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  • Invitation : A Theology Of Evangelism


    Moving beyond conversionism

    Many Christians today are uncomfortable with older, simpler notions about evangelism as conversionism but see as insufficient the more progressive model of evangelism as hospitality. Transcending that dichotomy, Richard Osmer advances a theology of evangelism as a multifaceted act of invitation into Christ-following community.

    Osmer begins by exploring references to evangelism in the New Testament-both in the Gospels and in the letters of Paul. He then enters into dialogue with Karl Barth to work through ideas of church witness and the relationship of evangelism to salvation. Finally, with lucid explanations and illustrative case studies, he offers guidance for pastors, laity, and students to use as they reimagine how evangelism might best happen in their churches and missional organizations. Osmer’s approach mirrors the conviction, stated in his introduction, that our concept of evangelism must be formed and constantly reformed by keeping the Bible, church doctrine, and practical theology in conversation.

    Foundational to Osmer’s rendering of evangelism as invitation is the essential truth that it is Christ and the Holy Spirit who calls converts and makes disciples-not Christians. Thus, we can invite our neighbors to the wedding feast while remaining reassured that the table is already set.

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  • Effective Intercultural Evangelism


    We live in a multicultural society. But Christians often do not know how to engage those of other faiths.

    As a result, many Christians hesitate to talk about Christianity with others in any kind of evangelistic way. Jay Moon and Bud Simon unpack the intercultural dynamics that Christians need to understand when encountering people from different communities and cultural backgrounds. Regarding evangelism from the perspective of four major worldviews (guilt/justice, shame/honor, fear/power, and indifference/belonging with purpose), this book demonstrates contextual evangelism approaches that are relevant, biblical, and practical. The authors draw on new research conducted with hundreds of participants that reveal concrete ways to communicate the gospel effectively across cultures. Sharing one’s faith does not require attacking other religions; rather, we can engage at the worldview level in order to address people’s deepest concerns. Greater understanding provides us with better skills for relational connection, empathy, and effective witness.

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  • Invitation To Evangelism


    Essential guidance for a lifestyle of sharing God’s good news with a lost world.

    What exactly does it mean to evangelize in a Christian sense? And how is such evangelizing supposed to be done? Longtime pastor, evangelist, and professor of evangelism Timothy K. Beougher answers these questions and more from theological, historical, and practical perspectives. Beougher demonstrates God’s goodness in evangelism through relatable anecdotes, Bible teaching, and encouraging instruction. Invitation to Evangelism welcomes believers into the experience of stepping out in faith of behalf of people God loves.

    Most Christians know that they should be sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with nonbelievers, and most also know they aren’t witnessing very well, or even at all. They need help internalizing the content of gospel proclamation and identifying the best way to go about making evangelism a natural part of their lives. Introduction to Evangelism guides readers through the essential issues of the gospel message, evangelism methods, and witnessing models so they are ready and excited to move out in faith as everyday evangelists.

    Beougher’s biblical, theological, historical, and practical teaching revolves around following essential aspects of being an evangelist:
    *Having compassion as the motivation for evangelism
    *Understanding the good news of Jesus Christ
    *Seeing lost people as persons God loves
    *Relying on the power of the Holy Spirit
    *Paving the way for new believers to share their faith eagerly with others

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  • Business For The Glory Of God


    Can business activity in itself be morally good and pleasing to God? Sometimes business can seem so shady–manipulating the bottom line, deceiving the consumer, or gaining promotions because of whom you know.

    But Wayne Grudem introduces a novel concept: business itself glorifies God when it is conducted in a way that imitates God’s character and creation. He shows that all aspects of business, including ownership, profit, money, competition, and borrowing and lending, glorify God because they are reflective of God’s nature. Though Grudem isn’t naive about the easy ways these activities can be perverted and used as a means to sin, he knows that Christians can be about the business of business.

    This biblically based book is a thoughtful guide to imitating God during interactions with customers, coworkers, employees, and other businesses. See how your business–and your life in business–can be dedicated to God’s glory.

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  • Witnessing In Everyday Life


    Evangelism. Witnessing. Sharing God’s Word. It’s all part of a toolkit that you were given the moment you were baptized into Christ’s family. And it’s a toolkit that anyone can be given through belief in Christ. But evangelism and witnessing sometimes fees as if it’s a put together person, filled to the brim with Christ’s love, talking to broken people. But it’s not. It’s regular, everyday people, broken by sin, talking about God’s love and Christ’s forgiveness of sins to other everyday, broken people who need God. To discover the toolkit you are given, there’s a few questions you might be asking. Like What is a witness? or Why should I witness? and maybe even What kind of a witness am I? Dig into these answers with Rev. Mark A. Wood to see how witnessing is important. Then, using the metaphor of planting a garden-plowing, planting, watering, waiting, and harvesting-you’ll be able to better understand the joys of witnessing to others.

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  • No Longer Strangers


    What does evangelism look like at its best?

    Evangelism can hurt sometimes. Well-meaning Christians who welcome immigrants and refugees and share the gospel with them will often alienate the very people they are trying to serve through cultural misconceptions or insensitivity to their life experiences. In No Longer Strangers, diverse voices lay out a vision for a healthier evangelism that can honor the most vulnerable-many of whom have lived through trauma, oppression, persecution, and colonialism-while foregrounding gospel claims.

    With perspectives from immigrants and refugees, and pastors and theologians (some of whom are immigrants themselves), this book offers guidance for every church, missional institution, and individual Christian in navigating the power dynamics embedded in differences of culture, race, and language. Every contributor wholeheartedly affirms the goodness and importance of evangelism as part of Christian discipleship while guiding the reader away from the kind of evangelism that hurts, toward the kind of evangelism that heals.

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  • Something Needs To Change


    USA TODAY, PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, AND ECPA BESTSELLER – The author of Radical takes readers on a soul-searching journey through impoverished villages in the Himalayan mountains, daring them to make a difference in a world of urgent need, starting right where they live.

