie Dabbs | John Driver
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2021
Publisher: Zondervan


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