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Charles Capps

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  • Tongue Gift Edition


    Your Tongue Has the Power of Life and Death!

    Life is not whatever will be, will be. It’s what you say it is! Words are the most powerful force in the universe, and you can release this ultimate creative power in your life by your words.

    In this classic book first published in 1976, bestselling author and renowned faith teacher Charles Capps lays a biblical foundation for the power of words–both God’s and yours. The heavens and the earth were created as God released His power by the spoken word. In the beginning, God said, “Light be!” and light was. God planned for you to do the same. God’s Word spoken from your mouth and conceived in your heart becomes a spiritual force that releases His ability in your world.

    In The Tongue: A Creative Force, Charles Capps lays out straight-forward, Scripture-based teaching to help you…
    *Recognize the power in your tongue
    *Align your words with God’s
    *Activate creative power in you

    As you speak faith-filled words into your situations, your words will position you to receive God’s best in every area of your life!

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  • Authority In Three Worlds



    God has restored your authority in the earth through Jesus and given you back that which satan stole from Adam in the garden. The name of Jesus gives you authority in three worlds and the Bible states that using that name causes beings in heaven, beings in earth, and beings under the earth to yield to that name.

    Jesus delegated His authority to you to carry out His ministry. This delegated authority gives you:

    *Dominion in the Earth through Spoken Words
    *The Power to Bind the Forces of Hell
    *The Authority of the Body Anointed by the Holy Spirit
    *The Ability to Change Circumstances

    Sound too good to be true?

    Jesus Christ Himself delegated His authority to you. Every believer has a LEGAL RIGHT to exercise authority in the earth today. This authority was given to every Christian so that the sick can be healed, finances can be loosed, and those bound by satan, sin, and oppression can be free.

    It’s time for believers to rise up in the full authority that God intended! Discover your spiritual authority and start changing your world today.

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  • Gods Creative Power Gift Collection


    Your words create your future.

    The entire universe was created by God’s spoken Word, and He has given similar creative power to the words you speak. The Bible is clear: your words carry power in both the natural and spiritual worlds. By speaking what God says about you, your faith-filled words can change the circumstances in your life.

    In God’s Creative Power, renowned faith teacher Charles Capps teaches you how to faithfully steward the power that God has given your words.

    With more than seven million books in print, this powerful book provides practical, concise teaching, and Scripture-based confessions to help you put God’s creative power to work in all areas of life, including…
    *Wisdom and Guidance
    *…and more!

    Start declaring God’s Word and watch as He brings blessing and abundance to your life in exciting new ways!

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  • Gods Creative Power For Finances – (Spanish)


    Words are the most powerful things in the universe today. They can defeat you or they can bring you life. They can make the difference in your finances and your well-being. God created the universe by speaking it into existence and He has given you that same ability. Learn to turn your financial situation around by following the powerful principles of faith contained in this book.

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  • Faith That Will Work For You


    If you are like many Christians, when the going gets tough, you may have more faith in someone else’s prayers than in your own. We all know people who seem to consistently receive God’s blessings, while we may seem to always be struggling just to stay afloat. Why does God seem to bless some people more than others? Has He given them greater faith? In the Scriptures it says, we all receive the same measure of faith when we become born again into the kingdom of God. The difference lies in what we do with the faith we have been given. In this powerful, life-changing book, bestselling author Charles Capps outlines biblical truths that will help you become a powerhouse for God yourself rather than relying on the faith of others during difficult times. These practical principles will teach you: The basic “do’s” and “don’ts” of faith, things that will hinder your faith, how to strengthen your faith, how to reap the harvest of your faith in God, plus much more! Don’t let the enemy rob you of a victorious Christian life any longer. Start exercising your faith muscles today so you can begin walking in Faith that Will Work for You!

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  • Poder Creativo De Dios Obrara – (Spanish)


    !La Palabra de Dios es la cosa mas poderosa en el universo hoy en dia! Usted tiene la autoridad de dar una voz a Su Palabra.

    Mucha gente ha sido derrotada en vida porque ellos creyeron y hablaron las cosas equivocadas. Ellos han permitidos las palabras de su propio boca ponerlos en esclavitud.

    Dios creyo el universo por el hablarlo a la existencia. Dios le ha dado a usted la misma habilidad en la forma de Su Palabra. Para ser efectivo en vida usted debe hablar palabras de fe. Todo principio de fe, toda ley espiritual, toda promesa de Dios estuvo establecido para su crecimiento. Dios estructuro Su Palabra para imponerle a usted en vida.

