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  • Getting Naked Later


    Dating, Waiting, and Feeling Frustrated?

    In all the ways you imagined your life, this is never how you thought it would turn out.

    If you didn’t anticipate still being single at this stage and you aren’t quite sure how to navigate the unfulfilled dreams and as yet unanswered prayers, you are not alone.

    Kate Hurley found herself waiting on the side of that road, and waiting, and waiting. Now she wants to guide you through it. She doesn’t offer a magic formula that will bring your spouse to you, nor does she ask you to be content with your gift of singleness.
    Getting Naked Later will help you tackle the hard questions:
    *What happens if I never get married?
    *Do I have value if I don’t have a mate?
    *Will I always feel lonely if I end up alone?

    Kate gives you permission to grieve your unmet expectations while opening your heart and life to the unforeseen possibilities of a different kind of love story. Like Kate, your longing may never go away, but you can learn how to long and let go at the very same time.

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  • Party Of One


    A relatable, funny, and heartfelt exploration of the Christian ideas so many single women embrace and what the Bible really says about singleness, hope, and community.

    In Party of One, Joy Beth Smith discusses the tensions experienced by singles struggling to reconcile the hope they feel for marriage with the bleak results of dating. She dissects the appealing ideas many embrace that keep them from a healthy understanding of the gospel, and she calls readers to stop pressing pause on a life they never expected.

    With humor, self-awareness, and been-there perspective, Party of One meets readers in their insecurities and struggles and offers hope, purpose, and communion. It also encourages the church to do more than simply allow singles to pull up a chair but, rather, invites them to intentionally set a place for singles to dive into community and drink deeply of the life God has given.

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  • Single Dating Engaged Married


    Navigating the Four Critical Seasons of Relationship

    The vast majority of young people will still pass through the key phases of singleness, dating, engagement and marriage in their twenties. Yet they are delaying marriage longer than any generation in human history. Why?

    For the first time in history, the average age for an American woman having her first child, 26, is younger than the average age of her first marriage, 27. More children than ever are growing up in fatherless homes, despite the overwhelming evidence that in every measurable way this is bad for the child. The Center for Disease Control also recently reported a dramatic rise in sexually transmitted disease nationwide. In Rhode Island alone, since the onset of online dating, reported cases of Syphilis has risen 79%, and HIV has increased by 33%. Though many young people can avoid early pregnancy and STDS, most cannot dodge the depression and feelings of isolation that characterize this modern generation. Studies show a dramatic rise in self-reported loneliness among the young. All of our technological connectivity has not made us feel more connected. In many ways, the very screens that are meant to link us to others have become shields blocking us from the deep intimacy we crave. Many have discovered that where there is a lack of intimacy,addiction often rises to take its place. How can a young person navigate such troubled waters? Is there hope out there?

    Like a sailor on turbulent seas, we need to look up and see the North Star: the fixed points in the sky whereby we might navigate the objective realities in life. We need the skill-set to know how to journey through life and how to select the right people to journey alongside. In this book we will chart a course through the four relational phases that the vast majority of human beings on the planet will pass through in their twenties: singleness, dating, engaged and married. In each of these phases, we will look at what eternal purposes should be pursued in each stage, and how to pursue them.





    Our desires for intimacy are powerful. This power can be constructive or destructive. Our satisfaction and our safety will be ensured if we can aim these powerful desires toward divine purposes.

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  • Sex And The Single Girl


    A study on sex that goes beyond just don’t do it.

    Whereas most sexuality studies for singles focus solely on purity-simply offering a don’t do it or just wait message-Sex and the Single Girl presents a broader understanding of what it means to honor God with our sexuality. This resource will equip single women to understand their sexuality, trust the Lord for redemption and healing, and stand against the cultural trends that marginalize and compromise sexuality.

    Juli Slattery, a clinical psychologist and cofounder of Authentic Intimacy, has devoted the last five years of her life to equipping women with God’s truth about sexuality. Here she drives home the truth that every sexual choice is also a spiritual choice. The six-week study is broken down into five days for each week, prompting study and reflection. The weeks cover:
    *Why Sexuality Matters: Shows the connection between spirituality and sexuality
    *Embracing a Grand Design: Explores God’s design and the beauty of living according to His wisdom.
    *Sexuality and Your Character: Helps women think through how their sexuality is part of their worship and Christian identity.
    *Sexual Boundaries: A very practical chapter providing a biblical grid for matters like masturbation, oral sex, and how far is too far to go in a dating relationship.
    *Battling Temptation: Takes a peak at the enemy’s playbook to help women anticipate, prepare for, and stand against sexual temptation.
    *Restoring Intimacy with God: Shows how God can tear down the wall of sexual sin, shame, and confusion through forgiveness and redemption.

    This study has been tested through pilot groups with college women and other 20 somethings. Revised according to their feedback, it is primed and ready to help any single woman think biblically about sexuality, live accordingly, and experience the joy and freedom of doing so.

    This study is especially relevant today. One of the greatest threats to the modern church and emerging adults is the distortion of sexual design. Study after study has documented the proliferation of porn use (among both men and women), sexual exploitation on college campuses, experimentation with homosexuality and bi-sexuality, and the acceptability of multiple sexual partners. The average single Christian has received very little teaching on the purpose of sexuality, and a simple Just wait until you’re married approach won’t cut it. Christian singles need to be equipped with a biblical worldv

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  • Not Yet Married


    Single people are one of the fastest growing demographics in America. Now more than ever, marriage is being postponed, willingly or unwillingly, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the greatest temptation in singleness is to assume marriage was designed to meet our needs, fix our weaknesses, solve our problems, organize our lives, and unleash our gifts. But the single years can be a unique, God-given period of unmatched and intentional devotion to Christ and ministry to others, even in the midst of waiting for a spouse. This book will help single people make the most of their not-yet-married life by making much of Jesus as they look ahead to a wise, pure, and godly marriage.

