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  • Our Wedding Planner


    Plan your special day in style with this comprehensive wedding organizer packed with over 100 gorgeous, full-color photos of centerpieces, table settings, favors, flowers, and more.

    From the proprietor of the nationally recognized wedding venue Alda’s Magnolia Hill comes this all-in-one guide to making your wedding dreams a reality. Alda Ellis expertly guides you through every step of the process, from determining what kind of wedding you want to hosting a memorable celebration after the I do’s.

    Other helpful features include…
    *12 tabbed dividers, allowing for quick reference to each chapter in the book
    *Convenient pockets for keeping important paperwork, business cards, and swatches
    *Plenty of blank space for writing down appointments, notes, thoughts, and other info
    *Scripture verses and quotes to inspire you and prepare your heart for marriage
    *A valuable appendix covering an array of smaller details that often get missed

    With Alda’s decades of experience at your fingertips, this book is like having a professional wedding planner at your disposal 24/7 without the cost of hiring one.

    Start your planning here!

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  • Making The Most Of Your Church Wedding


    A short, attractive, full-colour guide to the Anglican wedding service aimed at couples planning to get married. It uses the words and the actions of the marriage service to enable couples to explore the big questions of life, relationships, commitment, God, family and more.

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  • Wedding Day Guest Book


    Lined pages
    Linen-embossed cover
    Minimum order 4

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  • Invited The Ultimate Catholic Wedding Planner


    Congratulations, you’re engaged! After the ring and the commitment, the challenge of planning a Catholic wedding in today’s secular world can be overwhelming–where to begin? Look no further than this contemporary guide for planning your Catholic wedding and for navigating your new life together far beyond the wedding day. Best of all, this handbook provides perspectives from both the bride and the groom.

    Know that you are not alone as you travel through the simple and sublime decisions that go into planning this special day. Laugh along with the author and her soon-to-be spouse as they share personal vignettes that answer questions such as: Will Facebook tag along on the honeymoon? Will the bachelorette towels be returned? And most importantly–why are their yet-unborn grandkids causing arguments during the wedding registry process?

    Journey with the author and her husband as they use concrete examples of love, faith and practical day-to-day choices while delving into topics such as budgeting, planning the Nuptial Mass, choosing the right dress, communication, learning to live together as a couple, sexual intimacy, and Natural Family Planning in light of the Church’s teachings.

    Invited will bring couples closer using faith and fun to build a foundation of marriage modeled after Christ as the true bridegroom of the Church.

    Features & Benefits

    Bride and groom perspective
    Discussion questions for couples
    Planning worksheets include budget, timelines, Mass programs, important contacts, reception guide
    Appendix includes the Rite of Marriage, additional information, and list of resources
    Church approved Scripture, prayer, and music selections for the Nuptial Mass

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  • Inclusive Marriage Services


    As the country moves toward marriage equality for gays and lesbians, couples and pastors are in need of updated language for marriage services. This sourcebook not only provides inclusive marriage services, taking into account a variety of situations, but also provides guidance for couples and pastors to take into account for all couples. In addition, it includes prayers for a number of situations that happen around many weddings, such as rehearsal dinners, the wedding participants before worship, and the reception.

    Inclusive Marriage Services includes updated but traditional language carefully chosen, resembling historical marriages we are all familiar with, but improving some of the language.

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  • Inclusive Marriage Services


    As the country moves toward marriage equality for gays and lesbians, couples and pastors are in need of updated language for marriage services. This sourcebook not only provides inclusive marriage services, taking into account a variety of situations, but also provides guidance for couples and pastors to take into account for all couples. In addition, it includes prayers for a number of situations that happen around many weddings, such as rehearsal dinners, the wedding participants before worship, and the reception.

    Inclusive Marriage Services includes updated but traditional language carefully chosen, resembling historical marriages we are all familiar with, but improving some of the language.

