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  • Made New : 52 Devotions For Catholic Women


    How would your life change if you could be sure you’re enough? If you could know that Someone loves you, sees you, and wants to be close to you–just as you are? In this beautifully designed weekly devotional for Catholic women, you’re invited to soak in God’s Word as you embrace your identity as a beloved woman made in God’s image.

    Made New, by the creators of Blessed Is She, a popular Catholic online community for women, walks with rich reflections through the Gospels, substantive Scripture for prayer through Lectio Divina, and prompts for spiritual growth. Over the course of 52 weeks, you’ll uncover:
    *how deeply God knows who you are and loves who you’re becoming.
    *why you belong to God’s family.
    *what it means that your true identity is as God’s beloved.
    *how your belief in God’s love affects your identity.
    *how you are becoming more yourself as you follow God’s plan for your life.

    Made New is a thoughtful gift for the new year, birthdays, holidays, or for any Catholic woman who wants a stronger sense of self-worth, deeper peace in her identity, and a richer relationship with the God who loves her. Each devotional entry includes:

    *a Scripture reference
    *a devotion written by a Blessed Is She community member
    *prompts for reflection
    *designed full-color pages with original art

    This devotional will draw you into relationship with a God who is loving, mighty, and committed to your flourishing, a God who advocates for you, a God who delights when you come to Him. Be made new as you journey through a year of thought-provoking devotions, inspiring personal stories, and heartfelt prayers.

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  • 2022 Saint Joseph Guide For Liturgy Of The Hours Large Type


    Handy guide that facilitates use of the large-type edition of THE LITURGY OF THE HOURS (Product Code: 709/13) by providing clear, accurate references for each day of the period specified.

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  • Saint A Day


    Teach your child to walk in faith, act justly, and lead with kindness and humility with this 365-day devotional for kids. A Saint a Day includes fascinating historical stories as it introduces young readers to over 300 saints who did extraordinary things for God.

    Mother Teresa left her family at age 18 to become a missionary. St. Patrick helped spread Christianity to Ireland. St. Jerome translated the Bible into Latin–and also had a pet lion!

    Written for ages 8 to 12, A Saint a Day inspires young readers with remarkable stories of people who made extraordinary choices to love and serve God. Featuring popular saints such as Teresa of Ávila, St. Francis of Assisi, Juan Diego, and St. Thomas Aquinas, each of the 365 devotions includes:
    *A Scripture verse and prayer
    *A short summary or inspiring story of a saint
    *A fun fact
    *Artwork with a fresh, kid-friendly design

    This daily devotional for kids is:
    *An ideal gift for First Communion, Confirmation, or Advent
    *A unique book for strengthening a child’s faith
    *A great way to share Catholic church history with kids

    A Saint a Day will help your child realize the long history of people of faith. As you journey through this yearlong devotional, your children will grow in their understanding of church history and better understand how they can love and serve God.

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  • Introduction To The Spiritual Life


    A powerful exploration of the biblical foundations, contemplative practices, and spiritual path of Jesus himself–from the bestselling author of The Case for Jesus.

    The path of following Jesus is an ancient and storied spiritual tradition. Yet many believers are not familiar with the scriptural roots of vocal prayer, meditation, and contemplation, and the three stages of spiritual growth (purgative, illuminative, unitive) that exist to bring them closer to God.

    In his most personal book yet, Dr. Brant Pitre draws on the riches of the Bible, the words of Jesus, and the writings of mystics across the centuries to shed light on the mystery of the spiritual life.

    Starting with the age-old belief that the path of prayer involves a process of spiritual growth, Dr. Pitre explores:

    – Three forms of prayer: vocal, meditative, and contemplative
    – Three spiritual exercises: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving
    – The Jewish roots of the Lord’s Prayer
    – Lectio Divina: how to pray with the Bible
    – Seven vices and their seven opposing virtues
    – The battle of prayer: how to deal with difficulty and distractions
    – The “dark night” of the soul in Scripture

    Full of scriptural truths, contemplative insights, and practical steps, Introduction to the Spiritual Life is a veritable biblical roadmap of the spiritual landscape that enables us to follow Jesus as our primary guide.

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  • Who Do You Say I Am


    Inspiring reflections and meditations to quiet the noise of our everyday lives and draw us closer to Jesus–from Cardinal Timothy Dolan, one of the most compelling Catholic leaders of our time

    In the Gospels, Jesus asks what may be the most important question of our lives: “Who do you say I am?” In our bustling world, this can be a difficult question to answer; often we are distracted or believe we lack the time or presence of mind to fully explore how we feel. But just a few minutes devoted to God each day can go a long way toward keeping us centered and focused on what really matters.

