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  • This Is Girls Ministry


    If you’ve been entrusted with a teen girl in your life, you have an incredible responsibility to love and lead her to Christ. This Is Girls Ministry invites each of us to step into a relationship that will spark new passion for discipleship and transform the hearts of the girls we share life with. We’ll identify fears that keep us from stepping up and break down barriers that show up when we do. In the end, we’ll discover that girls’ ministry is for all of us – student leaders, volunteers, moms, dads, and anyone else with a heart for leading the next generation to Christ.

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  • Encountering God Teen Girls Bible Study Book


    Join Kelly Minter in this seven-session Bible study as she unpacks the biblical foundation for practical and approachable disciplines like prayer, study, worship, rest, simplicity, generosity, celebration, and many more. Teen girls will discover that spiritual disciplines aren’t just one more thing to add to their to-do list, but something that can actually create more margin in their life, resulting in deeper peace, communion, and rest. And perhaps most importantly, cultivating habits of faith will help girls know God more, as they release control to Him, express their need for Him, and walk in glad submission and worship of Him.

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  • No More Excuses Teen Guys Bible Study Book (Student/Study Guide)


    No More Excuses Teen Guys’ Bible Study Book includes printed content for eight sessions, personal study between group sessions, applicable Scripture, “How to Use This Study,” and a leader guide.

    Sometimes circumstances in life make it difficult for young men to be all God wants them to be. But Tony Evans urges guys to stop looking at their circumstances as excuses and instead to see them as challenges and opportunities for success.

    Exploring examples of men of God throughout the Bible, this study will challenge teen guys to lay down their excuses, stop compromising, and fight to be a man of character and commitment. Despite setbacks, failures, and pressures, guys can still find purpose, meaning, and direction in life and become the men God has called them to be.

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  • Something Needs To Change Teen Bible Study Book (Student/Study Guide)


    Come Take a Journey.

    On a trip to the Himalayan mountains, David Platt was confronted with staggering physical and spiritual needs unlike any he had ever seen. On leaving, Platt found himself asking fundamental questions about his life and ministry. He realized that something needed to change.

    Being confronted with suffering causes us to ask questions that, if we are honest, we would rather ignore. However, if we believe the Bible, ignorance of profound human need is not an option for us. Neither is indifference. We cannot be Christians and turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the world in need around us. If those responses become the commentary of our lives and our churches, then one fact will be abundantly clear: we were not following Jesus on our journey through this life.

    What does it mean to follow Jesus in a world filled with urgent physical and spiritual needs? In this Something Needs to Change teen Bible study, David Platt explores that question as he takes you on a life-altering trek through the Himalayas.

    Something Needs to Change Teen Bible Study Book includes printed content for eight small group sessions, personal study between group sessions, applicable Scripture, “How to Use This Study,” tips for leading a group, and a leader guide.

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  • Quest Older Kids Activity Book (Student/Study Guide)


    The Quest Older Kids Activity Book by best-selling author Beth Moore, contains activities related to each session and daily queries designed to engage kids in using their Bibles, thinking through questions, and journaling. Plus, Parent Pages are included so parents can lead kids on The Quest at home.

    The Quest for Kids: An Expedition Toward a Deeper Relationship with God takes kids in grades 1-6 on a 6-week journey through God’s Word to help them grow closer to God.

    Kids can learn that:
    * God created you to have a relationship with Him.
    * God is sending you on an adventure for Him as an ambassador.
    * God loves to talk with you and wants to use your questions and the events in your life to bring you closer to God.

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  • Seamless Teen Girls Bible Study Book (Student/Study Guide)


    Seamless is a seven-session study that covers major events from the Bible, tying them together into the greater story of Scripture. The goal is to lead girls to a complete understanding of God’s story as seen from Genesis to Revelation.

    Each session will feature people, places, and promises including maps, general Bible facts, word studies, and key information that ties all of Scripture together into the seamless truth of the gospel message.


    Seven sessions
    Student book ($11.99)
    – 176 pages
    – 7×9
    – 4 color cover / 2 color inside
    – Leader Guide in the back


    Girls will see the big picture as they explore overarching themes of Scripture and see how God’s love and grace are woven together as one seamless thread
    Leaders can be assured of a trusted teacher as they lead girls through group sessions and show video segments
    For girls wanting to deepen their knowledge of Scripture or for new believers who are wanting to see how the themes from the Old and New Testaments are connected

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