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  • I Will Bless You And You Will Be A Blessing Gift Edition


    Includes two liturgies approved for trial use by the 78th General Convention of The Episcopal Church: I Will Bless You and You Will Be a Blessing: The Witnessing and Blessing of a Marriage and Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage 2. These are presented in a beautiful remembrance booklet featuring an embossed cover with a cross and lettering rendered in gold leaf. Includes space to record names of the wedding party and special guests. The Declaration of Intention and the Marriage Certificate, printed on handsome parchment-like paper, are stitched into the booklet. Interior pages are printed in red and black. Includes envelope.

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  • New Wedding Service For You (Revised)


    Every wedding should be sacred and unique. Written with that in mind, A New Wedding Service for You is a distinctive collection of nineteen wedding services that have been designed with fresh perspective and modern language. Throughout the author’s ministry, Arthur Homburg has helped couples prepare for their wedding services, and this book is a reflection of his conviction that every couple deserves an individual and thoughtful wedding celebration.

    This revised version of CSS’ A New Wedding Service for You presents variations on the traditional wedding format, and it offers creative approaches to the classic wedding ceremony. Each service reflects the careful and heartfelt phrasings of men and women who sought to personalize their holy unions, and the words found within each ceremony remain rooted in the principles of Christian love and faith. Beginning with the assertion that every wedding service should belong to the couple, A New Wedding Service for You serves as an innovative resource for any couple pursuing a wedding ceremony that reflects a renewed version of enduring promise and hope.

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  • 1 Plus One Plus One


    In this collection of 85 wedding sermons that could be read simply for enjoyment and encouragement, One+One+One draws upon the personal experience of author and retired pastor, Gary Fehring, to remind us of the joy and beauty of the marriage covenant.

    Fehring has collected a decade’s worth of wedding sermons, each carefully crafted around the love of couples preparing to say, I do. As Fehring reminds each couple to place God at the center of their marriage, he invariably reminds his reader that marriage is about companionship. One+One+One highlights faith, love, gratitude, sacrifice, and countless other attributes that are deeply rooted within the Christian faith. These are the essence of a lasting marriage. Fehring’s honest and endearing voice speaks to us from the pages of these sermons, reminding us that marriage is beautiful and calling us back to the bold love proclaimed in our marriage vows.

    One+One+One is a worthy resource for any pastor looking to deliver fresh and engaging messages to a bride and groom, and the truths contained within each sermon will undoubtedly inspire newly- and golden-wed alike.

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  • Christian Weddings : Resources To Make Your Ceremony Unique (Revised)


    This exciting resource will help engaged couples design a unique and meaningful wedding service. With guidance from their pastor, the couple can select the different elements of their wedding liturgy from a menu of choices in ceremonies from over twenty denominational traditions from around the world.

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  • Wedding Services


    Ready-to-use worship resources, planning tools, and meditations for a variety of wedding services.

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  • Wedding Rites : The Complete Guide To Traditional Vows Music Ceremonies Ble


    Distinguishes itself from hundreds of other wedding planners by reintroducing forgotten Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant customs for couples seeking to infuse contemporary celebrations with rich symbolism and ceremonial splendor.’ – Publishers Weekly Many couples, no matter what their style, find themselves turning back to tradition for their wedding ceremony. Is there a way to follow tradition and still carve your own wedding path? Michael Foley offers Roman Catholic, Byzantine (Eastern Catholic and Orthodox), Protestant, and Jewish wedding traditions in this comprehensive collection. From nuptial music, to readings, to vows, ceremonies, and blessings, Wedding Rites contains a vast array of treasures. You’ll find, among other things, blessings for a young couple from sixth-century Rome and coin ceremonies from medieval France. Above all, this is a practical guide for making a beautiful and meaningful – yet affordable – wedding. Easy to reference and easy to use, it includes concrete suggestions for each stage of planning and sound advice on honoring and combining traditions for couples from different religious backgrounds. Wedding Rites is an indispensable resource for couples, wedding planners, pastors, and all who love the beauty of tradition.