    In Who Do You Say I Am?, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, offers beautiful insights on the importance of Jesus and the Church in our day-to-day lives. With short daily reflections crafted to inspire anyone seeking to appreciate and deepen their faith, Cardinal Dolan explores the lessons of Jesus and offers fresh new understandings of the saints, prayer, the Bible, beauty, and the pursuit of God, especially in light of the often turbulent nature of faith itself.

    Whether at the start of each day, before retiring to sleep each night, or anytime during the day, readers can build a deeper and more personal relationship with God through this step-by-step devotional.

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  • Beggar And Bluebird


    The Beggar in the Bluebird is a charming story of a little bird whose flight southward for the winter keeps getting delayed because of the strange requests of a local street beggar. This inspirational children’s story demonstrates that great love and self-giving are always rewarded-though not in ways we can predict. It introduces children to the concept of the corporeal and spiritual works of mercy. Finally the book holds a big surprise for children at the end, which will remind adults of a famous scripture quote from Hebrews 13:2 about angels.

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  • 2022 Saint Joseph Guide For The Liturgy Of The Hours


    A handy guide that facilitates the use of The Liturgy of the Hours by providing clear, accurate references for each day of the period specified.

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  • 2022 Saint Joseph Guide For Christian Prayer


    A handy guide that facilitates the use of the large-type edition of Christian Prayer, the one-volume Liturgy of the Hours, by providing clear, accurate references for each day of the year.

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  • 2022 Saint Joseph Missal Guide


    A handy calendar that indicates the Mass and texts that may be said on each day.

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  • 2022 Saint Joseph Guide For Christian Prayer


    A handy guide that facilitates the use of Christian Prayer, the one-volume Liturgy of the Hours, by providing clear, accurate references for each day of the year.

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  • Christmas Light


    Cold, cranky, and restless one winter’s night, the young daughter of a Bethlehem innkeeper is bothered to wakefulness by the crowded, comfortless condition of her family’s sleeping loft. Recalling the young couple staying in the stable out back, she arises to bring them some fire for warmth. There she approaches the newborn Babe asleep in the manger and has an encounter that changes her mood and alters her life forever.

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  • Thief Who Stole Heaven


    The Holy Family is set upon by roadside thieves when Jesus is a boy. The leader of the gang is the Bad Thief; among them is a young Dismas, the Good Thief. Remembering his own mother and family, Dismas is moved with compassion and persuades the leader to let them go. While on the cross many years later, Dismas is caught in the entrancing gaze of Mother Mary from down below, and suddenly realizes that the man next to him was the captivating boy from that fateful day long ago. He asks Jesus for forgiveness. Knowing exactly who he is, Jesus forgives him and assures him of Paradise that very day.

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  • Parables Of Jesus


    Follow Jesus through His interaction with farmers, shepherds, aristocrats, religious and political leaders, and laborers in 13 parables filled with contrast, exaggeration, humor, and surprise that represent more than one third of His teachings. The scholar and the student, the expert and the layperson can draw inspiration from the greatest storyteller the world has ever known. Even lifetime Catholics who think they know the parables will be rewarded with the wisdom and history that the author shares on these beloved, grace-filled stories.

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  • Pain Of Christ And The Sorrow Of God


    Classic Lenten meditations from the pen of an extraordinarily reflective master of the written word.

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  • Lost Art Of Sacrifice


    In these pages, Vicki Burback explains that while Christ’s words are challenging, he isn’t asking us to pick up our cross because he is vindictive or twisted, nor because He wants to see us suffer. It’s because sacrifice is the greatest manifestation of love, and He created our souls in order to love and to be loved.

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  • 1st Catholic Bible Stories


    The newest edition to the acclaimed line of Picture Bibles from Catholic Book Publishing, First Catholic Bible Stories by Allan F. Wright is a wonderful collection of Bible stories for children. Simple, clear language and playful, full-color illustrations make this book a welcome and meaningful introduction to 44 treasured stories from the Bible, 21 stories from the Old Testament and 23 stories from the New Testament. This book makes an excellent gift and is a valuable resource for children seeking to know more about the Word of God.

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  • Let Us Dream


    In this uplifting and practical book, written in collaboration with his biographer, Austen Ivereigh, the preeminent spiritual leader explains why we must-and how we can-make the world safer, fairer, and healthier for all people now.

    In the COVID crisis, the beloved shepherd of over one billion Catholics saw the cruelty and inequity of our society exposed more vividly than ever before. He also saw, in the resilience, generosity, and creativity of so many people, the means to rescue our society, our economy, and our planet. In direct, powerful prose, Pope Francis urges us not to let the pain be in vain.