    In este libro, usted puede aprender como liberar la habilidad de Dios por las palabras de su boca.

    Las palabras llenas de temor le derrotara a usted. !Pero las palabras llenas de fe se le impondran!

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  • Poder Creativo De Dios Para La – (Spanish)


    El Poder Creativo de Dios Le Dara Resultados, por Charles Capps, inicialmente publicado en 1976, !cuenta con mas de 4 millones de copias vemdidas! Los poderosos principios de la profesion de la Palabra de Dios contenidos en estas paginas han revolucionado la vida de cristianos alrededor del mundo.

    Ahora, El Poder Creativo de Dios Para Sanar esta aqui para que siga en sus pasos.

    Este poderoso libro combina las enseanzas con las declaraciones de la Palabra de Dios para la sanidad de Dios para su sanidad por las palabra de su boca!

    Las palabras llenas de fe se le impondran. !El Poder Creativo de Dios Para Sanar trabajara para usted!

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  • Calling Things That Are Not


    The principle of calling things that are not as though they were is the spiritual principle through which everything physical becomes manifest. God created the light by calling for “light” when only darkness was there. Jesus used this same method, calling the lepers clean, and the dead to life, and peace to the storm.

    You must call for what you desire. if you want your dog to come, you call the dog, not the cat. You call for what is not there. Whatever you call in the natural will come. Call what does not exist and continue to call until it manifests.

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  • Thermostat Of Hope


    The heart is true to the demands placed on it. Surely no one would be foolish enough in natural things to argue with you when you turn the thermostat to 70 degrees, but they will when you set your goal on God’s promises. Hope, like a thermostat, is simply a goal-setter with no substance. Faith, which comes from the heart, is the substance of what you desire. The heart (spirit) of man is like the heart of the heating-cooling unit.

    Designed by God to produce the very thing you plant in it.

    You plant it or set the goal by speaking it!

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  • How You Can Avoid Tragedy


    How You Can Avoid Tragedy and Live a Better Life! You can absolutely change the direction of your life by exposing your heart to the Word of God! How often have you heard the question: “They were such good Christians! Why did this happen to them?” Many believers lives have been overwhelmed needlessly by defeat and tragedy. Satan’s greatest weapon has been deception-getting you to believe something contrary to God’s Word. Wrong speaking, wrong praying, and wrong believing will destroy your faith. Praying “If it be Thy will,” has opened many doors for the devil’s opportunity when God’s will is already revealed in His Word. Learn to use the ability you have to Avoid Tragedy! This book was written to free you and to help you avoid tragedy in your life. Once you taste victory, you will never again have a desire to experience defeat. You can learn to apply the principles of God’s wisdom to your life and defeat the devil.

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  • Triumph Over The Enemy


    In Second Corinthians 12:7, Paul writes about “a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan” who had been sent to harass him. This “messenger” was sent to create problems and stir up the people against Paul everywhere he preached. But Paul knew the key to overcoming this obstacle-he learned to exercise his God-given authority here on the earth! In this powerful and eye-opening book Charles Capps writes about the true nature of Paul’s “thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan.” He shows you how to walk in God’s grace and triumph over this enemy sent to harass and keep you from God’s greater blessings in your life. You can be delivered from the messenger of Satan assigned to you! You will learn: * The reason Paul was sent a messenger of Satan * The key to walking with the believer’s full authority in your life * The actions you must take to defeat Satan’s messenger * God’s plan for delivering His people in all things * The true depth and sufficiency of God’s grace

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  • When Jesus Prays Through You


    As a Christian, you have an Advocate in heaven.

    You have Jesus as your representative. In When Jesus Prays Through You, Charles Capps reveals powerful insights into your role in the present-day ministry of Jesus. This fresh look at intercession will change the way you think about praying in the Spirit.

    You will learn:

    Why praying for others is a dynamic spiritual weapon
    The role of intercession in the Old Testament
    Why Jesus referred to Himself as the Son of man
    How to use the Word of God as the Sword of the Spirit
    Why praying in the Spirit is so vital to intercession

    Discover in a compelling way why Jesus needs you to represent His power to your loved ones on earth. This scriptural journey will demonstrate that you are not on your own – you have Jesus as your intercessor.

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