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  • Nell Hills Stylish Weddings


    One of America’s hottest little retailers. –Fortune magazine

    * Mary Carol Garrity lends her trademark advice on planning stylish, affordable, and memorable weddings in Nell Hill’s Stylish Weddings

    Nell Hill’s enterprising entrepreneur Mary Carol Garrity delivers practical yet elegant tips on creating lavish weddings without expending huge amounts of time, money, and energy.

    * Garrity puts forth shower, wedding, and gift ideas and presents readers with a call to action to spend wisely and create memorable experiences with maximum impact. The centerpiece of the book is Garrity’s own daughter’s wedding held at the Garritys’ Atchison home. Garrity takes readers step by step through the planning of this summer event, with food, flowers, and friends gathered for the evening gala. Readers also learn tips from weddings that Garrity has attended and helped plan, including inventive ways to involve friends and family and creative touches that combine old family traditions with newfound keepsakes.

    * The Wall Street Journal has hailed Garrity as a one-person economic-development force in her hometown of Atchison, Kans. Garrity’s stores have become landmarks in the decorating world. The Mary Carol Home Collection, an extensive line of home decor products, is distributed nationwide by the Gerson Companies.

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  • Catholic Wedding Book (Revised)


    THE CATHOLIC WEDDING BOOK, now in a new, revised edition of this best seller, will take the pain out of wedding preparations, answer all your questions and make planning your wedding easy.

    The Catholic Church teaches that marriage is forever. The truth is that no sane person would want to suffer through the preparation for a marriage more than once. Some say that a wedding is God’s way of testing a couple to see if they’re fit for marriage.

    In THE CATHOLIC WEDDING BOOK you can find everything you want to know about:
    * Selecting Scripture readings for your wedding
    * Choosing and decorating the church
    * The duties of the best man and maid of honor
    * Wedding ritual options
    * Marriages between Catholics and other Christians
    * Making the best use of the rehearsal
    * Organizing the wedding procession
    * Putting the ushers to work
    * Dispensations and how to get them
    * How to plan your own wedding ceremony
    * Getting the most out of marriage prep.
    * Dozens of other questions and answers…

    Easy reading for Catholics of all ages, THE CATHOLIC WEDDING BOOK provides practical advice for planning a wedding liturgy and the text of all official forms, readings and prayers approved by the Church–everything you need to make your wedding joyful and meaningful. So read brides magazines for your dress and reception, but be sure to purchase this for the real substance of your Catholic wedding.

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  • Emily Posts Wedding Planner


    Revised and repackaged, a perfect companion to our bestselling Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette, this new edition will help brides ask all the right questions, keep track of all the details, stick to their budget, and plan the wedding of their dreams.

    This new edition combines a lively, attractive design with streamlined practicality, providing important to-do checklists, questions to ask, vendor comparison charts, and budgeting information for easy use by today’s busy brides. Emily Post’s Wedding Planner will help couples organize and keep track of every detail of their wedding, with the clarity and comprehensiveness readers have come to expect from this trusted authority. Peggy Post helps couples organize their decisions and move ahead with bringing their wedding to life. When used as a companion to Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette, Fifth Edition, every couple can feel confident that no detail has been overlooked in creating a wedding experience that will be treasured by all for years to come.

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  • Transformed Women In The Bible (Student/Study Guide)


    Sister in Faith Bible Studies are written from one sister in the faith to others about still other sisters, amazing women who touched the heart of God. These studies form a practical journey because the lives of these biblical women have great relevance to the lives women live today. Alongside the stories of biblical women, the author shares snapshots of today’s women – women of faith from all walks of life who are examples of what it means to put Bible lessons into practice in real life.