    He begins Let Us Dream by exploring what this crisis can teach us about how to handle upheaval of any kind in our own lives and the world at large. With unprecedented candor, he reveals how three crises in his own life changed him dramatically for the better. By its very nature, he shows, crisis presents us with a choice: we make a grievous error if we try to return to some pre-crisis state. But if we have the courage to change, we can emerge from the crisis better than before.

    Francis then offers a brilliant, scathing critique of the systems and ideologies that conspired to produce the current crisis, from a global economy obsessed with profit and heedless of the people and environment it harms, to politicians who foment their people’s fear and use it to increase their own power at their people’s expense. He reminds us that Christians’ first duty is to serve others, especially the poor and the marginalized, just as Jesus did.

    Finally, the Pope offers an inspiring and actionable blueprint for building a better world for all humanity by putting the poor and the planet at the heart of new thinking. For this plan, he draws not only on sacred sources, but on the latest findings from renowned scientists, economists, activists, and other thinkers. Yet rather than simply offer prescriptions, he shows how ordinary people acting together despite their differences can discover unforeseen possibilities.

    Along the way, he offers dozens of wise and surprising observations on the value of unconventional thinking, on why we must dramatically increase women’s leadership in the Church and throughout society, on what he learned while scouring the streets of Buenos Aires with garbage-pickers, and much more.

    Let Us Dream is an epiphany, a call to arms, and a pleasure to read. It is Pope Francis at his most personal, profound and passionate. With this book and

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  • 2021 Christian Prayer Guide


    Handy guide that facilitates use of CHRISTIAN PRAYER (Product Code: 406/10, 406/19, or 406/23), the one-volume LITURGY OF THE HOURS, by providing clear, accurate references for each day of the year.

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  • 2021 Saint Joseph Guide For The Liturgy Of The Hours


    Handy guide that facilitates use of THE LITURGY OF THE HOURS by providing clear, accurate references for each day of the period specified. Size: 4 X 6 1/4

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  • Spider Who Saved Christmas


    The Spider That Saved Christmas tells the tale of what happened to the Holy Family on their way to Egypt after receiving the message of the angel. When Joseph, Mary, and Jesus are in danger of being discovered and harmed by Herod’s murderous soldiers, a cave-dwelling spider named Nephila risks her and her children’s safety to help her hallowed visitors.

    Majestically illustrated by artist Randy Gallegos, EWTN host Raymond Arroyo’s moving story sheds new light on a family of Golden Silk Orb Weavers, whose silk is considered the most precious of all and is displayed at Christmastime in the sparkling tinsel that glints from evergreen trees the world over. After reading this book, you’ll always remember Nephila in the twinkling tinsel. Though small and feared, she met divinity and reflected His light as only she could.

    Like each of us … she was there for a reason.

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  • Grumpy Old Ox


    This new children’s Christmas book by bestselling author Anthony DeStefano tells the story of a mean-spirited, prideful old ox who has lost his sight-both physically and spiritually-but who nevertheless experiences the transformative power of God’s grace after he witnesses the birth of Jesus Christ in a humble stable in Bethlehem.

    Illustrated by New York Times bestselling artist Richard Cowdrey, this new holiday book teaches children the true meaning of Christmas while also explaining the central message of Christianity: that faith in Jesus leads us to resurrection and new life.

    Moreover, it shows the profound connection between spiritual pride and blindness. Like the main character in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, this Scrooge of an ox is a slave to his own anger and crippled by his own coldness. He seems destined to live out his days frustrated, unhappy and alone-until he makes a life-altering decision of faith that brings him the miraculous gift of healing and joy.

    This uplifting, inspiring book will delight all Christians, though Catholics especially will appreciate its powerful Eucharistic message. Connecting the manger in the stable, from which the ox eats his food, to birth of the Son of God, the story shows that Jesus is the Bread of Life; that he came into the world to feed the hungry, to restore sight to the blind, and to set free those who are captive to sin.

    All of this is contained in a 32-page picture book that is sure to entertain and enthrall children with its adorable rhymes and beautiful illustrations for years to come.

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  • Conquering Coronavirus : How Faith Can Put Your Fears To Rest


    Whether the coronavirus still threatens you, your friends, and your family or has harmed someone you love, these pages will ease your fears, heal your wounds, quench your sorrow, and bring you the consolation God provides to all who seek Him in pestilential times like these – times that are, in fact, not foreign to our ancient Faith.

    For in Christianity’s two-thousand-year history, cruel persecutions and sudden, uncontrollable plagues like COVID-19 have time and again struck mankind, challenging Christians to rise up spiritually against evils that cannot immediately be conquered materially.