    While leading a team on a week-long trek of the Himalayas, bestselling author and pastor David Platt was stunned by the human needs he encountered, an experience so dramatic that it changed the trajectory of my life. Meeting a man who’d lost his eye from a simple infection and seeing the faces of girls stolen from their families and trafficked in the cities, along with other unforgettable encounters, opened his eyes to the people behind the statistics and compelled him to wrestle with his assumptions about faith. In Something Needs to Change, Platt invites readers to come along on both the adventure of the trek, as well as the adventure of seeking answers to tough questions like, Where is God in the middle of suffering? What makes my religion any better than someone else’s religion? and What do I believe about eternal suffering? Platt has crafted an irresistible message about what it means to give your life for the gospel–to finally stop talking about faith and truly start living it.

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  • Belong : Retracing The Way Of God’s Embracing Love


    While conversion is always a personal experience, discipleship never is. The church that Jesus established is meant to embrace and welcome all who want to be followers of Christ. Belong invites readers to dialogue with three ministry practitioners who are calling the church to return to its true identity as the body of Christ and its vocation to model our life together after our crucified and risen Lord. This book is not a surefire method to enhance church growth or yet another failproof evangelism tool. Reorienting the mission of the church can be painful and uncomfortable, but its purpose is to form a radically welcoming body where, with Jesus as the head, lives are transformed and hearts are set on God. Join Crocker, Kester, and Lobdell in reviving an ancient vision for the people of God to cultivate a community where everyone can Belong.

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  • How To Revive Evangelism


    In a post-Christian, post-modern, post-truth society where Jesus followers aren’t often well regarded, modern evangelism approaches are eroding and increasingly ineffective. Christians often talk more than we listen, confront when we should converse, and demand that people believe before they belong. We need a compelling way to share our faith that combines the timeless practices of Jesus with timely perspectives about our post-everything era.

    Author and Executive Director of Alpha US Craig Springer believes that reaching non-Christians is possible, but only if we are willing to shift our perspectives, abandon ineffective methodologies, and consider the unique cultural moment in which we are living. In Sharing Your Faith Like Jesus, he shares the often-overlooked evangelistic approaches of Jesus himself and demonstrates how returning to these fundamentals are key to reviving evangelism in the 21st century. Incorporating groundbreaking and often startling data, Springer offers Christians seven shifts in how to share their faith with friends and family members, neighbors and coworkers which create greater potential for life change.

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  • Faith That Engages The Culture


    Talking about Christianity outside of church or your groups is difficult, especially if you’re talking to a non-Christian. Witnessing shouldn’t be as difficult as it seems and it’s not nearly as scary. Following his previous book, Faith That Sees Through the Culture, Alfonso Espinosa brings witnessing to an easy and accessible level with Faith That Engages the Culture.

    Using a concept called the Engagement Triangle, can learn how to witness in today’s world to the people that need to hear the Good News the most. Not only does the Engagement Triangle help you to understand how to witness on external topics such as politics or science, but you’ll also learn how to witness to internal topics, such as sexuality and mental illness.

    See examples from the apostles on their witnessing efforts to overcome your fears and continue to share the Good News in a world that needs it now more than ever. A perfect addition to every Christian’s bookshelf.

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  • Living His Story


    The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2021 explores the idea of evangelism as a way of sharing God’s love with people.

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  • Out Of The Saltshaker And Into The World


    Jesus says his followers are the salt of the earth. But how do we cut through fear and guilt to communicate our faith effectively? Now part of the IVP Signature Collection, this bestselling classic by Rebecca Manley Pippert offers a refreshing view of evangelism as a lifestyle, pointing to Jesus as our model and helping us feel relaxed and enthusiastic about sharing the good news.

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  • Models Of Evangelism


    Many sincere Christians dismiss evangelism due to enduring evangelistic caricatures. This book helps readers move beyond those caricatures to consider thoughtfully and practically how they can engage in evangelism, whether it’s through one-on-one conversations, social media, social justice, or the pageantry of worship.

    At once biblical, theological, historical, and practical, this book by a seasoned scholar offers an engaging, well-researched, and well-organized presentation and analysis of 8 models of evangelism. Covering a breadth of approaches–from personal evangelism (one-on-one) to media evangelism (global) and everything in between–Priscilla Pope-Levison encourages readers to take a deeper look at evangelism and discover a model that captures their attention. Each chapter introduces and assesses a model biblically, theologically, historically, and practically, allowing for easy comparison across the board. The book also includes end-of-chapter study questions to further help readers interact with each model.

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  • How To Talk About Jesus Without Being That Guy


    Most Christians know they should be trying to tell their friends and family about Jesus. But in a post-Christendom world, personal evangelism is viewed negatively–it’s offensive, inappropriate, and insensitive. Recent studies confirm that the majority of Christians rarely evangelize, worried they might offend their family or lose their friends. In How to Talk About Jesus (Without Being That Guy), author Sam Chan equips everyday Christians who are reluctant and nervous to tell their friends about Jesus with practical, tested ways of sharing their faith in the least awkward ways possible.

    Drawing from over two decades of experience as an evangelist, teacher, and pastor, Chan explains why personal evangelism feels so awkward today. And utilizing recent insights from communication theory, cross-cultural ministry, and apologetics, he helps you build confidence in sharing your faith, and teaches you how to evangelize your friends and family in socially appropriate ways.

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  • Jesus At The Door


    As many as 96% of Christians are not leading anyone to Jesus. Which means that the vast majority of the wider church is, at best, simply sowing. The kingdom of God, however, requires both sowing and reaping. If we neglect reaping, we will not have a healthy harvest.