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  • Engaged Groom : Your Complete Wedding Guide


    Today’s groom expects and is expected to take on a large and often times equal role in the planning of the big event. The days of the husband-to-be just showing up with a nice suit on and having no idea of what went into the planning are long gone. This is not to say that the groom’s interests need to be the same as the bride’s. This book will help the groom to choose what interests them and works well with their talents. If it is not picking out the table cloths to match the flowers, than it could be working on the menu or the invitations or even designing the wedding website. For the groom who wishes to be actively involved and not be limited by traditional wedding elements, the book will suggest ways to create a modern wedding. For example turning the focus to the enjoyment of the guests and thinking of the day as a big party, while still respecting the wishes of the families.

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  • Preparing The Wedding Homily


    SKU (ISBN): 9780893905699Paul TurnerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2003Publisher: Resource Publications Inc.

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  • Contemporary Handbook For Weddings And Funerals And Other Occasions


    Part 1: Weddings
    Part 2: Funerals
    Part 3: Other Occasions

    Additional Info
    Weddings and funerals, like few other occasions, offer pastors the opportunity to give direction and encouragement to individuals when their hearts are more open to God . . . and to those individuals attending these events who may otherwise never hear God’s message. This handbook, a compilation of tested ideas and resources by pastors, provides just the tool pastors need. Young pastors will appreciate the advice of experienced ministers to help them get started, and veteran pastors will benefit from fresh ideas that add meaning to services they’ve performed dozens of times. Includes difficult situations like the death of a child and second marriages.

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  • Preparing Your Catholic Wedding


    1. Whose Wedding Is It , Anyway?
    2. If We Can Survive This Wedding
    3. Paperwork Drives Me Nuts
    4. Options
    5. What About The Music?
    6. The High Cost Of Marrying

    Additional Info
    Prepared by a priest and music coordinator who over the past twenty-five years have helped hundreds of couples prepare to celebrate their weddings in the Catholic Church, this book provides in a few brief pages an extraordinary amount of practical considerations regarding such matters as: who makes the final decisions, what paper work is required by the Church and by the State, how and when should plans be made for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, how to handle family and in-law problems, why is time alone together so essential, what are the liturgical options available for the couple, what are the roles of the various members of the wedding party, what about witnesses, licenses, baptismal and confirmation certificates, seating arrangements, processions, recessions, the readings, the vows, the rings, the unity candle, flower’s for the Blessed Virgin’s alter, music, coats, etc., etc. Each chapter makes use of a short story related to the authors’ experiences to illustrate the points that follow. The material covered in this handy guide will save couples planning their Catholic wedding an untold amount of time, money and, above all, grief. It is hoped that, as a result, they will enjoy a particularly engaging, joyous and prayerful wedding liturgy.

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  • Funeral And Wedding Handbook


    If you’re looking for a planning resource to help you deal with funerals and weddings, this book is worth its weight in gold. Pastors are repeatedly called on to perform these ceremonies in an infinite variety of circumstances, yet there’s no one-size-fits-all service, so it’s a constant challenge to come up with meaningful and appropriate material that witnesses to the Lord’s power. In this book an experienced minister shares a wealth of ideas that help you tailor services to individual needs, making these complicated occasions ones of impact and success for your ministry.

    The Funeral And Wedding Handbook shows you how to …
    * Deal with difficult funerals … suicides, infants, non-Christians, and many more
    * Effectively comfort the hurting
    * Plan memorable weddings from premarital counseling to the recessional march
    * Be prepared for the overlooked details and unexpected events that often arise during funeral and wedding services

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  • Complete Outdoor Wedding Planner


    Let Nature Be Your Wedding Chapel
    Whether you’re thinking about exchanging vows on a sandy beach, a majestic mountaintop, or simply the friendly confines of your own backyard, you can enjoy the elegant, breathtaking wedding you’ve always envisioned.
    Inside, wedding expert Sharon Naylor takes you step-by-step through planning the perfect outdoor wedding day-from special and important considerations for outdoor locations to creating a fabulous reception under the stars. You’ll discover an array of tips, hints, resources, and answers to vital questions, including:
    *The best choices for location, time of year, and hour of day
    *Practical considerations, such as space, privacy, and weather
    *Suggestions for choosing outdoor-friendly wedding attire
    *Information on regulations, permits, and other requirements
    *And much, much more!