    Now our turn has come . . . along with the help we need to succeed. Here celebrated Catholic author and media host Teresa Tomeo has drawn forth from Scripture, the lives of the saints, and contemporary sources a healing balm for souls – believers and unbelievers alike – who have been shaken by the frightening evils thrust upon us by this coronavirus. With scores of emotional stories and practical weapons you can use to conquer this faceless enemy – and with reflection questions that make it perfect for group study and book clubs – these welcoming pages offer you:

    *Inspiring true-life narratives of selfless souls – healthcare workers and other public servants – on the frontlines of the battle against the virus

    *Touching tales of clergymen providing creative ways to minister to their flocks – sometimes risking their lives to do so

    *Prayers appropriate for the unique threats – material and spiritual – that we face today

    *Powerful quotes from Scripture and from beloved saints that provide guidance and hope for such times, and welcome consolation for our losses

    *Advice to help you bear gracefully the many unexpected burdens that are suddenly yours to carry, including those you never asked for and do not want

    *Surefire ways you can – and should – ease the burden the virus has placed on others (and simultaneously ease your own)

    *Creative ways to respond at home and elsewhere to the limitations the virus has imposed on your days and ways, and to the invitation from God that is implicit in each of those limitations

    *Long-forgotten but time-tested traditional practices that will not only carry you through this crisis but also yield for you and your family a healthier, holier lifestyle once the crisis is over

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  • Its Good To Be Here


    “I can’t walk; I can’t sit up straight; I can’t feed myself. If you and I meet, the first thing you notice will be my body crumpled in a wheelchair. Once I could at least sit up, but now my weak neck is bent over and my spine bent so much that my head falls heavily upon my left shoulder and my hunched back.”

    So writes Christina Chase, the twenty-first century Therese of Lisieux whose “littleness” is humbler even than that of the Little Flower, but whose spiritual power is, by every discernible measure, of comparable intensity. Crippled though she is, Christina’s fearful disabilities have led her not into anger, bitterness, or despair, but rather into a profound and exceptional encounter with God’s love itself-an encounter that you, too, can experience through the gentle allure of Christina’s witness.

    Locked now for decades within her own fragile, helpless body, Christina has been graced with extraordinary insights into the similar helplessness of Jesus, the majestic King of the Universe, who, when born of the Virgin Mary, became just like Christina today-unable to feed Himself or even lift His head. From that littleness – hers and His – Christina here draws forth a marvelous wisdom that shows that as creatures, we are all, in one sense or another, paralyzed.

    None of us can exist apart from limitations and boundaries.

    None of us can walk through this life unaided.

    In the presence of God, not a single one of us can even stand.

    But no matter! For out of infinite love for us and to save us, Jesus chose to join us in our littleness, exposing Himself to the limitations of time and space and circumstance, even unto His death on the Cross. The sweet sufferer Christina has assimilated this saving truth, which shines forth from these consoling pages for all of humanity to feel.

    Read these pages by wheelchair-bound Christina to discover how much Jesus loves you, no matter how little and crippled you are, spiritually or otherwise.

    Yes, He loves you!

    Meditating on this stunning fact yields a joy that transcends the greatest physical or mental suffering – a joy that is Christina’s, despite her abject physical state, and a joy that can, with the help of these pages, be yours as well.

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  • Baby And Beyond


    Having a baby changes everything: your body, your relationship with your husband, your sleep schedule, and your identity.
    In these honest pages, Allison Auth shares real-life stories on every facet of postpartum life, shedding light on the physical, spiritual, and emotional components of recovery. She shows how mothers can find peace and strength by surrendering control to God and uniting the sufferings of motherhood to the Cross of Christ.

    From stories of childbirth not going as planned, to colic, thrush, and even getting sick in the middle of Mass, you’ll come to see how such bewildering postpartum experiences can actually lead to humility, trust, and a deeper understanding of God’s love and mercy.

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  • Road To Spiritual Fitness


    Danny Abramowicz, the celebrated former New Orleans Saints wide-receiver and now host of his own Catholic television show, Crossing the Goal, has penned a brief, no-nonsense book for guys to help and encourage them to get into spiritual shape. In it, he lays out the steps they must take on their own “road to holiness” (prayer, sacrifice, self-control), equips them with many biblical quotes to spur them on them, and supplies them with the prayers they need finally to cross the spiritual goal.

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  • Advent Reflections : Meditations For A Holy Advent


    Amidst the hustle and bustle of the secular pre-Christmas season, these Advent reflections invite you to slow down and reflect on the season’s spiritual and liturgical themes. Shared over the years with grateful EWTN audiences by good priests and bishops from the United Kingdom and Ireland, they will help you do just that.

    Covering the Sunday Advent readings and events leading up to the birth of Jesus, these meditations carry you back to Bethlehem but take you earlier as well: to ancient Israel, where prophets foretold the coming of the Messiah. For in Advent we look both backward and forward – but always toward that for which we are waiting: the Second Coming of Christ.

