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Charismatic Interests

Charismatic Interests

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  • Key To Answered Prayer


    Have you ever wondered what prayers always move God into action?

    This book will guide you to pray biblically founded prayers so that you can have a meaningful relationship with God, fix your heart on His plan and purposes, and experience answers to your prayers.

    In the beginning there was no need for answered prayer. God placed Adam and Eve in the center of a bountiful garden, gave them dominion over His creation, and walked with them in the cool of the day. They had no hunger, no sorrow, no disease–it was a paradise on earth. The relationship God first established with humanity was one of unhindered communication and companionship. He was enough. We needed no answers other than Him. He was our Father, Friend, and Provider.

    Today, despite all our knowledge and understanding, we live on a planet full of the hunger, sorrow, and disease that were absent so long ago. How did we get to this point? Where is the God of the Bible in the midst of all this loneliness and pain? Why do our prayers often seem to go unanswered?

    In The Key to Answered Prayer, Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider takes readers on a journey through the Scriptures to discover the heart of key prayers in the Old and New Testaments. Examining prayers of safety, provision, deliverance, vindication, forgiveness, thanksgiving, and more, this book reveals why there are certain prayers God always answers.

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  • Lets Go Deeper



    The only thing holding back the spread of the gospel is the church.

    This book will teach me how to go deeper in my relationship with God so that I may become a more fully developed disciple of Jesus to help bring the gospel to the world around me.

    The Bible tells us there is one true God who sits on the throne of the universe. He is the Creator of everything, and He is worthy of all the praise and honor of the world’s people. Because He is our Creator and the Sustainer of life, He has the right to rule over us and expect obedience.

    In Let’s Go Deeper, J. Lee Grady shares how by revealing Himself to Moses, God demonstrated His true desire to be with us. Even though He is almighty, enthroned in the glory of heaven, He makes Himself accessible and available to those who love Him.

    Join in the journey of discipleship with this practical guide of thirty short and powerful lessons to take you deeper in your relationship with God. This resource will transform your Christian faith and act as a tool kit for those who are new to Christianity. Following Jesus and coming to know your Creator doesn’t have to be difficult; you just have to be willing to take the first step toward Him.

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  • Love Awakening : Living Immersed In The Supernatural Love Of God


    Wear the Father’s Heart on Your Sleeve!

    You were created to love and be loved supernaturally, not as a concept or theology, but as a living experience–the very love of God, visibly manifested through you. This is the key to fulfilling your divine destiny!

    Author and international speaker Leif Hetland is recognized as an ambassador of the Father’s love–an everyday person who has received divine opportunities to bring God’s light into some of the darkest places on earth. Why? Because he walks in the powerful, supernatural Baptism of Love that breaks off shame, affirms identity, and reveals the unconditional love of the Father everywhere he goes.

    Leif equips you to carry the same anointing into your everyday life. In The Love Awakening, you will…

    *Discover the heart of Father God as the standard for true love.

    *Receive supernatural transformation as you embrace your identity as a loved child of God.

    *Become a world-changer by immersing your sphere of influence in the tangible love of God that flows out of you.

    *Sustain a supernatural lifestyle of being saturated in the tangible, experiential love of Father God.

    Your privilege as a believer is the ability to release the supernatural love of Father God in every sphere of influence. Learn to walk in the Baptism of Love and release the Kingdom of God on Earth!

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  • Tongues Of Fire


    Access Your Prophetic Advantage in Prayer!

    What is really happening in the unseen realm when we pray in tongues? In Tongues of Fire, seasoned prophetic teacher and prayer leader, Jennifer LeClaire offers fresh biblical insight into what goes on when we activate our heavenly prayer language.

    Using directed prayer activations, Jennifer helps you tap into the power of praying in tongues. She examines the physiological effects that praying in tongues has on our bodies as well as the promises of God we access when we pray.

    Divided into 101 easy to read mini-chapters, you will discover how to:

    *Break Religious Mindsets
    *Strengthen Your Physical Body
    *Tap into Heaven’s Revelation and Mysteries
    *Receive Holy Boldness
    *Open Your Seer Eyes to the Unseen Realm
    *Shift Spiritual Atmospheres
    *Pray Perfect Prayers

    Don’t get stuck in a rut of powerless prayer. There’s a whole realm of glory and power awaiting you as you unlock the mysteries of praying in tongues. Tap into it today and see your life transformed from the inside out!

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  • Everyday Supernatural : Experiencing God’s Unexpected Manifestation In Your


    Experience Miracles Wherever You Go… even in unexpected places!

    Is your heart crying out for more? Do you long to experience the supernatural? Do you want to live a life marked by Kingdom adventure? Then join Joanne Moody for a life-changing faith journey in Everyday Supernatural!

    Since experiencing her own life-changing supernatural healing, Joanne Moody has made it her mission to give away the love and miracles of Jesus everywhere she goes. She believes this is the power and privilege of every believer!

    In Everyday Supernatural, Joanne Moody serves up a spiritual feast of captivating testimonies, practical teaching, and powerful activations. You will walk away emboldened with the knowledge that God is intent on using everyday people to perform His miracles and reveal His Son to the world!

    Everyday Supernatural will empower you to:

    *Overcome the barriers to receiving your own spiritual breakthrough
    *Be filled with supernatural faith that Jesus wants to move through your life
    *Fulfill your destiny and take your place in the unfolding story of God in the Earth
    *Confidently pray for miracles by using the prayers, activations, and strategies provided
    *Operate in the authority of Christ to see salvation, healing, and supernatural power in your day-to-day life

    Jesus wants to work through you to supernaturally touch the people around you . From your local grocery store to your workplace, from your school to your favorite coffee shop, it’s time to begin releasing miracles everywhere you go!

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  • Receiving Generational Blessings From The Courts Of Heaven


    Break the cycles of sin and defeat in your family bloodline.And become the one who pioneers a new legacy of blessing and breakthrough!

    There is much talk and teaching about generational curses and how they can be spiritually transmitted through the family bloodline. But what about generational blessings? The same Scriptures that speak of curses that need to be revoked also point to multi-generational blessings that can transform our lives today and impact our children and grandchildren. What you do today in the Courts of Heaven can release generational blessings for you and your family!

    Robert Henderson is a recognized apostolic leader in the church and the bestselling author of the Courts of Heaven series. He has given his life to helping individuals, churches, and nations break legal agreements with the enemy by operating in the Courts of Heaven to step into the breakthroughs that Scripture promises. But now, writing alongside his son, Adam, a powerful new revelation is being released. It was his experience praying for breakthrough over Adam that taught Robert Henderson about both breaking curses and releasing generational blessings from the Courts of Heaven.

    You will learn how to:
    *Experience Family Freedom by bringing your loved ones before Heaven’s Courts and interceding for verdicts of blessing, freedom and salvation

    *Pray according to what’s written in the Books of Heaven for you and your family

    *Approach the Courts of Heaven for generational blessing using a 5-Step Prayer Model observed in the life of David

    *Retrieving Lost and Stolen Wealth from past generations

    *See prodigals reclaimed and restored to God as you pray Courtroom prayers on their behalf

    It’s one thing to cancel the enemy’s assignment for our life by dealing with bloodline issues and curses; it’s another dimension to proactively and powerfully enter the Courts of Heaven, partner with the purposes of God, and secure blessing today and in generations to come.

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  • Shut Up Devil


    We’ve all heard the inner voice that insists, You aren’t good enough. No one really loves you. God is mad at you. There’s something wrong with you. These are far more than random, paranoid thoughts–they are devil-crafted lies aimed to hold you back from your God-given purpose.

    For years, Bible teacher Kyle Winkler was severely limited by these voices–until he learned to shut them up! Revealing his own struggles with insecurity, fear, shame, and other mind games, Kyle uncovers the enemy’s secret tactics and most threatening lies that influence your every emotional, psychological, and spiritual battle. He equips you with biblical truth and heavenly strategies that empower you to:
    – recognize the sneaky ways the enemy creeps into your life every single day
    – reject toxic thoughts, destructive emotions, and negative labels
    – find freedom from past regrets and present struggles
    – live boldly according to God’s custom design and plan for your life

    Say good-bye to the insecurity, fear, offense, depression, and mind games you have battled for years. Prepare to say hello to unshakable confidence and courage. It’s time to demand, “Shut up, devil!”

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  • Discover Your True Worth


    Before his death, Oral Roberts commissioned his daughter-in-law Lindsay Roberts with what he believed to be a mandate from God–that she was to help women discover who they are in Christ and establish them in their powerful identity in Him and to help them become the women God created them to be, to become women of substance, women of true worth.