    Jesus at the Door offers a unique tool–an Equipping Card to use with anyone you know, anywhere–and practical, step-by-step instructions, helping readers witness to friends, family, even strangers on the street. This tried-and-tested method is framed around nine points and a picture, and takes about two minutes from introduction to salvation.

    A Leader’s Guide to Jesus at the Door explains in greater detail how to use the Equipping Card and is the perfect resource for pastors and ministry leaders who want to help their congregations or group members share the gospel effectively, partnering with the Holy Spirit and inviting users to learn to grow in Spirit-led evangelism. This book shows how you–yes, even you–can move from being a seasoned sower into a relentless reaper, living out a naturally supernatural lifestyle.

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  • Wesleyan Foundations For Evangelism


    Evangelism faces many challenges. One of the foremost is a need for sound preparation. Like Jesus with his disciples, the church must equip Christ followers to fulfill the Great Commission while remaining faithful to its Owner. Wesleyan Foundations for Evangelism mines the expertise of pastors, scholars, and other ministry leaders to offer guides and markers for preparing messengers of God s good news. Written from a Wesleyan perspective, contributors explore such topics as the Great Commission today, what it means to be a messenger of the good news of God’s kingdom, and the relationship of Christian practices to evangelism and discipleship.

    End-of-chapter discussion questions and bibliographies enhance this valuable resource, making it an essential read for ministers, ministerial students, and lay leaders.

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  • Not Done Yet


    Nones claim no religion. Dones have become disillusioned and left the church. Research shows many young adults are landing in one of these camps. But that’s not the end of the story. Many emerging adults, ages eighteen to thirty-three, are tossing aside the none and done labels and are instead embracing a transformative Christian faith. Based on her extensive research, scholar-practitioner Beth Seversen outlines a model for how to engage and retain millennials and Generation Z in the life of the local church. Emerging adults are likely to experience spiritual transformation in churches that welcome them into community, provide meaningful opportunities to make a difference, and invest in their development. Whether you’re a senior pastor or a youth minister, a parent or an educator, Not Done Yet will open your eyes to the generational barriers to vibrant faith while equipping you with insights to make your outreach to emerging adults more authentic and impactful.

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  • Renewing Our Hope


    With Renewing Our Hope: Essays for the New Evangelization, Bishop Barron traces the need of the renewal of the Catholic Church through four stages: Renewing Our Mission, regaining confidence to share the Catholic faith by looking to the Church’s intellectual inheritance; Renewing Our Minds, examining that inheritance more closely, including Thomas Aquinas, Hans Urs von Balthasar, John Henry Newman, and Pope Francis; Renewing the Church, overcoming sexual abuse and strengthening the priesthood and family life; and Renewing Our Culture, judgments on politics, society, and art. Bishop Barron demonstrates again in this book his ability to make the fruits of his wide reading accessible to a broad audience, while still giving his academic colleagues much to consider. Includes a bibliography and index of subjects and names–

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  • Catechesis For The New Evangelization


    Examines the theological foundations of catechesis in the Catholic Church’s understanding of divine revelation and its reception by the human person as expressed in the constitutions of Vatican II (Dei Verbum and Gaudium et Spes), using this as a background to explore the anthropology of Pope John Paul II and its applicability to the development of the New Evangelization emphasized by Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis–

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  • Anyone But Me


    Fear is the primary reason we fail to share the gospel with our friends, family, and coworkers. We’re afraid of looking weird or out of touch. We’re afraid we won’t have the right answers to their questions. We’re afraid that if they reject the gospel, they’re really rejecting us. We don’t want to make things awkward or strain our relationships. So we say nothing because our discomfort feels bigger than our loved ones’ ultimate destination if they remain outside of the body of Christ. We know it’s not, but it’s just so hard to get over our fear.

    Apologist Ray Comfort can help. In Anyone but Me, he shows you how to overcome your fears by developing ten critical, biblical characteristics so that you can confidently share the message of salvation with those you care about most. If you’ve been longing to see a dear friend, family member, or coworker come to Christ, now is the time to begin becoming the faithful witness they need. Because we never know how much more time we will have to proclaim God’s good news.

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  • What If Im Discouraged In My Evangelism


    Many new believers have questions about what it means to live as a Christian in the context of a local church, and pastors are looking for resources to pass along to their congregations to help them think biblically about the Christian life. 9Marks Church Questions is a new series that seeks to provide ordinary Christians with sound and accessible biblical teaching by answering common questions Christians have about church life. Each volume offers biblical answers and practical applications with the goal of nurturing healthy church practice and commitment. This booklet gives readers the biblical basis and practical tips for sharing the gospel with those who aren’t Christians, demonstrating how evangelism is doable for all believers, even those who feel like they aren’t particularly gifted in evangelism.

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  • Public Missiology : How Local Churches Witness To A Complex World


    How can Christians witness to the complexity of our world? Gregg Okesson shows that local congregations are the primary means of public witness in and for the world. As Christians move back and forth between their churches and their neighborhoods, workplaces, and other public spaces, they weave a thick gospel witness. This introduction to public missiology explains how local congregations can thicken their witness in the public realms where they live, work, and play. Real-life examples from around the world help readers envision approaches to public witness and social change.

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  • Longing For Revival


    Revival begins with God, but it’s lived out through us. James Choung and Ryan Pfeiffer have seen revival in their own ministries, with remarkable transformation in both individuals and communities. They unpack what revival looks like, how Christians can anticipate it, and how they can experience it, providing a model of revival leadership for Christians who want to facilitate and spread revival in their contexts.

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  • Cry Of The Blind


    A Gods Life Publishing Title

    Today there is a cry rising to God from the Blind Bartimaecus’s all cross our nation. The church as a whole is deafened to their cry. The love of money has caused many leaders to be more focused on having things rather than carrying the great commission of obeying Christ by evangelizing the lost. The Cry Of The Blind will encourage the church to refocus to the hearing the cry of the blind, initiate a plan of action to rescue them and thus fulfill the Great Commission.