    Let these holy bishops and priests take you on a refreshing spiritual journey through Advent, bring you the deeper reality of the season, cut through the secular distractions and anxieties, and deliver you to the Christ child.

    Each Advent, you adorn your tree and home with sparkling ornaments; this year, and with the help of these Advent reflections, adorn your spirit with the Word of God.

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  • 1st Christmas


    With gentle illustrations by best-selling artist Frank Fraser and delightful verse by Thomas D. Williams, The First Christmas tells the story of a still night when the world changed course forever.

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  • Rethinking Mary In The New Testament


    Catholics and non-Catholics alike may be tempted to assume they already know everything there is to know about Mary. Whatever your degree of knowledge and personal devotion to the Mother of God, this book will help you see Mary with new eyes and greater appreciation.

    Renowned author and theologian Edward Sri deftly leads the reader through a detailed study of Scripture and makes insightful connections to deepen and transform our understanding of Jesus’s Mother. Readable, compelling, and inspiring, this book will renew your vision so that you, too, can rethink Mary – the Mother of God and our mother.

    Topics include:

    What was Mary’s life like before the Annunciation?
    Mary as Daughter Zion
    What does it mean to call Mary “full of grace”?
    What is the biblical basis for the Catholic belief that Mary is a perpetual Virgin?
    Mary as Queen Mother
    Mary as model of faith
    Mary at the foot of the Cross
    Mary as the woman of Revelation

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  • Fragility Of Order


    One of America’s most prominent public intellectuals brings thirty-five years of experience in Washington and Rome to bear in analyzing the turbulence that characterizes world politics, American public life, and the Catholic Church in the early twenty-first century.

    In these bracing essays, George Weigel reads such events as the First World War, the collapse of Communism, and the Obama and Trump presidencies through a distinctive cultural and moral lens, even as he offers new insights into Pope Francis and his challenging pontificate.

    Throughout, two of Weigel’s key convictions-that ideas have consequences for good and ill, and that the deepest currents of history flow through culture-illuminate political and economic life, and the life of the Church, in ways not often appreciated or understood.

    Many of the chapters in this book originated in George Weigel’s annual William E. Simon Lecture, which since 2001 has become a major event in Washington, D.C. They are unique in their application of philosophical and theological perspectives to the issues of history and politics, enabling the reader to see current events in a deeper way.

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  • Our Father : Reflections On The Lords Prayer


    Pope Francis provides new insights into the most popular prayer in Christianity, offering readers a guide to living a life of meaning, purpose and strength.

    This new work by Pope Francis illuminates the most important prayer in all of Christianity, verse by verse, in conversation with Father Marco Pozza, a theologian and a prison chaplain in Padua, Italy. Here Francis offers unprecedented insight on Jesus’s most profound words, while exploring the importance of social justice, benevolence, and forgiveness, key elements of Bergoglio’s papacy.

    Our Father: The Lord’s Prayer looks to address the concerns and hopes of today’s men and women, seeking to become a guide to living a life that is full of meaning, purpose, and strength. “It takes courage to truly believe that God is the Father that accompanies us, forgives us, gives us bread, is attentive to everything we ask…what if it is not true?” the Pope writes. Challenging this doubt, he issues a call to “dare…help each other, one another to dare.”

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  • To Change The Church


    In To Change the Church, a New York Times columnist and one of America’s leading conservative thinkers considers Pope Francis’s efforts to change the church he governs. Ross Douthat explains why the debate Francis has opened – over communion for the divorced and the remarried – is so dangerous. He argues that it cuts to the heart of the larger argument over how Christianity should respond to the sexual revolution and modernity itself, how it promises or threatens to separate the church from its own deep past, and how it divides Catholicism along geographical and cultural lines.

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  • Light Entrusted To You


    This book is a very practical, inspiring primer for the common Catholic as it breaks down the Catholic faith into six key categories that can be applied to everyday life. The six categories are color coded and use an acronym of the word SAINTS to help us see how every aspect of the Catholic faith fits together as a whole to help us become saints. It is a call to action for parents, grandparents, and all Catholic adults to take seriously their obligation to both live and pass on the faith, and is a resource providing the tools necessary to do just that.

    In the spirit of the “New Evangelization”, Wood uses popular movies, songs, stories, sports, and life experiences to teach the faith. He shares the CD’s, DVD’s, books, and media that have helped him learn and fall in love with the Catholic faith and pass it on to every age group. The book revolves around the words of the sacrament of Baptism, reminding Catholic parents that they have been entrusted with the duty of being primary educators of the faith. He helps parents rediscover the genius of Catholicism so they can be equipped to confidently learn, live, and pass on their faith to the next generation.