    Lindsay has spent her career sharing that message with women. She believes that as women we must discover who we are and what we are made of in order to move forward in all God wants us to become–in business, in the church, in our families, and in every other area of society. Lindsay draws from the biblical stories of Bathsheba, Delilah, Deborah, and Esther to illustrate the importance of taking our rightful place as God planned when He formed the very first woman, Eve, in the garden of Eden. Readers will:

    *be encouraged, strengthened, and inspired as they are reminded of their significance to God–that He entrusted them to be there for Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection;

    *feel equipped to become a force for God and play a part in preparing His kingdom here on earth; and

    *understand that no matter what they have gone through or what mistakes they have made, they are loved by their heavenly Father and can be used by Him.

    This book is for any woman who has ever feared, fallen, risked, failed, prayed, hoped, loved, lost, held on or walked away, been discouraged or felt frozen in time. It’s a message of hope for women who long to see their true worth through the eyes of their heavenly Father, so they can become all He has called them to be.

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  • Heavenly Portals : Where Eternity Impacts Your Past, Present, And Future


    How can you accomplish God’s plan if you aren’t actively entering into His heavenly realm?

    This book will open your eyes to a new realm of spirituality. You will learn to access heavenly portals and supernaturally rise above circumstances to a place of rest and peace, trusting God as He brings you into your assignment.

    Do you hunger for more of God and supernatural encounters? Are you tired of pressing and fighting to move forward? Do you want to know the keys to a life of trusting God and living in peace and rest? Do you know God has an assignment for you but you need more of Him to accomplish it? If this is your heart cry, then you are hungry to understand how to access heavenly portals and the realms of eternity.

    In Heavenly Portals, pastor Candice Smithyman shares from her own life experience to provide the keys to opening the heavenly portals that enable us to enter realms of eternity, giving us access to the dominion, power, prosperity, peace, and glory that will enable us to overcome in every area of our lives–and help others to do the same. In this book, you will discover how to:

    *Develop a deeper trust relationship with God

    *Learn the difference between the spirit realm and soulish realms and how to operate in both

    *Receive an impartation of promotion that comes from understanding the transfiguration of Jesus

    *Tap into faith for revelation from heaven

    *Open heavenly portals and ascend the mountain of God

    Imagine a life where you recognize soulish and demonic forces and know you can simply rise above them. When God gets ready to promote His people, He teaches them new aspects of His power and glory. It’s time to discover the heavenly portals that enable you to live in a realm of breakthrough, dominion, and peace.

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  • No Longer Mere Mortals


    Real-Life Superheroes

    YOU are God’s supernatural solution for a world beset with giant problems.

    Pastor Kerrick Butler II encourages us that the problems we face in the world today must be addressed by a church who understands that we are not merely mortal, but supernaturally empowered by the Holy Spirit to conquer the Goliaths of our day.

    In No Longer Mere Mortals, Kerrick shares how to…
    *Operate in God’s power as a lifestyle–not a rare, momentary encounter

    *Be empowered as a superhuman–not just as an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, or teacher

    *Grow by leaps and bounds in daily Christian disciplines

    *Understand who you are in Christ and what God has already accomplished in your life

    *Unleash the supernatural powers God has already given you over specific issues

    Defeat the Goliaths staring you down. You may not wear a cape, but God made you superhuman just the same!

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  • Inner Healing And Deliverance Handbook


    God is eager to create unprecedented beauty from your ashes, and to deliver and restore you to health and wholeness. But it does take work. Most of us need help to look at the pain and fear that grip our lives.

    In her powerful teaching, prophetic leader Jennifer Eivaz equips you with the biblical and practical tools that can lead you into full restoration. By sharing her own moving journey into healing and deliverance, she provides support and encouragement for you to uproot every lie coming against you as a child of God.

    Jesus is asking, “Do you want to be made well?” With the help of the Holy Spirit to implement these tools, you can find healing for all the damage of your past.

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  • Power Of Communion With 40 Day Prayer Journey Leather Gift Version


    40 Days of Accessing Miracles through the Body and Blood of Jesus.

    For centuries, the Church has observed the Lord’s Supper as part of corporate worship, instituted by Jesus Himself. But for many Christians today, this tradition can be a confusing ritual. Are we missing something in this ancient sacrament?

    Beni and Bill Johnson–best-selling authors and senior leaders of Bethel Church in Redding, California–had a miraculous revelation while celebrating communion. In this special edition of The Power of Communion, featuring the 40-Day Prayer Journey, discover how the sacred practice of communion is an often overlooked opportunity to release God’s power in your life!

    Don’t settle for a lifeless routine. God is supernaturally present in the sacrament of Communion! Learn to embrace this prophetic act of remembrance, worship, warfare, and healing as it was always meant to be!

    Discover practical keys in this devotional for…
    *Healing: release the healing testimony of Jesus’ blood and body over sickness
    *Deliverance: announce the eternal victory of Jesus over torment, addiction, and bondage
    *Warfare: shift spiritual atmospheres over you, your family, and even world events
    *Presence: experience new dimensions of God’s glory as you apply Jesus’ victory over your life

    There are miracles just waiting to be released that Jesus’ atonement already paid for! Discover The Power of Communion today!

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  • Releasing Resurrection And Revival From The Courts Of Heaven


    Do you need to experience Resurrection or Revival in any area of your life?

    Many Jesus followers are sleepwalking through their Christian lives. They wear a smile, attend church gatherings, and try their best to make it through, but they don’t really expect answered prayers, breakthroughs, or a miraculous change in their situations. Why? Disappointment and disillusionment. The Bible calls this hope deferred. What we hoped for did not happen, and we are left with hopes and dreams that are dead.

    But remember: we serve the God of resurrection life and revival!

    Robert Henderson is the bestselling author of the Courts of Heaven series, and in this latest book he challenges you to pray for miracle reversals in every situation that seems hopeless. Resurrection thunders as a verdict from the Courts of Heaven, for it is God alone who gives life to the dead.

    This powerful new book will show you how to:

    *Discover the Seven Secrets to seeing dead things revived in your life.

    *Identify the spirit of sabotage in your life – and cancel its influence.

    *Make Lazarus Decrees over those situations that Jesus wants to resurrect and revive.

    *Dismantle the spirit of death and stop it from impacting every area of your life.

    *Receive stirring biblical examples of resurrection power released into impossible situations.

    *Break off the pain of disappointment and position yourself for answered prayer.

    Resurrection is not a one-time event; it should be the default setting of the Christian life. We are filled with Jesus’ resurrection life and power! We have been commissioned by the resurrected Jesus to see His supernatural miracle power reverse any plan of the enemy that has sought to steal, kill, and destroy.

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  • Follow Me : Make DISCIPLES The Way JESUS Did


    God has placed the next generation into our hands. Who will raise them up if the church does not?

    This book will teach you how to effectively mentor the next generation of Christians. You will learn how to disciple others in their faith while getting outside of your comfort zone to increase your relationship with God.

    If we want to change the world with the gospel, we must stop focusing on crowds and events and reclaim Jesus’ method of relational discipleship. Jesus’ final mandate to His followers was “Go and make disciples”–yet today most of the church is oblivious to what discipleship is, and few Christians are actually investing their lives in helping other believers grow spiritually. A vast paradigm shift is needed in the church today in order to reach the next generation and advance the gospel in the twenty-first century.

    In Follow Me, J. Lee Grady uses many New Testament examples, as well as his own experience in mentoring dozens of young leaders and a clear strategy for discipling others that can be used by individuals and churches. Grady makes a compelling case that Christianity was never intended to be a spectator sport where huge crowds sit and listen to one preacher on a Sunday. Jesus intended all believers to engage in ministry–and this includes the work of discipling other believers.

    So many Christians today live in a box of limitation. We must understand that the Christian life is an adventure of the Holy Spirit working through them. This book will help believers get out of that box and begin the exciting adventure of spiritual multiplication.

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  • Voice Of The Bride


    Church history has witnessed many expressions of outpouring and revival, but nothing like the days ahead!

    Prophetic voice, Paul Keith Davis, has good news: there are great days ahead for the Church, and for you!

    “Though the western church may look like a valley of dry bones, the Lord sees her as an exceedingly great army.”

    In The Voice of the Bride, Paul Keith shares prophetic insight into how God is preparing His Bride for the coming harvest. This is the place of divine assignment, for it’s in God’s army that you will discover your destiny!