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  • Christianity For People Who Arent Christians


    Pastor and award-winning author tackles some of the most pressing questions about Christianity, providing a great resource for pastors and church leaders to give to nonbelievers.

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  • Tactics 10th Anniversary Edition (Anniversary)


    In a world indifferent or even opposed to Christian truth, followers of Christ must be better equipped to communicate the timeless of the Christian faith. But how do you have a conversation with someone who is intent on proving you wrong and won’t accept the Bible as a source of authority?

    In Tactics, Gregory Koukl demonstrates how to artfully regain control of conversations, keeping them moving forward in constructive ways through thoughtful diplomacy. You’ll learn how to maneuver comfortably and graciously through the minefields of a challenging discussion, how to stop challengers in their tracks, and how to turn the tables on question or provocative statement. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to get people thinking about Jesus.

    Drawing on extensive experience defending Christianity in the public square, Koukl shows you how to:
    *Initiate conversations effortlessly
    *Present the truth clearly, cleverly, and persuasively
    *Graciously and effectively expose faulty thinking
    *Skillfully manage the details of dialogue
    *Maintain an engaging, disarming style even under attack

    Tactics provides the game plan for communicating the compelling truth about Christianity with confidence and grace.

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  • How To Give Away Your Faith


    Is Christianity good news for the people around you?

    Talking about your faith can be intimidating. You may wonder, How do I know what to say to people? What if I can’t answer their questions? What if they think I’m just strange? Paul Little has faced these fears and found effective, biblical ways to overcome them. In this practical, down-to-earth book, Little offers real-world examples and helpful advice that show how friendly and natural evangelism can really be. He guides readers in knowing both the Bible and the people they’re sharing with, using both words and actions, and responding to common objections and questions. Thoroughly updated and featuring a study guide for individuals or groups, How to Give Away Your Faith is as current as it is classic. Now included in the IVP Signature Collection, this is a book to excite you about giving away your faith.

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  • All Things New


    Starting in Genesis and working through the Scriptures, All Things New takes you on a journey into the very heart of God and His relentless passion to redeem lives, heal the nations, rewire the culture and bring renewal to all of creation. As we immerse ourselves in the greatest story ever told, we find our ultimate sense of belonging. We become actors in this unfolding drama, pushing forward God’s purposes for the world and joining His mission to make all things new.

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  • 1 Soul At A Time


    The lively story of one of the most influential evangelists of all time.For more than five decades Billy Graham (1918-2018) ranked as one of the most influential voices in the Christian world. Nearly 215 million people around the world heard him preach in person or through live electronic media, almost certainly more than any other person. For millions, Graham was less a preacher than a Protestant saint. Graham preached his gospel message to every corner of the world, but he made his mark in other ways, too. He led evangelicals out of the cultural closet and taught them how to function in the public square. His approach changed over time, from militant anti-communism to a more irenic, progressive posture. And throughout his career his preaching continued to resonate, propelled by his powerful promise of a second chance.This narrative biography of Billy Graham shows how he, more than any other individual, helped create and shape the powerful post-World War II evangelical movement in the United States and around the world.

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  • Something Needs To Change


    New York Times best-selling author David Platt takes readers on a heart-wrenching, soul-searching journey through impoverished villages in the Himalayan mountains. With riveting passion and surprising vulnerability, Platt dares readers to make a difference in a world of urgent need, starting right where they live.While leading a team on a week-long trek of the Himalayas, bestselling author and pastor David Platt was stunned by the human needs he encountered, an experience so dramatic that it changed the trajectory of my life. Meeting a man who’d lost his eye from a simple infection and seeing the faces of girls stolen from their families and trafficked in the cities, along with other unforgettable encounters, opened his eyes to the people behind the statistics and compelled him to wrestle with his assumptions about faith. In Something Needs to Change, Platt invites readers to come along on both the adventure of the trek, as well as the adventure of seeking answers to tough questions like, Where is God in the middle of suffering? What makes my religion any better than someone else’s religion? and What do I believe about eternal suffering? Platt has crafted an irresistible message about what it means to give your life for the gospel–to finally stop talking about faith and truly start living it.

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  • Liquid Church : 6 Powerful Currents To Saturate Your City For Christ


    What’s the difference between a thriving Christ-centered church that’s saturating its city with the Gospel, and other churches that love the Lord, but are plateaued or declining? A key part of the answer lies in identifying new wineskins for ministry, ones that can earn a fresh hearing for the Gospel with spiritually thirsty generations.In a fluid, rapidly-changing world, every church struggles with finding fresh ways to win a hearing for Christ with the current generation. What worked 20, 10 or even 5 years ago too often loses its effectiveness as our world experiences a tsunami of cultural change, especially among the younger rising generations. Church leaders want to know not only how people are responsive today, but also why. They want to understand how leading churches are pouring the living water of Jesus Christ through new wineskins, and how some of the ideas, along with their underlying values, could work for them as well.Looking underneath Liquid Church’s phenomenal growth from a dozen people to more than 5,000 weekly attenders in 12 years, this book explains how this vibrant church has pioneered a number of ministry shifts that has resulted in strong cross-generational appeal. How does a church effectively saturate its community with the good news about Jesus without diluting the truth and power of the gospel? Lucas and Bird look at seven spiritual currents that churches can leverage to reposition themselves for community impact while holding fast to the timeless, unchanging truth of Christ. These shifts reflect national trends as well, and the authors include examples of how other churches are doing the same thing in different cultural contexts.

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  • How To Witness To A Mormon


    Mormonism is one of the fastest growing religion in the United States. Because Mormons use Christian terminology, many are stymied in their ability to effectively witness to them. How to Witness to a Mormon is a handy pamphlet that defines, documents, and refutes basic Mormon teachings. Jerry and Diana Benson offer practical tips on how to approach witnessing to a Mormon and provide ample information from Mormon sources.