    John helps us understand that we are called to put God first in everything we do in this world, and that building holy families is essential in building holy vocations and becoming saints. At a time when young people are leaving the faith in massive numbers, he offers new ways of engaging our children in their faith from a very young age.

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  • 4th Cup : Unveiling The Mystery Of The Last Supper And The Cross


    From the bestselling author of The Lamb’s Supper and Signs of Life comes an illuminating work on the Catholic Eucharist and its link to the Jewish Passover meal.

    Well-known Catholic theologian Dr. Scott Hahn explains Christ’s Paschal Sacrifice on the cross as the fulfillment of the traditional fourth cup used in the celebration of Passover, drawing symbolic parallels to the Last Supper and Christ’s death on Calvary. Through his scholarly insights and important biblical connections, Mass will come alive for you as never before!

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  • Our Lady Of Fatima


    Contains details on Mary’s Six Apparitions, background on the Three Secrets, and brief accounts of the lives of the three children of Fatima. Its Marian prayers are meaningful expressions of love for Our Lady that will endure long after the celebration of the centennial. Flexible cover
    100th Anniversary

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  • That Nothing May Be Lost


    Fr. Paul Scalia reveals a scholar’s mind and a pastor’s heart in these inspiring reflections on a wide range of Catholic teachings and practices. Rooted in Scripture, the beauty and truth of these insights places the reader on a path to a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God. While keeping the focus on the theology and teachings of the Church, Fr. Scalia also covers these topics:
    *shows the unity that comes from the seven sacraments
    *provides a road map to a life of grace
    *encourages a strong devotion to our Blessed Mother
    *provides guidance on how to develop a continuous conversation with God

    These ponderings are coupled with powerful and moving introductory essays penned by highly regarded Catholics, each offering a glimpse into the Catholic faith realized. Rev. Paul Check, Jim Towey, Dr. Scott Hahn, Mary Ellen Bork, Gloria Purvis, Raymond Arroyo, Lizz Lovett and Helen Alvare each open a section of the book with a personal account of his or her interaction with the faith. Fr. Scalia’s writings then offer insight into developing and growing one’s faith and relationship with God. Additionally, Archbishop Charles Chaput offers a thought provoking foreword to help the reader with a meaningful journey through the many aspects of the Catholic faith presented throughout this book.

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  • Mysteries Of The Rosary Coloring Book


    A wonderful way to meditate on and celebrate God’s love for mankind through the life of His Son and the mysteries of the Rosary.

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  • Daily Companion For Married Couples


    In a few short minutes, the Scripture quotes, passages from Church documents, and thoughts from the Saints which begin the days in this book will provide comfort and guidance for married couples to live their vocation to the fullest. A brief reflection and prayer complete this dynamic daily practice.

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  • Banes Eyes


    Unseen Books Title

    In three months, the citizens of the EuroGov will decide whether or not to abolish Sorting, the grim annual harvesting of “imperfect” teenagers for their organs. If they vote the wrong way, then Margo and everyone she cares about will die. While her beloved Bane struggles to cope with the loss of his eyes, the lives of millions of young people and Believers are at stake as Margo embarks on increasingly risky media missions out of the Vatican. Every step she takes is steeped with political consequences. But threats soon loom from the most unexpected quarters, compromising even the security of the Vatican State, and with the vote hanging in the balance, the media battle threatens to turn into real war. Bane is desperate to join Margo in the fight, but how can he without his eyes?

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  • My First Catholic Book Of Prayers


    This is a delightfully illustrated collection of both traditional and new prayers. Ideal for young Catholic children, this book includes prayers for all times of the day: mealtimes, school time, bedtime–any time!

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  • Liberation


    Chesterton Press
    “Seriously, Bane, should I sit around and pat myself on the back for resisting the EuroGov for six months of my life? Or should I go out and try to make a world in which you and I can raise children without being afraid that one day, they’ll be taken from us and murdered?” THE EUROBLOC GENETICS FACILITY WHERE MARGO WAS IMPRISONED STANDS EMPTY. EVERY OTHER FACILITY IS FULL. TIME TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. In the Vatican’s hidden place of exile, Margo and her fiance, Bane, hatch a daring plan: use Vatican strike teams to liberate teenagers destined for human ‘recycling’-to start a public outcry against Sorting. But if they succeed, the EuroGov’s vengeance will be swift and merciless. If a revolution happens, will it be too late for Margo-and Bane?

