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It Is Finished


Across forty days of vivid storytelling, It Is Finished offers you a unique and vital roadmap to trace the power and necessity of the cross throughout the Bible, from the book of Genesis all the way to your present-day reality.

Through forty slices of the story of Calvary, master storyteller and vivid Bible teacher Charles Martin, will walk you back to the cross to look up at it from a different angle each day and ask the Father to reveal to you:

*What exactly did he mean when the dying Jesus said, It is finished-what was finished at the cross?

*When did what Jesus finish at the cross even begin?

*What does this man’s death 2,000 years ago have to do with me today?

*What is God offering at the cross that I so easily forget and take for granted?

*What do I not realize about myself that the Father God has never forgotten?

Whether it is your first, tenth, or ten thousandth time looking up at the cross of Christ, you can trust New York Times bestselling author Charles Martin, to wrap an arm around your shoulder, come alongside and walk with you as a fellow pilgrim headed in the same direction and answering the same question: What will I do with this man, Jesus?

Because before we can celebrate the resurrection, we need to backtrack to where Jesus has been, how He got there, and what His presence there accomplished. And while Satan can’t change what happened on that Friday, he has been working ever since to hide what happened there. To obscure the work of the Cross. To avert our eyes. But on this 40-day pilgrimage your eyes will open wide and your heart will race as you discover the answer to the question that can change your life, Lord, why me? Why would you endure the cross and despise the shame, for me?

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SKU (ISBN): 9781400338832
ISBN10: 1400338832
Charles Martin
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: February 2024
Publisher: Thomas Nelson


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