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  • New Ways To Tell The Old Old Story


    SKU (ISBN): 9780816310746H.M.S. RichardsBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2019Publisher: Pacific Press Publishing Association

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  • Unlikely Converts : Improbable Stories Of Faith And What They Teach Us Abou


    Rely on the unstoppable power of the gospel, not your own words

    Most Christians have people in their lives who they’re sure will never come to faith. Whether they’re too committed to their sinful ways, too angry at God, or too quick to shut down any mention of the saving grace of Jesus, these long shots don’t seem worth approaching.

    But some of the most unlikely converts have the strongest faith stories, and they can be a source of incredible encouragement for Christians who are trying to evangelize those around them. Randy Newman knows firsthand the discomfort that comes with sharing the gospel. He’s been tongue-tied and timid too. But the truth is, we don’t need to sound like the brilliant, charismatic, legendary evangelists.

    In this book, Randy shares surprising conversion stories straight from those who took the long way around to Christianity. He considers current cultural trends that make evangelism more difficult today. Then with his characteristic upbeat style, he offers practical ways, and even exact wording, to proclaim the gospel and includes a plan of action.

    In the end, Unlikely Converts encourages us to remember that while the Great Commission requires us to share the good news, it does not require perfection, only confidence in the message.

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  • God And The Brain


    Does cognitive science show that religious belief is irrational? Kelly James Clark brings together science and philosophy to examine some of humanity’s more pressing questions. Is belief in God, as Richard Dawkins claims, a delusion? Are atheists smarter or more rational than religious believers? Do our genes determine who we are and what we believe? Can our very creaturely cognitive equipment help us discover truth and meaning in life? Are atheists any different from Mother Teresa? Clark’s surprising answers both defend the rationality of religious belief and contribute to the study of cognitive science.God and the Brain explores complicated questions about the nature of belief and the human mind.Scientifically minded, philosophically astute, and reader-friendly, God and the Brain provides an accessible overview of some new cognitive scientific approaches to the study of religion and evaluates their implications for both theistic and atheistic belief.

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  • Jesus King Of Strangers


    Recovering the church’s native language for migrantsNationalistic tribalism is on the rise around the world. How we treat strangers (foreigners, immigrants, migrants) is a prominent political, economic, and religious issue. Drawing on his personal experiences and expertise as a biblical scholar, Mark Hamilton argues that Scripture describes God’s people as strangers who are called to show grace and hospitality to others.The church has often identified itself as a community of strangers. This was the story of the church during much of its early history. In many parts of the world, it still is. In a world in which 240 million persons are voluntary immigrants and another 60 to 70 million are refugees, the urgency of the church’s recovery of its native language on immigration remains vital. Jesus, King of Strangers examines the Bible’s key ideas about human movement and the relationship between migrants and their hosts. Hamilton argues that reclaiming the biblical language will free the church from hypernationalism and fear-driven demagoguery.

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  • Unsaved Christian : Reaching Cultural Christianity With The Gospel


    What to do when they say they’re Christian but don’t know Jesus

    Whether it’s the Christmas and Easter Christians or the faithful church attenders whose hearts are cold toward the Lord, we’ve all encountered cultural Christians. They’d check the Christian box on a survey, they’re fine with church, but the truth is, they’re far from God. So how do we bring Jesus to this overlooked mission field?

    The Unsaved Christian equips you to confront cultural Christianity with honesty, compassion, and grace, whether you’re doing it from the pulpit or the pews. This practical guide will:
    *show you how to recognize cultural Christianity
    *teach you how to overcome the barriers that get in the way
    *give you easy-to-understand advice about VBS, holiday services, reaching good people, and more!

    If you’ve ever felt stuck or unsure how to minister to someone who identifies as Christian but still needs Jesus, this book is for you.

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  • Here I Am


    Here I Am fills readers with a passion for God, personal holiness, and the renewal of the church and wider world. It captures the tension between the power of God’s Word and that of personal stories, combining fresh teaching from Andy Hawthorne with first-hand testimonies from people transformed by Jesus Christ.

    Equipped with relevant and thought-provoking discussion questions and a series of short videos for personal reflection or group discussion, this resource provides an encouraging reminder of the impact the gospel can have.

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  • Gospel Witness : Evangelism In Word And Deed


    Verbally sharing the gospel is only part of evangelism, asserts author David Gustafson. We must also live out the good news, both as individuals and as communities. In this book Gustafson expertly lays out the foundations of and approaches to evangelism that are crucial for the church today.

    In light of our increasingly post-Christian Western contexts, Gustafson offers a mission-oriented ecclesiology that moves from missional theory to practices of missional engagement. Introduc-ing God’s human drama as a way to explain the gospel within God’s redemptive story, he outlines specific ways for pastors and church leaders to shape a gospeling culture within their congre-gations.

    Gustafson’s biblical, theological, historical, cultural, and practical approach will make this book an ideal text for evangelical pastors, professors, students, and Christian leaders.

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  • Becoming A Follower Of Jesus


    The colorful, Becoming a Follower of Jesus gift book for children is an easy-to-read explanation of the gospel for young children. Through this booklet, children who may be new to the faith will garner a clearer understanding of just how much God loves them.

    Written by Dave Strehler, this evangelistic tool provides clear explanations in a relatable style ideal for children ages 6-10. Strehler draws upon his 25 years experience in children’s ministry and is passionate about equipping young people by helping them understand and enjoy reading the Bible.

    The Becoming a Follower of Jesus booklet is a must-have for anyone looking to share the gospel with the younger generation and is especially useful in children’s ministries, Sunday School or churches. Get a couple to have on hand to distribute as you see the need arise.

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  • Lay Evangelists Handbook


    Can you see yourself making converts?