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  • Imitation Of Christ


    This classic shows readers how to follow Christ in their lives

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  • New Catholic Picture Bible


    Now in a padded hardcover edition, here are Catholic stories taken from the Holy Bible, intended for the whole family and easy to understand. The first part treats the Old Testament-from Adam to Christ-and contains the most important and memorable events in God’s dealings with man during that time. The second part contains sixty stories from the New Testament that narrate beautifully the life, teachings, and work of Our Lord and Savior. These simply written stories, praised by leading Catholic educators for their style, will delight children time after time.
    April 2015 – Updated and Digitally Re-mastered

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  • Catholic Picture Bible


    Over 100 Catholic Bible Stories for boys and girls written in simple, clear language that is easy to understand.
    April 2015 – Updated and Digitally Re-mastered

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  • Delivered : True Stories Of Men And Women Who Turned From Porn To Purity


    Deliverance from pornography is possible-and these true stories prove it.

    *The pious Catholic man whose fairytale marriage was almost destroyed by his fierce addiction…
    *The young woman who escaped a broken and abusive childhood only to become ensnared in porn’s seamy underworld…
    *The couple who tried everything to beat the pain and shame of porn in their home…
    *The female musician who thought porn was a guy thing until she got hooked herself…
    *…and five other inspiring tales of liberation from the ravages of pornography.

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  • Confessions Of Saint Augustine


    The Confessions of St. Augustine from Catholic Book Publishing is – after the Bible and the Imitation of Christ – the most widely translated and highly esteemed book in Christian history. Translated by Rev. J.M. Lehen, Ph.D., this Confessions of St. Augustine is published in a prayer book format, offering a more participatory reading and prayer experience based on St. Augustine’s confessions of his youthful errors. With a red vinyl cover, this classic Confessions of St. Augustine will make a tremendous personal resource or gift.

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  • Mass Coloring And Activity Book


    Have fun while reinforcing the principles taught on the Brother Francis “The Mass” DVD. This coloring & activity book celebrates the life-changing power of the mass.

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  • Rosary Coloring And Activity Book


    Have fun while reinforcing the principles taught on the Brother Francis “The Rosary” DVD. This coloring & activity book is full of activities that encourage children to deepen their faith by praying the Rosary.

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  • New Saint Joseph First Communion Catechisms


    Prayers For Every Day
    1.-.God Made Us
    2.-.God Is Great
    3.-.The Blessed Trinity
    4.-.The First Sins
    5.-.Our Own Sins
    6.-.The Son Of God Becomes A Man
    7.-.Jesus Opens Heaven For Us
    8.-.Sacrements Of Baptism And Confirmation
    9.-.Sacrements Of Penance
    10.-.How To Make A Good Confession
    11.-.The Holy Eucharist
    The Holy Mass
    Holydays Of Obligation
    Various Prayers
    Night And Other Prayers

    Additional Info
    New and modern format and design
    Explains Catholic doctrine with the aid of many exclusive features.
    Combines modern outlook and language with a solid time-tested exposition of the teaching of the Church.

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  • Living Wisdom For Every Day


    Choice texts from St. Paul of the Cross, one of the true Masters of Spirituality, including a prayer for each day. Illustrated and printed in two colors. Includes ribbon marker.

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  • Bible Day By Day


    Minute Bible meditations for every day of the year, including a short Scripture text and brief reflections. Illustrated and printed in two colors. Includes ribbon marker.

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  • Day By Day With Saint Joseph


    Day by Day with St. Joseph from Catholic Book Publishing is a vital addition to the Spiritual Life Series. Sized for easy reading and transport, this inspiring book brings the reader closer to St. Joseph through daily minute-long meditations which include a Scripture passage, a brief reflection, and a concluding prayer to St. Joseph. Day By Day with St. Joseph was begun by Msgr. Joseph Champlin and completed by Msgr. Kenneth Lasch to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Catholic Book Publishing, Corp. in 2011. It enriches the reader’s relationship with St. Joseph by incorporating devotion to him into every day of the year. This beautiful volume is covered in brown imitation leather and has a ribbon for easy place-keeping.

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  • Mary Day By Day


    Minute Marian meditations for every day of the year, including a Scripture passage, a quotation from the Saints, and a concluding prayer. With an introduction by Rev. Charles G. Fehrenbach, C.SS.R. Printed in two colors with over 300 illustrations. Includes ribbon marker.

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  • Every Day Is A Gift


    Popular meditations for every day, featuring a text from Sacred Scripture, a quotation from the writings of a Saint, and a meaningful prayer. Includes an introduction by Rev. Frederick Schroeder. Illustrated and printed in two colors. Includes ribbon marker.

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  • New Saint Joseph Peoples Prayer Book


    This new Saint Joseph People’s Prayer Book by Catholic Book Publishing has everything you need for prayer. The most comprehensive prayer book, the Saint Joseph People’s Prayer Book is literally an encyclopedia of prayer. Edited by Rev. Francis Evans, the new Saint Joseph People’s Prayer Book draws prayers from a wide variety of spiritual sources including the Bible, the Liturgy, the Enchiridion of Indulgences, the Saints, Church Scholars and other Spiritual Writers. At over 1, 000 pages, this essential volume contains over 1,400 prayers for every need and occasion. With its tan imitation leather cover and double ribbons for place-keeping, this Saint Joseph People’s Prayer Book is printed in two-color large type with full color illustrations.