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  • How To Plan An Elegant Wedding In Six Months Or Less


    Plan the Perfect Wedding In Half the Time!
    It really is possible to take care of the countless details and madness leading up to your big day and create the event you always envisioned-even with the clock ticking. And you can enjoy doing it!
    Wedding expert Sharon Naylor gives an array of creative tips, clever shortcuts, and priceless secrets to make planning your wedding seamless. You will discover how to:
    *Save time and money and reduce stress while maintaining elegance
    *Organize and prioritize for maximum efficiency
    *Find the perfect ceremony and reception locations on short notice
    *Have fun and enjoy planning under a time constraint
    *And much, much more!

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  • Register Of Marriages 50


    Space for 151 single-page entries.

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  • Catholic Wedding Answer Book


    SKU (ISBN): 9780893905170Paul TurnerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2000ML Answers The 101 Most Asked QuestionsPublisher: Resource Publications Inc.

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  • Wedding Sermons And Marriage Ceremonies


    Marriage ceremonies don’t have to fall into a routine of just doing and saying the same old things. This creative resource provides pastors with several unique marriage liturgies, including ceremonies for a traditional wedding, a wedding of an older couple, a second marriage with children, a marriage combined with communion, and more. They’re guaranteed to put meaning into one of the most important days of a couple’s life.

    This is a wonderful resource for those who want to be sensitive to the needs of couples from all backgrounds.
    Tom Barnard, Vice President
    Eastern Nazarene College
    Quincy, Massachusetts

    This collection also contains 14 five-minute wedding homilies which addresses a variety of situations. Blending images from scripture and the practical realities of modern life, these succinct messages reveal the connection between faith in God and the promises of marriage. Included are meditations for a marriage when both parties have been divorced; a widowed, mature couple; a wedding in an outdoor setting; a formal wedding; and the marriage of a couple with a baby…and more!

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  • Your Catholic Wedding


    This is a handy portable planbook to aid all engaged couples and their priest in the preparation of a Catholic wedding. From the first detail to last, it guides the couple to a rich and fulfilling wedding celebration.

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  • Planning Your Marriage Service


    Help couples make informed decisions and plan for their marriage service with this practical workbook. Includes a tear-out worksheet to help clergy and couples with their planning. Includes possible readings for wedding service.

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  • Wedding Vows : How To Express Your Love In Your Own Words


    1. How To Use This Book
    2. The Officiate
    3. What To Include In Your Wedding Vows
    4. Writing Your Own Vows
    5. Promises And Declarations Of Love
    6. Vows In Dialog Form
    7. Ring Ceremonies
    8. Special Vows

    Additional Info
    How to express your love in your own words by Peg Kehret. Very personal and specialized wedding vows are a constant need. This book includes sixty-five vows and declarations of love plus a lot more. It tells how to plan this most important part of your wedding. It suggests how to work with your pastor, what to include in your vows and how to write your own. The suggested vows, which may be edited to fit your special feelings, are in both monolog and dialog form. They are short enough to be easily memorized. Beautiful wedding photography throughout

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  • Celebration And Blessing Of A Marriage Gift Edition


    The approved service from The Book of Common Prayer (Rite II) is presented in a beautiful remembrance booklet featuring an embossed cover with the Canterbury Cross and lettering rendered in gold leaf. Includes space to record names of bridal party and special guests. The Declaration of Intention and the Marriage Certificate, printed on handsome parchment-like TRADE PAPERBACK, are stitched into the booklet. Interior pages are printed in red and black. Includes envelope.

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  • So Youre Planning A Wedding


    SKU (ISBN): 9780834104181C. D. HansenBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1976Publisher: The Foundry Publishing – formerly Beacon Hill Pres

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