    Very few books have ever been written to teach the mechanics of practical Catholic evangelization. Of the books available, none teach you a step-by-step method for actually cultivating an inquirer, then taking that inquirer all the way to the baptismal font… until now.

    Nobody is more qualified to teach Catholic evangelization than Joe Sixpack–The Every Catholic Guy. Joe Sixpack has made hundreds of converts since 1988 in small group and one-on-one venues, eighty-four of whom are his adult godchildren. Consequently, he is a virtual treasure trove of how-to-evangelize resources.

    In this book, Joe Sixpack will show you…
    *How to become one of God’s rock stars of evangelization
    *What the two primary obligations are for all Catholics that most people don’t know
    *How to begin the journey to becoming a saint
    *How to identify and acquire a good spiritual director
    *The actual mechanics of productive evangelization
    *The dangers of nice Catholicism
    *How to hear God laugh
    *Step-by-step what to do to win over a convert
    *Much, much more!

    The Lay Evangelist’s Handbook can show you everything you need to know about helping souls into the Catholic Church, while building a higher spot for yourself in heaven.

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  • Scattered Servants : Unleashing The Church To Bring Life To The City


    Alan Scott, a leader in the Vineyard Movement, draws upon his years of experience to share inspiring stories of cities transformed by scattered servants. He shares practical ways for church leaders to move beyond the building walls and take the kingdom to those who need it most. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Scott argues that every believer, not just the leaders, can fill their city, workplace, and family with the beauty and power of Christ.

    When believers become scattered servants, the Holy Spirit will equip them to advance the kingdom and change lives through their hearts and hands.

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  • Whole And Reconciled


    The ministry of reconciliation is the new whole in holistic ministry. It must be if the Christian mission is to remain relevant in our increasingly fractured world. This book offers a fresh treatment of holistic ministry that takes the role of reconciliation seriously, rethinking the meaning of the gospel, the nature of the church, and the practice of mission in light of globalization, post-Christendom, and postcolonialism. It also includes theological and practical resources for effectively engaging in evangelism, compassion and justice, and reconciliation ministries. Includes a foreword by Ruth Padilla DeBorst and an afterword by Ronald J. Sider.

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  • Getting Through To Jehovahs Witnesses


    Grace And Joy Publishing Title

    Do you want to share the gospel with Jehovah’s Witnesses but don’t know what to say? Have you tried to talk with them only to end up frustrated and going around in circles? The key to effective communication with Jehovah’s Witnesses is getting them out of their prepared presentations by approaching Bible discussion in ways they won’t expect. In this way, you can get them off autopilot and help them focus on what the Bible is really saying.

    This book will help you witness to Jehovah’s Witnesses by:
    *Relating the author’s personal experiences in a Watchtower home Bible study
    *Giving specific witnessing principles you need to follow to communicate effectively with Witnesses
    *Telling you what you need to know about the differences between the Watchtower religion and biblical Christianity
    *Sharing approaches which explain how to get through to Jehovah’s Witnesses by presenting specific Bible truths in unexpected ways

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  • Refugee Diaspora : Missions Amid The Greatest Humanitarian Crisis Of The Wo


    Refugee Diaspora is a contemporary account of the global refugee situation and how the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ is shining brightly in the darkest corners of the greatest crisis on our planet. These hope-filled pages of refugees encountering Jesus Christ presents models of Christian ministry from the front lines of the refugee crisis and the real challenges of ministering to today’s refugees. It includes biblical, theological and practical reflections on mission in diverse diaspora contexts from leading scholars as well as practitioners in all major regions of the world.

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  • Margins Of Islam


    What do you do when Islam does not adequately describe the Muslims you know? Margins of Islam brings together a stellar collection of experienced missionary scholar-practitioners who explain their own approaches to a diversity of Muslims across the world. Each chapter grapples with a context that is significantly different from the way Islam is traditionally presented in mission texts. These crucial differences may be theological, socio-political, ethnic, or a specific variation of Islam in a context but they all shape the way we do mission. This book will help you discover Islam as a lived experience in various settings and equip you to engage Muslims in any context, including your own.

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  • True Inclusion : Creating Communities Of Radical Embrace


    Discover how to move your church beyond mere welcome to radical embrace.

    So your church website says you’re welcoming, a rainbow flag flies out front, worship uses gender-inclusive language, and you make sure you greet the stranger next to you on Sunday mornings. But is all of that really enough? And what if those welcoming gestures actually keep visitors from returning and exclude dozens of other groups or people in your community?

    In True Inclusion, public theologian and pastor Brandan Robertson shares how to move your church from mere welcome to radical embrace. Pointing to a clear biblical imperative for radical inclusivity in the sanctuary and in the public square, Robertson presents a paradigm-shifting vision of community, where nothing is simple, nothing is easy, but everything is beautiful. Learn practical, step-by-step approaches to becoming deeply, robustly, and richly inclusive of all people regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, and socioeconomic status.

    Written for people and communities at every stage of the journey, True Inclusion will challenge and inspire you to embody a gospel of radical embrace for all.

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  • Tacticas


    Cansado de sentirse torpe e intimidado en las conversaciones?
    Quiere aumentar su seguridad y capacidad en las conversaciones con sus parientes, amigos y compaeros de trabajo?
    Gregory Koukl ofrece estrategicas practicas para ayudarle a permanecer en control mientras maniobra con comodidad y gracia cualquier conversacion sobre sus convicciones cristianas.

    En un mundo cada vez mas indiferente a las verdades cristianas, los seguidores de Cristo necesitamos estar preparados para comunicarse con aquellos que no hablan su lenguaje o no aceptan su fuente de autoridad.
    Gregory Koukl demuestra de que manera se puede sentar usted en el asiento del conductor y mantener cualquier conversacion en movimiento por medio de una considerada y habilidosa diplomacia. Usted aprendera a maniobrar con comodidad y gracia a traves de los campos minados, parar en seco a los retadores, darle vuelta a la conversacion y, lo mas importante de todo, hacer que la gente piense en Jesus. Pronto, su conversacion tendra mas de diplomacia que de guerra.