    Receive prophetic insight and preparation on:

    *Heaven’s Armory
    *The Seven-Fold Spirit of God
    *The Waves of End-Time Awakening
    *Prophetic Types and Shadows
    *Your Role in Heaven’s End-Time Army
    *Prophetic Forerunners and Prototypes for End-Time Glory
    *Signs of the End of the Age Harvest
    *The Bride of Christ, the Tabernacle of God
    *Discerning the Mysteries and Prophetic Timelines of Biblical Cycles

    Like the rest of the church, you may have walked through difficult seasons in the past, but God has been preparing you. It’s time to rise up and take your place in His revival army!

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  • 40 Breakthrough Declarations


    Powerful prayers and declarations that supernaturally redeem your past and miraculously prepare your future.

    In his bestselling book Redeeming Your Timeline, pastor and author, Troy Brewer showed you the radical transformation that is possible when you invite God into your personal history and timeline.

    Now, in 40 Breakthrough Declarations?, Troy equips you with practical tools to reverse the plans of the enemy, release Heaven’s healing power, and exchange the pain of your past for a glorious future filled with hope and purpose!

    This powerful book features compelling devotionals and specific declarations to…

    *Identify and break strongholds that hinder personal progress

    *Speak words that dismantle the enemy’s lies

    *Experience divine reversals of hurt, shame, and pain as you apply Jesus’ redemption to your past, present and future

    *Prophesy hope and healing to places of trauma

    The Lord wants to bring redemption into every situation in your life, and He wants to partner with you to do it. Learn to speak the words that release His power over your timeline!

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  • Lion Bites : A 365-Day Devotional – Daily Prophetic Words That Awaken The S


    Live every day like a victorious warrior!

    This unique devotional unleashes explosive, supernatural power in bite-sized prophetic words.

    Lion Bites is a daily “call to arms!” Carrying the full weight of Scripture and God’s rhema word , these prophetic declarations pack a punch, helping you live each day as a victorious warrior through Jesus!

    Compiled by the team of prayer warriors from the Global Prophetic Alliance, this powerful devotional includes contributions from Emma Stark, David Stark, Sarah Jane Biggart, Sam Robertson, John Hansford, and Micah Hayden.

    Spend every day in this life-changing devotional book, and hear the Lion of Judah roaring victory over your life!

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  • Vision With Purpose And Power


    Best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe offers daily practical and biblical advice for fulfilling your life’s vision. Based on his popular books The Principles and Power of Vision and The Principles and Benefits of Change, this 90-day devotional will help you to discover your God-given purpose in life, grasp the necessary keys for accomplishing your life’s dream, develop a specific plan for pursuing your vision, overcome obstacles, and embrace the benefits of change. Each day’s devotional includes teaching and encouragement, a Scripture reading, and a motivating thought for the day. Your success is not dependent on the state of the economy, what careers are currently in demand, what the job market is like, or what people think you are capable of. You can learn time-tested principles that will enable you to fulfill your vision no matter who you are or where you come from. Whether you are a businessperson, a departmental manager, an employee, a homemaker, a student, or a head of state, Dr. Munroe explains how you can make your dreams and hopes a living reality. You were not meant for a mundane or mediocre life. You do not exist just to earn a paycheck. Revive your passion for living. Pursue your dream. Discover your vision-and find your true life.

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  • Overcoming Familiar Spirits


    Have You Invited Demonic Enemies into Your Life? Many Christians are being tormented by unseen demonic powers called “familiar spirits” that operate inconspicuously within the fabric of people’s thoughts, emotions, and mindsets-working so secretly that they usually remain undetected. These demonic spirits can be attached to specific individuals, families, or bloodlines. Familiar spirits hinder believers’ lives in numerous ways, diminishing their spiritual vision and seeking to prevent them from fulfilling their destinies. They may block people’s ability to overcome negative patterns, attain lasting success, and even marry and conceive children. Without realizing it, we can invite such unseen enemies into our lives. We may have left open a door to their influence due to personal trauma, unforgiveness, bitterness, or false thinking. Then, we become trapped in a type of spiritual debt. We are restricted from being fully free in Christ so that we constantly live with frustration, worry, anger, or a feeling of hopelessness.Overcoming Familiar Spirits by pastor and teacher Dr. Kynan Bridges powerfully exposes Satan’s demonic agenda so you can be set free. You will learn to detect familiar spirits like the spirits of sabotage, calamity, premature death, delay, and perversion. You will gain a fresh revelation of who you are in Christ and your authority as a believer and be equipped with the tools to enjoy lasting freedom. Through his books, preaching, and counseling, Dr. Bridges has shown thousands of believers how to address hindrances in their lives. Discover how to eradicate unseen familiar spirits and be released from spiritual bondage and debt!

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  • Lifestyle Of A Happy Prophet


    What does the tone of God’s voice sound like?

    Every day, we are bombarded by voices of fear, anger and speculation. They seek to drown out the one voice that we so desperately need to hear – the voice of Father God. God’s voice is so different from every other voice. He is not only happy, but He is a good father, Who gives His sons and daughters access to His heart. By listening to His voice, we are empowered to bring His Kingdom to Earth.

    Prophetic leader, podcaster, and emerging minister, Sarah Cheesman takes an in-depth look at the heart of God for His sons and daughters. Dispelling lifetimes of false beliefs, she focuses on how knowing and listening to God’s voice helps us discover His love and deep joy, every moment of every day!

    Using practical exercises for daily conversation and ongoing dialogue with the Holy Spirit, Sarah helps readers to:

    *Discern the tone of God when you are receiving prophetic words, either from the Holy Spirit directly, or spoken through another person

    *Understand the nature of the Father and His desire for all of His children to know Him

    *Overcome false beliefs about God

    *Receive daily prophetic wisdom, insight, and strategy for everyday life situations

    *Create a healthy prophetic community within the local church and be a blessing to the leadership and Body of Christ

    *Speak destiny over cities and nations

    When you are connected to the source of life Himself, you will live in a whole new place of hope! Allow the kindness of the Father to propel you into your calling as His son or daughter, and change the world with His love!

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  • Encounter : A Spiritual Perspective That Will Shape Your Faith For The Comi


    One of the greatest spiritual battles right now is over perspective–the way you see possibilities, limitations, and what God is doing.

    This book will help you encounter God in such a way that you are able to walk in His original design for you, which is to not only commune with Him through conversation but to be aligned with His mind. When you share His thoughts and perceptions, you will be able to live the abundant, supernatural, super-empowered life God desires for you.

    Humans are unique in that we were not just made in the image of God; we reflect His very nature. If we understood our spiritual, neurological, psychological, and even physical connection to God, we could bring solutions to every problem humanity faces–and many would be practical, even scientific, solutions.

    In this book, Shawn Bolz shares a series of rich, divine encounters that have defined his spiritual perspective so others can be released into new ways of thinking and experience an expansion of their spiritual intelligence. To walk with God, you need to know not only His heart but also His mind. As believers, we were designed to commune with God, sharing not only conversation with Him but also His thoughts and perceptions–to know His mind through His Spirit. When Adam and Eve walked with God in the cool of the day, they didn’t always need the verbal communication that so limits humanity today. They had inner communication from their connectedness.

    This is the kind of connectedness Solomon, Joseph, Daniel, Esther, and the apostle Paul experienced, and this is what God wants to restore to His people today. This book will help readers gain a fresh vision of their faith so they can walk out their spirituality exactly as God intended and take their place in the coming move of God.

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  • You Shall Recover All



    In the midst of difficulties and troubles, God is setting you up for the greatest breakthrough you’ve ever known!

    This book will teach you how to take hope in God because of how God restored, vindicated, and made His name great in the lives of people like Job, Joseph, and Abraham. It will give you the encouragement you need to believe that God can work the same power in your life.

    You have faced challenges–financial, emotional, physical, relational, ministerial, and business. It is often in the midst of these tests, trials, and difficulties that God prepares you to move into a new season of expansion. Even though the circumstances feel uncomfortable and victory may be hard to see, you will recuperate from devastation and not a moment of it will be wasted. Take comfort in knowing God will remember and vindicate every tear you’ve cried and will restore to you more than what the enemy stole and the locust ate.

    Breaking open fresh revelations from the Psalms and Proverbs and examining snapshots of the lives of Gideon, Joseph, Abraham, and Job, You Shall Recover All will encourage you to know that through the tests and trials you thought had come to diminish you, God is actually turning them around for your good and preparing you for greatness. It may be tempting to give up hope or throw in the towel, but do not give in to discouragement, hopelessness, depression, doubt, or defeat. Despite what you see, God is still on the throne.

    There is hope for you and your world. What the enemy means for bad, God turns around for your good. For all that you’ve pressed through and endured, let God put a new level of honor on your life. He will take you from least to greatest, and you shall recover all!

