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Prophecies Of Revelation Made Simple


John wrote his book of Revelation a long time ago. Was he talking about events that have subsequently unfolded-or does his book tell us about events we can expect to happen in the future?

The symbolism in the book of Revelation can be difficult to understand. Why should we care about churches from Bible times? What are the seven seals? Scrolls? Trumpets? Though the animals in the book of Daniel were confusing-the ones in Revelation are even stranger!

What about the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Are they real, and should we be afraid of them? What are the angels trying to tell us? What, or who, is 666? And is the Sabbath really that significant? What does Revelation tell us about the end of the world? Is there any way to know exactly when Jesus is coming?

If you’ve ever found Bible prophecy difficult to understand, Prophecies of Revelation Made Simple is a perfect book for you. Author Seth Pierce uses creative illustrations and thoughtful questions that make the symbolism clear. He also explains what the prophecies meant for the apostle John and what they have to say to us today.

SKU (ISBN): 9780816350148
Seth Pierce
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2014
Publisher: Pacific Press Publishing Association


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