    Koukl, utilizando su extensa experiencia en la defensa del cristianismo en la plaza publica, le muestra de que manera: presentar la verdad con claridad, lucidez y persuasion, poner al descubierto con gracia y eficacia las maneras incorrectas de pensar, pensar con habilidad los detalles del dialogo, mantener un estilo cautivador y pacifico, incluso cuando lo esten atacando.

    Este libro le proporcionara las reglas del juego para comunicar la cautivadora verdad acerca del cristianismo con seguridad y gracia.

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  • Acts To Action


    Winner of a 2019 Illumination Book Award!

    Jesus’ first disciples and modern-day Christians face the same question: How do we share the good news of Christ that we have experienced with the people we meet in the course of our daily lives? The Book of Acts details how the early disciples overcome the challenges of spreading the gospel in the midst of failing institutions, theological differences, and widespread uncertainty. With a focus on Acts Chapter 8, editors Susan Brown Snook and Adam Trambley and contributors from across the Episcopal Church discuss how these lessons from Christ’s earliest followers apply to the mission Jesus still gives us today: to be his witnesses in our churches and neighborhoods and to the ends of the earth. The authors explore essential elements of church mission, including worship, proclamation, loving and serving, repentance, and knowing the community.

    Framed by reflections from church leaders Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows and Gay Clark Jennings, the book provides encouragement and practical suggestions to help individuals and groups move from Acts to action.

    Contributors include: Joseph Alsay, Carrie Boren Headington, Frank Logue, Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale, Steve Pankey, and Holli Powell

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  • Healing Our Broken Humanity


    Foreword By Willie James Jennings
    Introduction: Nine Practices That Heal Our Broken Humanity
    1. Reimagine Church
    2. Renew Lament
    3. Repent Together
    4. Relinquish Power
    5. Restore Justice
    6. Reactivate Hospitality
    7. Reinforce Agency
    8. Reconcile Relationships
    9. Recover Life Together
    Epilogue: A Benediction And Prayer
    Appendix One: Questions For Discussion And Engagement
    Appendix Two: The Nine Transforming Practices Accountability Form
    Appendix Three: Resources For Healing Our Broken Humanity

    Additional Info
    We live in conflicted times. Our newsfeeds are filled with inequality, division, and fear. We want to make a difference and see justice restored because Jesus calls us to be a peacemaking and reconciling people. But how do we do this?

    Based on their work with diverse churches, colleges, and other organizations, Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Graham Hill offer Christian practices that can bring healing and hope to a broken world. They provide ten ways to transform society, from lament and repentance to relinquishing power, reinforcing agency, and more. Embodying these practices enables us to be the new humanity in Jesus Christ, so the church and world can experience reconciliation, justice, unity, peace, and love.

    With small group activities, discussion questions, and exercises in each chapter, this book is ideal to read together in community. Discover here how to bring real change to a dehumanized world.

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  • Disruptive Witness : Speaking Truth In A Distracted Age



    Part One: A Distracted, Secular Age
    1. The Barrier Of Endless Distraction
    2. The Barrier Of The Buffered Self
    3. Searching For Visions Of Fullness

    Part Two: Bearing A Disruptive Witness
    4. Disruptive Personal Habits
    5. Disruptive Church Practices
    6. Disruptive Cultural Participation
    Conclusion: Large And Startling Figures

    Additional Info
    We live in a distracted, secular age.These two trends define life in Western society today. We are increasingly addicted to habits-and devices-that distract and buffer us from substantive reflection and deep engagement with the world. And we live in what Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor calls a secular age-an age in which all beliefs are equally viable and real transcendence is less and less plausible. Drawing on Taylor’s work, Alan Noble describes how these realities shape our thinking and affect our daily lives. Too often Christians have acquiesced to these trends, and the result has been a church that struggles to disrupt the ingrained patterns of people’s lives. But the gospel of Jesus is inherently disruptive: like a plow, it breaks up the hardened surface to expose the fertile earth below. In this book Noble lays out individual, ecclesial, and cultural practices that disrupt our society’s deep-rooted assumptions and point beyond them to the transcendent grace and beauty of Jesus.Disruptive Witness casts a new vision for the evangelical imagination, calling us away from abstraction and cliche to a more faithful embodiment of the gospel for our day.

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  • Mission Of The Body Of Christ



    Part I: Jerusalem
    1. A Letter From An Old Friend
    2. Ascension
    3. Pentecost
    4. Flee To God
    5. Prayer For Boldness
    6. Ananias And Sapphira
    7. Gamaliel’s Wager
    8. Stephen And Saul
    9. Philip

    Part II: Paul Begins
    10. Paul Begins
    11. What God Has Made Clean
    12. A Room Full Of Gentiles
    13. Barnabas And Paul In Antioch
    14. Precious In The Sight Of The Lord

    Part III: The Missionary Journeys
    15. A Diverse And Sending Church
    16. There And Back Again
    17. The Jerusalem Council
    18. Come Over And Help Us
    19. The Philippian Precedent
    20. Concerning The Unknown God
    21. The Roads Good Friends Walk
    22. Artemis Of The Ephesians
    23. Looking East
    24. The Road To Jerusalem

    Part IV: Rome And Beyond
    25. The Nazarite Vow
    26. The Plot To Kill Paul
    27. Before Felix And Festus
    28. Before Herod Agrippa II
    29. Shipwreck
    30. Rome At Last
    31. On Earth As It Is In Heaven


    Additional Info
    God had not just sent his Messiah into the world. He had sent him to them. They were known. In all their guilt-intended and unintended-they were known and invited to find refuge in the grace of God, accomplished through the life, death, and resurrection of his Son. And the church continued to grow.Jesus sent his followers into the world. Russ Ramsey’s dynamic narrative traces the journey of the early church with thirty-one daily readings through the book of Acts, as the people of God carried out Jesus’ mission as his ambassadors. This unlikely band of believers faced enormous challenges yet experienced God’s power and grace as they moved forward in the Spirit. Through this new community, a movement spread around the world that continues to this day.Come discover the transformation that energized the early church. And you too can play your part in the unfolding story.Also including The Advent of the Lamb of God and The Passion of the King of Glory, the Retelling the Story series explores the narrative arc of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation in compelling language that is faithful to the text of Scripture. The stories are told afresh to help readers hide God’s word in their hearts by way of their imaginations.