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  • Wild Ones : The Pioneer Call Of Emerging Voices From The Wilderness To The


    Wild Ones, Arise!

    God is awakening a new breed of church reformer. This generation of misfit prophets haven’t fit the typical “church” molds. Orphaned by religion, many fled into a wilderness of isolation. But in this new era, God is calling them back to the ecclesia to help bring about a long-needed reformation.

    In The Wild Reformers, prophet and worship leader, Nate Johnston offers an urgent summons to the wilderness prophets, and a jarring wakeup call to the established church: if we are to experience a fresh outpouring of the Spirit, we must reform!

    In this timely book, Nate offers prophetic insights and Biblical revelation that will set you free from the fear of man, bring a fresh download from Heaven, and reveal your place in God’s agenda to bring Heaven to Earth!

    In The Wild Reformers, you will receive:
    *Purpose for your wilderness season
    *Direction for your unique, God-given gifts
    *Healing from the pain of past rejection
    *Encouragement to speak truth in the midst of the chaos
    *Empowerment to release supernatural solutions in your sphere of influence

    Wild ones, you were born for this moment! Emerge from the wilderness to take your place as a way-maker in the body of Christ. You can be the voice of change that releases Heaven’s heartbeat of heaven into the earth!

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  • Creative Glory Study Guide


    Creative glory is the inspirational flow of the Holy Spiri t that shines God’s life, hope, joy, provision, and wisdom into any situation you may be facing. Best-selling author Joshua Mills explains that when we are in an atmosphere of creative glory, it becomes easy to think new thoughts or receive fresh ideas because we are in the atmosphere of the Creator’s heart and mind. Wherever we allow creative glory to flow, as we embrace the realm of divine expression, we will supernaturally flourish.

    Creative glory manifests to…
    – Usher God’s ideas and creativity into your life to accomplish His plans and meet your needs.
    – Bring forth what is new–what has never been seen or recognized by you before.
    – Cause self-discovery and awakening, enabling you to create, to invent, and to explore new possibilities.
    – Minister through spiritual “sound,” accompanied by healings, signs, and wonders.
    – Pour out the pure flow of heaven’s intentions, exhibiting heavenly realities in the earthly realm and helping God’s people to get back on track with His will.
    – Produce creative miracles, such as supernatural multiplication or restored or newly created limbs, organs, and more.
    – Release dreams and visions from God.
    – Supply supernatural provision.
    – Reproduce itself in our lives and others’.

    The Creative Glory Study Guide, which can be used by either individuals or groups, contains some brand-new material to further your understanding of the realm of divine expression. The guide is also filled with key points from the book, thought questions, review questions, and supernatural activations.

    As long as you are carried by creative glory, you always have hope because creative glory cannot fail. It will guide you to find the right solution to any difficulty or need. The flow of creative glory will lead you in a process of deep growth as you learn to see circumstances and problems in a new light to fulfill the present and future that God desires for you and the world around you.

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  • Prophets Devotional : 365 Daily Invitations To Hear, Discern, And Activate


    Daily encouragements to tend the prophetic flame.

    The Prophet’s Devotional was written to equip and encourage you in your prophetic gift. No matter where you are in your prophetic journey, this essential resource will sharpen your discernment and hone your delivery of prophetic words.

    Bestselling author, spiritual warfare leader, and prophetic trainer, Jennifer LeClaire delivers a devotional experience unlike any other, providing rich, daily teachings and powerful prayers to empower you in your prophetic adventure with the Lord.

    Over the course of 365 days, you will:
    *Discover different functions of the prophetic gift
    *Avoid common pitfalls for prophetic people
    *Receive protocol for operating in the prophetic
    *Engage multiple dimensions of the spirit of prophecy
    *Discern the spirit realm with increased clarity
    *Hear God’s voice more distinctly and frequently

    As you continue to steward your prophetic gift, you will hear God’s voice with greater clarity, and speak His words with greater confidence. What are you waiting for? The adventure begins today!

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  • Decrees That Unlock Heavens Power


    Shape your world with God’s spoken word!

    God created us to carry hope and transformation to the world! God’s supernatural ability is manifested through His words, and when His people confidently decree His words, we will see supernatural breakthrough take place!

    In Decrees That Unlock Heaven’s Power, Tommy and Miriam Evans take you on a 40-day devotional journey to declare God’s words and promises over your life and circumstances.
    Each daily entry includes a Scripture that reveals what God personally says about you, an inspiring devotional reading, powerful prayer decrees, and associated Scripture references for further study.

    Use these personalized, daily segments to activate a whole new level of miracles, answered prayer, healing, and supernatural protection in your life!

    The 40 Daily Segments include powerful topics, such as:

    *Holy Spirit Anointing
    *Walking in the Miraculous
    *Releasing Prayers of Power
    *Healing Prayer
    *The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
    *Hearing God’s Voice
    *Carrying God’s Glory
    *Supernatural Protection
    *Divine Favor
    …and more!

    You can ignite hope and shape destinies by the power of your words! Decree God’s words over your life!

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  • Divinely Powerful : A Prophetic Blueprint Introducing The Coming Age


    The realm of revelation is opening to a last-days revival company!

    Arise, shine, for your Light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the people; But the Lord will rise over you and His glory will be seen upon you.” Isaiah 60:1-2

    The entire world has entered into a new era – but how should Christians operate in this new landscape?

    In this day and age, God is calling you to a deeper level of surrender and holiness, and inviting you into provocative new dimensions of Holy Spirit encounter.

    Sharing her own profound heavenly encounters, Amy Davis reveals the new levels of supernatural power available to you as an overcomer in this era. Drawing on the inspiration of great generals of the faith, including William Branham, Kathryn Kuhlman, Smith Wigglesworth, and John G. Lake, Amy points to fresh realms of Divine wisdom, revelation, courage, and miracle-working power for you to walk in.

    With writing that is unique, picturesque, prophetic, and revelatory, Amy unveils insights into the mysteries of…

    *The seven-fold Spirit of God
    *The veil of ignorance
    *The surveyors and the civil war
    *The cloud of witnesses
    *The stores of Heaven
    *Qualities of the Forerunners
    *The holy reverence of God
    *The Enoch Company who moves in remarkable miracles of time, transport, space and invisibility

    In this era, God’s people will begin to move in greater power and authority than ever before. Will you join them? It’s time to arise and shine!

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  • Supernatural Provision : Living In Financial Freedom


    Unlock the Windows of Heaven God heals believers not only physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but financially, as well. Speaking from personal experience with overcoming financial hardships, best-selling author Joan Hunter shares biblical wisdom and shows you how to: *See miraculous breakthroughs *Overcome poverty and loss *Become debt-free *Prosper in the midst of adversity *Have all your needs met *Apply wealth-building secrets *Thrive in uncertain timesYou can walk in God’s abundant blessings.

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  • Creative Glory : Embracing The Realm Of Divine Expression


    Creative glory is the inspirational flow of the Holy Spirit that shines God’s life, hope, joy, provision, and wisdom into any situation you may be facing. Best-selling author Joshua Mills explains that when we are in an atmosphere of creative glory, it becomes easy to think new thoughts or receive fresh ideas because we are in the atmosphere of the Creator’s heart and mind. Wherever we allow creative glory to flow, embracing the realm of divine expression, we will supernaturally flourish.

    Creative glory manifests to…

    * Usher God’s ideas and creativity into your life to accomplish His plans and meet your needs.
    * Bring forth what is new-what has never been seen or recognized by you before.
    * Cause self-discovery and awakening, enabling you to create, to invent, and to explore new possibilities.
    * Minister through spiritual “sound,” accompanied by healings, signs, and wonders..
    * Pour out the pure flow of heaven’s intentions, exhibiting heavenly realities in the earthly realm and helping God’s people to get back on track with His will.
    * Produce creative miracles, such as supernatural multiplication or restored or newly created limbs, organs, and more.
    * Release dreams and visions from God.
    * Supply supernatural provision.
    * Reproduce itself in our lives and others’.

    As long as you are carried by creative glory, you always have hope because creative glory cannot fail. It will guide you to find the right solution to any difficulty or need. The flow of creative glory will lead you in a process of deep growth as you learn to see circumstances and problems in a new light to fulfill the present and future that God desires for you and the world around you.

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  • Stories From The Glory


    You are meant to live as a holy carrier of divine glory!

    There are people who walk in a dimension of Holy Spirit power and presence so strongly, that the very atmospheres around them are filled with Heaven’s glory. These men and women are living examples of what Christ offers to those who follow him.