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  • My Catholic Prayer Treasury


    Set of 4 books:
    My Morning Prayers
    My Thank You Prayers
    My Bedtime Prayers
    My Everyday Prayers

    These books, to which children will often turn, are made of a lightweight, brightly colored material and are vividly illustrated in full color. The four books are packaged in a clear vinyl case that keeps the set neatly together. Each book has 10 pages.

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  • Saint Joseph Sunday Missal Red


    General Introduction
    Order Of Mass
    Rite Of Blessing And Sprinkling Holy Water .
    Penitential Rite (Alternative Forms For C
    Proper Communicants And Hanc: Igitur
    Solemn Blessings
    Prayers Over The People
    Advent Season)
    Christmas Season
    Ordinary Time (after Epiph.)
    Lenten Season
    Easter Triduum
    Easter Season
    Ordinary Time (after Pent.) .
    Proper Of Saints
    Wedding Mass And Rite Of Marriage
    St. Joseph Hymnal
    Summary Of Teaching Of Vatican II
    Treasury Of Prayers
    General Index
    Index Of Biblical Readings
    Index Of Psalms
    Index Of Prefaces
    Index Of Mass Themes
    Index Of Hymns P. 1585

    Additional Info
    The one all-inclusive, complete and permanent Sunday Missal. It contains all the official Mass prayers for Sundays and Holydays that are now in use throughout America. It includes the complete 3-year cycle of Sunday readings (for years A,B & C). It includes all the prayers from the Sacramentary…plus all the presidential prayers. These prayers are repeated for each cycle of readings to make this Missal “easy to use” and to eliminate unnecessary page-turning.

    Catholics of all ages will truly treasure this excellent Missal destined to last a lifetime. Calendar to year 2016.

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  • Saint Joseph Sunday Missal Black


    The one all-inclusive, complete and permanent Sunday Missal. It contains all the official Mass prayers for Sundays and Holydays that are now in use throughout America. It includes the complete 3-year cycle of Sunday readings (for years A,B & C). It includes all the prayers from the Sacramentary…plus all the presidential prayers. These prayers are repeated for each cycle of readings to make this Missal “easy to use” and to eliminate unnecessary page-turning.

    Catholics of all ages will truly treasure this excellent Missal destined to last a lifetime. Calendar to year 2016.

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  • Catholic Tide Continues To Turn


    In his first book, The Tide is Turning Toward Catholicism, well-known blogger David J. Hartline let readers in on the good things happening within the Catholic Church that often go unnoticed. As always, he infused his reporting with the keen, insightful analysis that has made his reputation. The result? Thousands of readers became aware of these good things and walked away with a much needed sense of hope.

    In The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn. Hartline again turns his gaze to subsequent trends within Catholicism and the secular world, helping us make sense of both. As he did in The Tide is Turning, he shines a magnifying lens on our times as no one else can. This book will give readers a better understanding of the very dark and sometimes threatening clouds hovering above us today. However, readers will also discover the many amazingly bright rays of hope and the many positive things happening within the Church. Better yet, they will learn how these developments are our best chance at building a better tomorrow for us all.

    For anyone who wants a compelling, easy-to-read assessment of Catholicism’s today and her likely tomorrow, The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn will offer that and much, much more..

    David Hartline occasional writings on the present life of the Church have borne fruit in this book. He makes a good case that the present time’s spiritual struggle will set the stage for a stronger Church.

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  • YOUCAT : Youth Catechism Of The Catholic Church


    YOUCAT is short for Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, which will be launched on World Youth Day. Developed with the help of young Catholics and written for high-school age people and young adults, YOUCAT is an accessible, contemporary expression of the Catholic Faith. The appealing graphic format includes Questions-and-Answers, highly-readable commentary, summary definitions of key terms, Bible citations and inspiring and thought-provoking quotes from Saints and others in the margins. What’s more, YOUCAT is keyed to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, so people can go deeper. It explains:
    *What Catholics believe and why (doctrine)
    *How Catholics celebrate the mysteries of the faith (sacraments)
    *How Catholics are to live (moral life)
    *How they should pray (prayer and spirituality)

    The questions are direct and honest, even at times tough; the answers straightforward, relevant, and compelling. YOUCAT will likely become the “go-to” place for young people to learn the truth about the Catholic faith. Illustrated.

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  • My Catholic Board Book Bible


    A beautifully illustrated board book Bible, which introduces young Catholics from ages 3-5 to the Bible. 30 different bibles stories, with colorful illustrations.

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