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  • Loving And Leaving A Church


    Barbara Melosh’s story was a common one. A second-career seminarian, she arrived at her first pastorate brimming with enthusiasm and high hopes. The blue-collar congregation to which she’d been called had a glorious past but an uncertain future. Certain that she could turn around its slow yet undeniable slide into decline, Melosh inaugurated a number of church growth and outreach programs. Most of these efforts had little effect, and the ones that did seem to work soon suffered reverse outcomes and eventual demise. In the end, Melosh had to conclude that the members of the congregation liked their church the way it was and that she could not drag them into a future they did not want.

    Yet while the congregation failed to change itself, Melosh notes, it succeeded in changing her. Simply put, it made her a pastor. At times heartbreaking and hilarious, Loving and Leaving a Church offers a glimpse into the challenges and opportunities of ministry in a mainline church.

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  • Joyfully Spreading The Word


    Many Christian women view evangelism as an optional add-on to their Christian lives-which means it’s often neglected in the face of constant distractions, cultural discomfort, and busy schedules. And yet, God has called women to joyfully spread the good news in all the various contexts to which God has called them. It’s time for a renewed vision of the necessity, urgency, and practicality of the call to share the good news of Jesus in any situation. With a clear articulation of the message of the gospel alongside concrete personal stories and practical examples from ten women, this book supplies role models who show women how to faithfully and effectively share the gospel in any season of life.

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  • Evangelism After Pluralism


    Shows what it means to evangelize ethically in a multicultural climate, urging us to consider a new approach to understanding evangelism and our practice of it.

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  • Organic Outreach For Churches (Expanded)


    Nearly all churches and ministries consider themselves dedicated to evangelism, and many explicitly include outreach in their mission statements. But few are actually bearing fruit. Kevin Harney diagnoses this problem and offers guidance for multiplying the outreach impact of churches. Organic Outreach for Churches provides direction for local congregations to weave evangelism into the fabric of the church. Commitment to the Great Commission is not simply about sending money and prayers to missions or holding occasional events to reach out (although these things are good). Organic outreach happens when evangelistic vision and action become the domain of every ministry and the commitment of every person in the congregation. This will not happen accidentally. There is huge spiritual and practical resistance to such changes. But the only way evangelism will become an organic part of a church is when every leader and each member is gripped by a commitment to proclaiming the gospel. This book is a roadmap for pastors and leaders who wish to infuse evangelistic passion into every aspect of their church’s life.

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  • Gospel Comes With A House Key


    The word hospitality often invokes a scene of a gracious, impeccably fashioned host welcoming guests into a beautifully appointed home prepared with perfectly-presented meals. However, when the Bible calls Christians to be hospitable, it’s calling them to much more. In this book, Rosaria Butterfield invites readers into her home and shows from her own life and experience how radically ordinary hospitality can be a bridge for bringing the gospel to lost friends and neighbors-something that she experienced herself on her journey to Christ. Such hospitality welcomes those who look, think, believe, and act differently than us into our own everyday, sometimes messy lives. Christians will be inspired and equipped to use their homes and tables as a way of showing a skeptical, unbelieving world what love and authentic faith really look like.

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  • Prayer Evangelism : How To Change The Spiritual Climate Over Your Home Neig (Rev


    In this revised and updated edition of a game-changing book, bestselling author Ed Silvoso shows that when you change a city’s spiritual climate, everything–and everybody–transforms. It was something the early church innately knew, and here he shares a proven, biblical, and practical plan to help you change the spiritual climate of your city.

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  • Evangelism In A Skeptical World


    Most Christians already know that they should be telling their friends about Jesus. But they have been poorly equipped with methods that are no longer effective in today’s post-Christian world. As a result, many people become frustrated, blame themselves, and simply give up. Evangelism in a Skeptical World is a textbook on evangelism that is ideal for the church or the classroom to equip Christians with the principles and skills they need to tell the unbelievable news about Jesus to friends in a skeptical world.

    Many of the older principles and methods of evangelism in the twentieth century no longer work effectively today. In a post-Christian, post-churched, post-reached world we need new methods to communicate the timeless message of the gospel in culturally relevant ways. Dr. Chan combines the theological and biblical insights of classic evangelistic training with the latest insights from missiology on contextualization, cultural hermeneutics, and storytelling. Every chapter is illustrated with real-world examples drawn from over fifteen years of evangelistic ministry. These are methods that really work – with university students, urban workers, and professionals – getting past the defensive posture that people have toward Christianity so they can seriously consider the claims of Jesus Christ.

    Field-tested and filled with unique, fresh, and creative insights, this book will equip you to share the gospel in today’s world and help as many people as possible hear the good news about Jesus.

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  • More Than A Carpenter Teachers Manual (Teacher’s Guide)


    Josh McDowell thought Christians must be out of their minds. He argued against their faith. But finally he saw his arguments wouldn’t stand up. Jesus Christ really was God in human form. Josh became a speaker at schools of higher learning. He held the facts up to those who were just as unbelieving as he had been. In More Than A Carpenter Josh centers upon the person who changed his lift – Jesus Christ. It is the right book for people who do not believe that Jesus was God, that he rose from the dead, or that He has claims on their lives.

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