    One such person was the late Ruth Ward Heflin, often called ” the gold dust preacher.” Though Heflin has passed on, her assistant, Sister Ruth Carneal, remains with us, walking in the supernatural realm and seeking to help you unveil the mysteries of God’s glory in your life!

    Ruth Carneal has been a family friend of bestselling author and revelatory teacher, Kevin Zadai, for many years. In this groundbreaking book, Kevin and Ruth join together to share awe-inspiring testimonies and powerful teaching on how to live in God’s glory realm.

    You will learn:

    *To open the glory realm through 8 supernatural access points: including altars, atmosphere, prayer, and others

    *To recognize the unique movements of God’s glory and how to partner with the supernatural

    *To live saturated in God’s glory through 5 essential steps

    *To be prepared for the “End Time Glory Prophecies” by living with God’s glory shaping your view of life and eternity

    It’s in God’s glory that we are transformed, and it’s through His glory we transform the world! Stories From The Glory is your handbook for operating in the glory realm, allowing God’s miraculous power flow through your life in unprecedented, powerful ways!

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  • Simple Guide To Experience Miracles


    Does God Still Do Miracles Today?

    A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles will give you confidence in and awareness of the supernatural realm as you learn how to flourish spiritually by experiencing more miraculous interventions in your life and ministry. Internationally renowned philosopher J. P. Moreland looks at the nature of miracles and explains why bearing and receiving credible testimony to God’s miraculous acts is a crucial feature of a mature Jesus-follower. He also shows how to distinguish a real miracle from a mere coincidence. Miracles bring comfort to believers, strengthening faith in God and creating boldness in our lives.

    While miraculous healings have occurred frequently throughout church history, Moreland provides data showing how the last fifty years have seen a massive outbreak of miracles and supernatural activity. Today, he argues, the church should humbly expect to see more of these miraculous works of God than we do.

    Moreland looks at topics like:
    *The relationship between sickness and suffering, along with two different ways to pray for healing

    *How to discern clearly the difference between a genuine miracle and a mere coincidence

    *How to increase your faith that petitionary prayer really works and what to make of unanswered prayer

    *Six ways God speaks to us and advice for hearing God wisely and biblically

    *The role angels play in our lives, how they appear to us, and how to combat demonic influence

    *The biblical basis for most Near-Death Experiences and what we can learn from them

    A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles increases your expectation and hope that God can and often does miraculously intervene to bring help and comfort. Moreland shows that it makes rational sense to step out and engage in employing Kingdom power and to strengthen courage to witness and act on behalf of the gospel of Jesus. Filled with inspiring, credible, motivating accounts of miracles, he covers five different kinds of supernatural activities and provides practical wisdom about how to begin practices such as healing prayer and learning to deal with the demonic.

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  • Of Kings And Prophets


    Power is only as strong as the authority that sustains it.

    This book will help you be a better leader. It will help you receive a healthy dose of accountability through applied spiritual authority.

    The biblical prophets did not live or prophesy in a contextual vacuum. They spoke into real-life circumstances to real-life leaders such as kings, queens, governors, and generals. Drawing largely on the biblical accounts, Dr. Mark Rutland shows how these interactions, sometimes in the form of advice but more often as dramatic confrontations, demonstrate the tension between heaven’s authority and the princes of this world. Readers will discover that:

    *God positions His messengers to confront and advise those who lead in the natural realm. Likewise, Satan is also working to position his own servants near the world’s leaders hoping to steer them away from the things and plans of God. To whom those leaders listen will determine, to a large extent, the fate of nations.

    *God often positions His servants at the right elbow of leaders in a wide range of disciplines, from business to education to entertainment to politics. Every believer should be open to being “God’s prophetic voice” in someone else’s life, whether that person is a child, a boss, or a town councilman. Likewise, every believer should be in constant prayer for and humbly sensitive to wise counsel sent from God as a gift of grace.

    God makes and unmakes kings. When they can discern and listen to His voice, He sustains their well-wielded authority with His supernatural power.

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  • Dangerous Prayers From The Courts Of Heaven That Destroy Evil Altars


    Tear down unholy altars and close the enemy’s entryways into your life!

    Do you feel like invisible barriers are keeping you from the life you want? This may be the result of hidden, evil altars in the spirit-realm. An “altar” is not simply a physical object used for religious or occultic practice; it’s an invisible entry point that grants forces of darkness access to your life by partnering with the enemy.

    In Dangerous Prayers from the Courts of Heaven that Destroy Evil Altars, Dr. Francis Myles teaches you to tear down these unholy altars, breaking free from many areas of sin and bondage. By praying through a framework of “dangerous prayers,” Dr. Myles teaches you to enter the courts of Heaven and claim Jesus as your legal advocate in the spirit realm.

    Discover how to:

    *Operate in the Law of Dominion
    *Be victorious in the Battle of Altars
    *Appropriate the mystery of the Seven Drops of Jesus’ blood

    Additionally, Dr. Myles has crafted more than 35 powerful, interactive Courts of Heaven activation prayers that will close the enemy’s gates over your life.

    These Dangerous Prayers will help you destroy the altars of:

    *Sexual perversion
    *Infirmity and Sickness
    *Familiar spirits
    *Premature death
    *Marriage Breakers
    *False Prophecies
    *Demonic Spirits (including Jezebel, Leviathan, and Delilah)
    *…and many others!

    You don’t have to wait another day for someone else to lay hands on you. Take hold of your own deliverance and walk in freedom today!

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  • Conquer Your Deliverance


    Being delivered and set free from sin and bondage does not mean that the enemy now considers you off limits. He will surely attempt–again and again–to wrap those old chains back around you.

    Focusing on key biblical strategies, ex-satanic high priest and bestselling author John Ramirez teaches you how to shore up your defenses after winning a battle and how to put your life back in order. Insights from the author’s own experiences reveal principles on moving forward and growing in Christ so that when the next attack comes, you are stronger, wiser, and more knowledgeable than ever.

    You will be equipped with strategies, Scriptures, and deliverance prayers so you can:
    – understand how the devil tries to trap you
    – focus on biblical examples to make your faith unshakable
    – determine which fights are yours and which are not
    – pray for deliverance during spiritual combat
    – learn how to maintain your new freedom in Christ
    – and more

    Be prepared for the next encounter with the enemy, to gain the upper hand and hold fast the victory!

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  • Persevere With Power


    Inspired by the story of Elisha’s faithfulness, bestselling author Samuel Rodriguez explores the power of persevering with hope amid the dark times in which we live. If unending struggles have left you weary or discouraged, then know it is possible not only to break free but also to discover the assignment, anointing, and authority God has waiting for you. Samuel Rodriguez will help you:

    – understand that “pushing your plow, breaking the ground, and sowing seed” leads to blessings, resources, and harvest

    – remain faithful to God and experience his power and provision in the face of impossible circumstances

    – discover God’s guidance for the time and season you are in

    – uncover how the plow of perseverance will always lead to the mantle of promotion

    If you believe that no one knows how hard you have been pushing your plow, if you don’t understand why you are still performing the same labor after so many years, then get ready. Your work is not wasted. Expect a harvest of outpouring from the limitless and living God!

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  • Rabbis Journey To Heaven


    A Rabbi’s Journey to Heaven

    It all happened suddenly. In a twinkling of an eye. Rabbi Felix died, left his body, and crossed over into heaven. Amazed, he experienced the glories of heaven that he always read, pondered, and dreamt about. He also saw the lower realm, the second heaven, where demons dwell.

    In these extraordinary heavenly experiences, Rabbi Felix’s eyes were opened to life-changing truths about the spiritual world that he shares for you in this book, such as:

    *What is heaven like?

    *How does it feel to move from mortality into immortality?

    *The boundaries between the second and third heaven and how to wage effective spiritual warfare

    *The difference between the soul and the spirit and the keys God showed him to cleansing your soul

    *How to transform your prayers and live under an open heaven 24/7, free from earthly limitations and needs

    Three days after returning from heaven, God also gave Rabbi Felix a gift called “The Heavenly Soul Cleanse” which holds the keys to a transformational prayer life that turns our current prayer culture upside down. Rabbi Felix now lives from an open heaven, and as he shares these heavenly keys with you in this book, so will you. Imagine saturating your soul in heavenly glory and starving your soul from the natural order. As you do, God will heal your soul, and you will be launched into an entirely new operating system.

    Take this journey with Rabbi Felix and experience this heavenly transformation. True freedom awaits you, and you will never be the same!

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  • Tongue Gift Edition


    Your Tongue Has the Power of Life and Death!

    Life is not whatever will be, will be. It’s what you say it is! Words are the most powerful force in the universe, and you can release this ultimate creative power in your life by your words.

    In this classic book first published in 1976, bestselling author and renowned faith teacher Charles Capps lays a biblical foundation for the power of words–both God’s and yours. The heavens and the earth were created as God released His power by the spoken word. In the beginning, God said, “Light be!” and light was. God planned for you to do the same. God’s Word spoken from your mouth and conceived in your heart becomes a spiritual force that releases His ability in your world.

    In The Tongue: A Creative Force, Charles Capps lays out straight-forward, Scripture-based teaching to help you…
    *Recognize the power in your tongue
    *Align your words with God’s
    *Activate creative power in you

    As you speak faith-filled words into your situations, your words will position you to receive God’s best in every area of your life!

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  • Creative Fusion : Merging Kingdom Strategies To Impact Our World


    From the beginning of time, God endowed people with His creative power, intending for them to rule and steward over all the earth.

    But Satan–once heaven’s most beautiful and creative angel–convinced Adam and Eve that the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil would give them a power that they already had. The moment that they ate the fruit, they handed their authority over to Satan. Oppression ruled the world; instead of the luminosity of heaven’s pattern advancing through the planet, creeping darkness took hold.

    The enemy knows the highly effective powers of creativity all too well. Despite being cut off from its divine origin, he uses it with vigor to effectively communicate his counterfeit and repetitive message across the world.

    Creative Fusion follows the interlinking tabernacle pattern of God laid out from Genesis through Revelation to provide Christians with the answers to reclaim the Lord’s creative energy and His DNA that He placed within us.

    Author Charity Bowman-Webb wants readers to discover the magnificent wisdom in Scripture that will help them influence every area of society and harvest souls for God’s kingdom.

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  • Open Heavens : Positioning Yourself To Encounter The God Of Revival


    Experience Continuous Revival

    Historically there have been seasons where God’s presence awakens revival – moving in powerful ways, saving souls, and releasing miracles. We often think of these seasons as isolated, unique outpourings of the Spirit.

    But is it possible to experience revival every day, as a way of life?

    Pastor Bill Johnson answers with a resounding “Yes!”

    Globally recognized bestselling author, and senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, CA, Bill Johnson is a revivalist at heart. In his time at Bethel, the church community has experienced what can only be called a perpetual, continuous outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

    In this landmark book, pastor Bill teaches from his experience as the shepherd of this movement, imparting his own passion for revival along with practical wisdom for sustaining a move of God on both a personal and corporate level.

    Open Heavens will activate you to…

    *Upgrade your definition of “normal” Christianity to true, Biblical standards.

    *Sustain the Holy Fire burning on the altar of your heart, while continuing to cry out for a greater outpouring of the Spirit.

    *Witness revival’s overflow, as it spills into broader culture, producing societal reformation and creative renaissance.

    *Uncover revival’s reward, and be stirred to pursue it at any cost.

    *Identify common “messes” that accompany corporate revival and learn to navigate them.

    *Carry revival into every sphere of influence, taking the fire of God to your school, home, or business.

    If you are hungry for a fresh move of God in your life, church, or community, Open Heavens will guide you through preparing the altar, encountering the fire of God, and keeping it burning every day! Why settle for anything less?

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  • Operating In The Courts Of Heaven


    Operating in the Courts of Heaven has become an international bestseller that has supernaturally transformed lives all over the world. It’s not another prayer strategy; it’s a blueprint for engaging a spiritual dimension called the Courts of Heaven. Robert Henderson Biblically teaches believers how to come before the Court and present their cases of unanswered prayers or delayed breakthroughs to the Righteous Judge.

    In this new and updated edition featuring brand new material, Robert presents fresh Biblical insights and a systematic framework that shows all believers how to enter the Courts of Heaven. In addition, Robert answers common questions about the Courts and reveals how this place in the spirit is available to all believers through Jesus’ blood.

    Discover how to:
    *Engage the three dimensions of prayer, experiencing God as Father, Friend and Judge.
    *Shift from “battlefield” to “courtroom” prayer.
    *Apply the verdict of Jesus’ finished work on the cross.
    *Understand how Christians can remove generational curses.
    *Recognize your accuser, and overrule his cases against you.
    *Access and unlock your book of destiny.
    *Enter and operate in the court of Heaven by faith.

    God’s passion is to answer your prayers. When you learn how to operate in the court of Heaven, you can undo the spiritual legalities that stand in the way of your answered prayer. Get ready for miraculous results!

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  • Doorkeepers Of Revival


    “Jesus is coming back for a church in revival!” — Kim Owens

    Revival was never meant to come and go, ebb and flow. In fact, it’s not God Who taps out of revival; it’s us. Heaven’s desire is a church that’s burning with passion, alive with the Spirit, and flowing with the supernatural.

    What if it were possible to actually sustain moves of the Holy Spirit in churches, cities and regions? While many are waiting around for a sovereign outpouring of God to come down from Heaven, there is a remnant of believers rising in the Earth who are declaring war on dry places and dead spiritual atmospheres. Many claim to desire revival, but few are willing to keep the door open for the move of God to continue and increase!

    Sustained revival is doing what it takes, no matter how long it takes, to keep the door of revival open and the fire of God burning on the altar.

    Kim Owens is pastor of Fresh Start Church, a thriving church in Peoria Arizona that has been experiencing sustained revival since 2015. It’s not extended services or special meetings that characterizes this revival. It’s far more transferable and applicable to you! Pastor Kim has simply given her life to training everyday believers to live as powerful, Holy Spirit-empowered revivalists.

    In Doorkeepers of Revival, you will learn how to:

    *Press into God, refusing to settle for a passive, substandard Christianity.
    *Create space for the Holy Spirit to move, accommodating Him above everything else.
    *Cross thresholds into new realms of glory, learning how to seize and steward key moments of Holy Spirit outpouring.
    *Follow the Upper Room strategy, prioritizing the power of Pentecost over programs.

    Sustained revival is not only what the Lord desires, but it’s what most Christians and church leaders desire. Even more so, it’s what the world needs to see: a church ablaze with Holy Spirit fire!

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  • 30 Prayers Of Divine Protection


    30 Revelatory Teachings and Prayers for Walking in Divine Protection and Victory

    There is no denying that we are living in what the Bible calls “perilous times” (2 Timothy 3:1).

    How do we navigate through these challenging days? Is it possible to live in victory as a Christian when the world around us seems to be in crisis? The answer is yes! Even in the midst of difficulty and trouble, God is faithful and His Word remains powerful. We do not have to be fearful or anxious of any plague, war, or rumor of war, because we are citizens of an unshakable kingdom.

    In 30 Prayers of Divine Protection:Supernatural Defense and Breakthrough in Times of Crisis, Dr. Kynan Bridges shares revelatory teachings and prayers to enable you and your loved ones to walk in divine protection and victory-no matter what the news media or society around you says about the state of the world. He leads you in petitions and declarations that will thrust you into the realm of the supernatural in a fresh way, including:

    *Prayer for deliverance
    *Prayer for overcoming fear
    *Prayer for financial breakthrough
    *Prayer for freedom from depression
    *Prayer for overcoming stress
    *Prayer for healing

    The world says: “Crisis!” “Pandemic!” “Destruction!” But we must boldly proclaim that God’s kingdom is advancing and His people are protected.

    Prepare to receive spiritual downloads that will empower you to pray over your spheres of influence and release supernatural deliverance, breakthrough, and defense. Curses will be broken, strongholds will crumble, and divine provision will be manifested!

    As you apply the powerful truths in this book, receive this declaration from Dr. Kynan for you and your family:

    “Father, I declare that Your peace, power, and protection are released over the homes and communities of Your people. I declare that the shalom of God permeates the atmosphere. I declare that the rarified air of heaven fills the very rooms Your people dwell in now. I declare that nothing the enemy has planned for the people of God will be successful but that all You have planned for them will come to pass. In the name of Jesus, amen!”

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  • Authority In Three Worlds



    God has restored your authority in the earth through Jesus and given you back that which satan stole from Adam in the garden. The name of Jesus gives you authority in three worlds and the Bible states that using that name causes beings in heaven, beings in earth, and beings under the earth to yield to that name.

    Jesus delegated His authority to you to carry out His ministry. This delegated authority gives you:

    *Dominion in the Earth through Spoken Words
    *The Power to Bind the Forces of Hell
    *The Authority of the Body Anointed by the Holy Spirit
    *The Ability to Change Circumstances

    Sound too good to be true?

    Jesus Christ Himself delegated His authority to you. Every believer has a LEGAL RIGHT to exercise authority in the earth today. This authority was given to every Christian so that the sick can be healed, finances can be loosed, and those bound by satan, sin, and oppression can be free.

    It’s time for believers to rise up in the full authority that God intended! Discover your spiritual authority and start changing your world today.

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  • Happy Hunters : The Miraculous Life And Healing Ministry Of Charles And Fra


    Known as the “Happy Hunters,” Charles and Frances Hunter were nationally recognized both for their powerful healing ministry and for their unbridled, contagious joy. What few people know, however, is that Frances spent years as a “wild sinner,” and Charles was a “dried-up spiritual prune” for most of his early life.

    God miraculously used these two unlikely candidates to birth one of the most powerful healing ministries the world has ever known. Their story is one of triumph, power, and divine intervention.

    As you read this book, you will…
    *Witness thousands healed of “incurable” diseases
    *Explore the purpose and use of spiritual gifts
    *Learn a powerful method of evangelism
    *Discover how to build your faith
    *Find out how to heal the sick

    As you follow the Hunters’ incredible journeys, you will learn from their experiences and benefit from the spiritual wisdom gained from decades of ministry. See how many ordinary people are impacting the world as a direct result of yielding to God, and learn how you can impact your world, too!

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  • Way Of The Kingdom


    The times we live in are overwhelmed with aggression, darkness, and crisis. The counterfeit kingdom of darkness is moving violently on the earth; intimidation and violence are the name of the enemy’s game. How should believers respond?

    Kim Maas, international speaker and prophetic voice, guides readers to discover the answer to this question by showing our need to become like the sons of Issachar–men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do–in order to understand how to war using the weapons of the kingdom of God: violent love, violent mercy, violent forgiveness, and the violence of healing, deliverance, and salvation.

    It is time for the people of God to know the times and seasons and how to advance the kingdom of God!

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  • Walking In Prophecy Signs And Wonders


    God is prophetically speaking to us today while performing signs and wonders in the last days. These movements of the Spirit are a continuation of the signs, wonders, and other supernatural works God has done in the past to demonstrate His power and glory. Through miracle testimonies, faith-building teachings, and remarkable accounts from her personal family heritage–including miracles in the life of noted healing evangelist Maria Woodworth-Etter–Glenda Jackson shows how God can work powerfully in your life, bringing to pass what He has ordained for us and His purposes in the world. Discover what it means to be a prophetic watchman and a vessel for God’s glory in these momentous days before Christ’s return.

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  • Angels Of Fire


    The supernatural link between angels of fire and the coming move of God’s glory!

    The angelic host has been with us from the beginning. While they are not often recognized by the human eye, they have been present all along and are vital to the work of God being fulfilled in the Earth. When you learn how to recognize these unique angels and how they are operating, you will be able to participate with them to bring about the accelerated healing, restoration, purification and all of the other end-times signs of global Holy Spirit outpouring.

    Angels are preparing the way for the greatest move of God in human history.
    Discover how you can join in with their preparation and experience this end-times outpouring today!

    Candice Smithyman is a TV host, prophetic author, and supernatural minister. She carries a powerful revelation about the vital link between the Angels of Fire, God’s End-time outpouring of glory, and how you fit in the unfolding of Heaven’s history-making, world-shaking agenda.

    Discover ancient truths about the angelic, such as:
    *Angels are Word-activated: not by human words, but by the Word of God.
    *Angels help bring God’s plans and purposes to pass in your life.
    *Angels are assigned to a person at conception.
    *Angels cooperate with people fulfilling divine assignments to see renewal and revival break out in the Earth.
    *Angelic Movement can be recognized and discerned by those moving in the Spirit.

    Angels will be ushering in the end time revival and the more we know the better equipped we will be to participate with God as He returns.

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  • 365 Days Of Increase


    Empowered to Increase

    None of us is immune to life’s challenges, but we don’t have to be limited by them either. God’s Word can empower us to overcome our challenges and change our circumstances!

    In 365 Days of Increase, author, teacher, and broadcaster Rick Renner shares a powerful collection of prayers and confessions designed to help you increase in God’s Word, bolster your faith, and grow confident and strong in the face of changing tides and seasons.

    Each prayer and confession is based on Rick’s Greek word studies found in his devotional Sparkling Gems from the Greek 2. This compact version gives you an easy-to-use method for bringing the power of God’s Word into your life with increase so that when pressures come, His Word will keep you positioned for victory every day of the year!

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  • Daily Decrees For Family Blessing And Breakthrough


    Decree your victory and defeat hell’s every scheme against your family!

    In an age where our families are under attack from all sides, you have a sure strategy to secure Heaven’s victory over your marriage, children and household: boldly decree the Word of God!

    Bestselling author and dynamic prophetic voice, Brenda Kunneman has equipped believers around the world to decree Heaven’s victory over every area of their lives. In Daily Decrees for Family Blessing and Breakthrough, she empowers you with powerful, Bible-based prophetic declarations to overcome every strategy of the enemy that comes against your marriage, your children, your finances, and your household.

    Decreeing God’s word over your family can restore years the enemy has stolen, bring freedom, and surround your loved ones with a supernatural shield. In this powerful resource, you will learn to…
    *Create heavenly atmospheres in your household.
    *Demolish strife, discord, and contention using the Sword of the Spirit
    *Defeat every strategy of hell aimed at your marriage, children and finances.
    *Decree Heaven’s promises of salvation over loved ones who are far from God.

    Take authority over your family! Don’t let the devil win another victory. Rise up with the word of God on your lips and decree Heaven’s promises over every area of your family life!

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  • Nearer To God


    Do you desire nearness to God but your calendar keeps you from communing with the savior? Wayman Ming Jr. will show you how interruptions in your normal schedule are divine opportunities to close the spiritual gap between you and God. If you have become too routine in the daily practice of your faith, this book will help you pursue His heart with passion.

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  • Take Your Place In The Harvest Of Nations


    Do you see yourself as a radical world-changer? Or do you, like many Christians, wonder what your role is in God’s Kingdom plan? No matter where you are in your journey, Take Your Place in the Harvest of Nations will empower you to realize the dreams God has planted in your heart!

    The stories within these pages reveal the glorious transformation that God is bringing to Europe – a continent notorious for its resistance to the gospel. Veteran European ministry leaders share their victories, disappointments, small beginnings, and practical principles gained from years on the mission field. Their stories and teaching will help you…
    *Discover your unique purpose in God.
    *Have courage and faith to persevere in trials.
    *Pursue your vision until it becomes reality.
    *Learn from the wisdom of experienced leaders.
    *Live in the supernatural power of God.

    As you read these testimonies, you will be encouraged, energized, and inspired for all that God has destined for your life and nation.

    It’s time to awaken to your destiny, and Take Your Place in the Harvest of Nations!

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  • Making Of A Watchman


    The “Watchman Anointing” is being released in this hour!

    If you seek to better understand the times and seasons, read on. If you are compelled by Jesus’ words to watch and to pray, this book is for you!

    Throughout Scripture, God appointed His watchmen to guard and protect Israel. The watchman’s duty was to warn of coming danger, calling God’s people to follow the Lord’s ways. A watchman’s ministry offered both warning and hope. Though they were often not well received, their message and ministry were critical. It is no different today.

    In The Making of a Watchman, veteran prophet and seer, Jennifer LeClaire draws from scriptural examples and personal experience, revealing how to operate in this crucial ministry – not only to anticipate the enemy’s schemes, but to align with God’s sovereign plan.

    The Making of a Watchman will:
    *Detail the role of a watchman.
    *Help you discern if you are called to this ministry.
    *Offer protocols for releasing words of warning paired with words of hope.
    *Provide practical prayers, exercises, and activations for operating as a watchman.

    God still appoints His watchmen over cities and nations – those who will proclaim His Kingdom and offer hope in the midst of chaos. Are you called to this office? Come along with Jennifer LeClaire and learn to respond with Kingdom perspective to the changing times and seasons!

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  • Gift Of Tongues


    Is the gift of tongues for today? Does God want me to have the gift of tongues? Should I ask for the gift of tongues? Believers have asked these questions and many others about this debated and mysterious spiritual gift.

    Offering fresh biblical insight, Robert Henderson has written an essential guide that helps readers understand and discover the power of tongues to remove limits and establish a renewed relationship with God transcending the natural realm. In these pages, you will:
    – gain biblical understanding of the mystery of tongues
    – learn how to empower your prayer life
    – defeat discouragement, depression, and disillusionment
    – receive an impartation for this spiritual gift to become a reality in your own life
    – enter a new realm of personal power, hope, and faith in the Lord

    Let go of powerless Christianity and ready yourself for the supernatural, in which the Bible declares that every believer can operate!

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  • Taking Off The Limitations


    You were not created to live with limitations!

    Jesus said that, when it comes to living in the Kingdom of God, we are called to become “like little children.” Little children do not believe they are limited by anything unless they are told.

    So, who told you that it’s okay to live with limitations?

    Heaven sees you with unlimited potential.

    Kevin Zadai had a life-changing supernatural experience in Heaven that has motivated and directed every message he has felt called to share. Kevin is confident that when the angels in Heaven see you, they do not consider you a failure. In fact, they have access to divine intel from the Books of Heaven that reveal every victory, success and breakthrough you are destined to walk in.

    It’s time to change the way you think and upgrade the way you see yourself.

    This dynamic teaching will show you how to:
    *Access your Supernatural Freedom as a believer created in the image of God.
    *Recognize God’s Power and Provision through intimate fellowship in prayer.
    *Walk in increased awarenessof what Heaven says about you through connection with the Holy Spirit.
    *Live from your redeemed spirit and walk in victory over the flesh.
    *Function in the limitless realm of God’s Kingdom by walking in child-like faith.

    Through Jesus Christ, God has removed every limitation from you. It’s time to fulfill your supernatural destiny by agreeing with what Heaven says about you!

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  • Supernatural Freedom From The Captivity Of Trauma


    Break the spirit of trauma, and get your life back!

    God desires to release wholeness and healing! But often this healing is obstructed by scars from painful past experiences. This is the spirit of trauma. When the spirit of trauma is broken, healing can finally break through!

    For several decades, the Holy Spirit has used Dr. Mike Hutchings in a supernatural way to bring healing to thousands who were bound by the spirit of trauma.

    In this landmark book, Dr. Hutchings equips you to…
    *Identify the root, effects, and symptoms of trauma-related issues.
    *Overcome debilitating anxiety, fear, and nightmares.
    *Release healing prayers that bring emotional, spiritual, and physical freedom.

    You don’t have to suffer anymore. Jesus the Healer longs to set you free from trauma today!

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  • 7 Divine Mysteries Study Guide


    Connect to the Manifest Promises of God

    There comes a point in our spiritual journey when we must no longer sit and wait. Instead, we need to stand up and walk boldly in God’s purposes for us. We have to progress toward the blessings and provision He has shown us in the glory realms.

    There isn’t a single area of your life for which God does not have a promise of victory. He has proclaimed breakthroughs, blessings, and, yes, miracles. In this study guide companion to 7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance by Joshua Mills, you will find out how to connect to the manifest promises of God as you stretch your faith, work the Word, and allow the Spirit to lead you into overflowing abundance for spirit, soul, and body. The seven mysteries include:

    Divine Mystery #1: Your Vision: The Pathway for Provision

    Divine Mystery #2: What You Say Prepares the Way

    Divine Mystery #3: The Word You Work Will Work for You

    Divine Mystery #4: What You Sow, You Will Grow

    Divine Mystery #5: The Art of Generous Receiving

    Divine Mystery #6: Utilizing the Strength of Angels

    Divine Mystery #7: God’s Promised Generational Blessing

    There is an entire realm of supernatural abundance just waiting for you to explore and put to work in your life. In these days, God is opening untapped abundance for restoration, healing, deliverance, relationships, finances, creative ideas, and more. Many people have been waiting for God to move in their lives, but He is waiting for us to move in faith toward His promises. We must activate what He has spoken to us about-or risk losing the opportunity. God is looking for men and women who will rise up and choose to receive every promise He has given.

    The 7 Divine Mysteries Study Guide, which can be used by either individuals or groups, contains some brand-new material to further your understanding of supernatural abundance. The guide is also filled with key points from the book, thought questions, review questions, and supernatural activations.

    Joshua Mills and his wife, Janet, have proven these seven scriptural principles in their own lives. As God’s children, we can confidently ask Him for miracles and provision in areas where we have experienced difficulty or lack in the past. We just need to give Him permission to upset the daily routine of our lives and let His glory flow from heaven to earth. Then, we need to take hold of our portion as it comes down from the throne.

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  • Praying The Priestly Prayer


    What if you could unlock God’s ancient secret of blessing with a prayer?

    This book will help you understand the full meaning of this ancient prayer and unlock its supernatural power of blessing in your life.

    Learn to unlock God’s blessing and favor on your life in thirty days by praying this “Divine Prayer of the Blessing” over yourself and others in the way God intended so you too can receive the “full supernatural impartation” in the same manner that the children of Israel did!
    In Praying the Priestly Prayer, Warren Marcus explains the deeper meaning of the prayer through his “Amplified Hebrew to English translation” of this ancient scripture and coaches you on how to make this blessing a part of your daily life!

    God wants to be proclaimed over you every day to bring:
    *Supernatural favor
    *And so much more!

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  • Discovering And Releasing Your Prophetic Voice


    A practical guide to prophecy for everyday Christians.

    Rob Sanchez was set apart from the time of birth to be a prophet and prophetic equipper.

    “My mother fixed her thoughts on the Lord. Exhausted and desperate, she cried out, “Lord, if you save my son, I’ll dedicate him to you all the days of his life.” My mother recalls feeling the hand of an angel touch her the moment she prayed that prayer – it very well could have been the hand of the Lord, because by that touch, she was filled with peace.” God supernaturally spared Rob’s life so he could train and equip you to go on your own prophetic journey!

    In Christian circles, “prophecy” is a term often shrouded in mystery and obscured by controversy. But Jesus moved in prophetic response to The Father with every action and conversation. His model normalizes prophecy for every believer.
    So how do you approach prophecy like Jesus?

    This is the question that seasoned prophetic minister, Rob Sanchez answers in The Prophet’s Journey. Drawing from over 20 years of ministry experience and prophetic encounters with God, Rob demystifies this spiritual gift, equipping you with practical instruction to boldly use prophecy in your everyday interactions.

    The Prophet’s Journey will help you…
    *Overcome fear of delivering prophetic words.
    *Acquire an easier prophetic flow by easily hearing God’s voice in every situation.
    *Avoid common pitfalls in prophetic ministry.
    *Enjoy powerful encounters with God.
    *Witness God’s power at work in exciting, miraculous ways.

    God still speaks through His people, and He wants to speak through you. This book is a practical, powerful introduction to prophecy for everyday believers like you. Read it, and see your every interaction transformed by His presence!

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  • Wildfires : A Field Guide To Supernatural Revival – Revolt Against Apathy A


    Where is the Jesus I thought I was following?

    If your faith feels more like a dying ember than a radiant light, perhaps you haven’t met the real Jesus.

    At her core, Jessi felt dry and lifeless. Weary of anemic religion, she had almost given up on Christianity, until one day, she came face to face with the real Jesus whose eyes burn like fire! His gaze lit a spark within her, fanning the tinder of her soul into a glowing blaze.

    Today, Jessi burns with a vision to see a holy fire sweep across the nation. She and her husband, Parker, lead the Saturate OC revival movement in California, where they introduce thousands of people to the real Jesus, and see lives radically changed!

    Discover how to…
    *Live fully alive with purpose and vision.
    *Triumph over the fear of man, inner shame, and crippling depression.
    *Burn with an authentic love for Jesus.
    *Radiate Holy Spirit power to a dark world.
    *Be consumed by a bold faith in a living God.

    You are just a few pages away from a similar encounter. In Wildfires, Jessi Green invites you to let Jesus breathe upon the embers of your soul, until your whole life burns for Him!

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  • Rejoice Into Joy


    “Rejoice in the Lord always.”

    It’s a simple command that holds the key to experiencing deep and abiding joy through every circumstance.

    Bestselling author and senior leader of Bethel Church, Bill Johnson is known for his teaching on how to experience Heavenly realities in everyday life. In this timely work, he addresses the often-overlooked connection between the experience of joy and the act of rejoicing.

    Pastor Bill teaches that joy is not merely an emotion. It is a posture of the heart, arrived at by consistently choosing to rejoice in the present reality of our Heavenly home, regardless of earthly circumstances.

    Written in short chapters, ideal for daily devotions or thoughtful meditations, Rejoice Into Joy will reveal how to…
    *Enter the fullness of joy through praise and worship.
    *Disarm hell with the power of thanksgiving.
    *Apply the supernatural “math of joy” to trials by “counting it all joy”.

    In whatever circumstance you’re in, choose to rejoice your way into joy, and discover the joy of the Lord as your strength.

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