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  • Dating Detox : 40 Days Of Perfecting Love In An Imperfect World


    If we want love, why do we often settle for less?
    from the Foreword by Jason and Crystalina Evert
    Tired of toxic relationships, many young adults want to clean up their love lives. They desire to give their lives to Christ and turn away from sin but without a concrete plan, they quickly fall back into old habits. Featuring daily reflections and resolutions, this forty-day detox provides a practical cleanse for those who want to purify themselves from the poisoned dating culture and live a life of authentic freedom, respect, and love.
    Inside you’ll find:
    Compelling and clear explanations of God’s plans for love, dating, and sex
    Hopeful true-life stories of people who have successfully moved from desiring chastity to actually living it
    Practical tools, habits, and strategies to live more virtuously with joy and freedom

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  • Dating Bible


    Are you single and searching or dating and dissatisfied? Do you think you’re ready for a new, hot date? Ty Adams says, Think again. With humor, love, and a lot of straight-talking, Dr. Ty Adams takes your dating questions back to the beginning: What are we here on earth for? By rediscovering God’s purpose and plan for yourlife, she honestly navigates through the many issues Christians bring to the dating table: relationship abuse, missionary dating, dating as a single parent, dating addictions, sexual fantasies, shacking up, promiscuity, unsafe online dating, commitment phobia, pornography, masturbation, messy hook-ups and messy break-ups, lack of accountability, and more. In this follow-up to her best-selling Single, Saved, and Having Sex (cowritten with Dr. Myles Munroe), sex expert Ty Adams pulls from personal experience and the thousands of dating veterans she’s heard and counselled to create an indispensable dating manual that includes these helpful lists and quizzes: Are You Ready to Date?What’s Your Dating Style?10 Things That Destroy RelationshipsMyths about Singles Who Are Waiting Until Marriage to Have SexIs He/She the One?13 Things I Wish I’d Known about DatingThe 10 Commandments of DatingWhether girl or guy, single or not, The Dating Bible will pull you out of me-centered relationships and into God-centered, relational hop

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  • Manten La Calma Y Disfruta La


    The secret of keeping calm is choosing a man worthy of you.

    You are a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. You don’t need to throw yourself into any man’s arms or settle for less than you deserve, only to end up telling people that he is not that bad. If you feel like screaming whenever someone dares to ask, Are you still single? When are you finally getting married?, then this book is for you.

    *You will learn…
    *how to deal with all the wrong reasons for getting married married.
    *that if you are unhappy by yourself, you’ll end up feeling miserable with a Mr. Wrong.
    *to enjoy your life while you wait.
    *to dismiss this common belief that good men are an extinct species.

    Do not settle for less! Keep calm. Choose Mr. Right, because you deserve it!

    El secreto de mantener la calma es escoger a un hombre a tu altura.

    Tu eres una pieza unica. No tienes que regalarte ni conformarte con el primer hombre que te diga palabras dulces, de quien tu digas que no es tan malo. Si eres de las mujeres que estan a punto de desfallecer si alguien mas se atreve a preguntarte: Eres soltera?, Cuando te vas a casar?, este libro es para ti.

    *Como enfrentar el desfile de razones erroneas por las cuales te debes casar
    *Que quien es infeliz solo, sera mas infeliz acompaado
    *A aprovechar tu solteria para cultivarte y disfrutar tu vida
    * A desechar la creencia de que ya no hay hombres buenos

    !No te conformes con menos! Manten la calma. !Escoge al mejor porque te lo mereces!

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  • Whos Picking Me Up From The Airport


    What lifts a single girl’s spirit most-aside from finding a man, of course-is meeting other girls in her same boat. Who’s Picking Me Up From the Airport? opens with Cindy Johnson’s story and she will quickly become your newfound single companion. Her refreshing and comical commentary on adult Christian dating provides readers the much needed opportunity to laugh and celebrate single life for what it is: joyful and complicated.

    Beneath the candor and self-deprecation, Who’s Picking Me Up From the Airport? is built on the question, Does Jesus actually care about dating and singleness? And if so, how does he enter into it? Have you ever found yourself wary of voicing your concerns for fear of appearing desperate or lacking in faith. Cindy’s choice to put it all out there creates a powerful and much needed safe place for vulnerability and honesty around singleness.

    This book addresses head on the difficult reality experienced by singles in the Church. Cindy will push you to seek Jesus first, even when you don’t get the things you want. Each chapter begins with a short letter written by single Christian women to other women from all walks of life. You will be reminded that you are not alone. In authentic pages filled with humor and truth, you will find in Who’s Picking Me Up from the Airport? what you need most-a friend.

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  • Truth Lies And The Single Woman


    Single women are neither unloved nor forgotten.

    Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman: Dispelling 10 Common Myths combats the lies that destroy the joy and confidence of unmarried women.

    In her groundbreaking book, Allison K. Flexer dispels the following myths surrounding single women:

    1. Because no one has chosen me, I’m not valuable.
    2. God has forgotten about me .
    3. Sex outside of marriage is okay.
    4. My past can’t be forgiven.
    5. I’m not beautiful.
    6. Getting married will solve all my problems.
    7. There is something wrong with me.
    8. The church values married people more than me.
    9. It’s too late for me, so I should settle.
    10. My life is on hold until I find a spouse.

    Single women will gain practical steps to accept and believe God’s truth. Flexer believes the question Who am I? is best answered by asking, Who is God? and challenges single women to confidently embrace their value as they gain a better understanding of the character of God.

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  • Single But Not Alone


    Whatever your age; whether you’re never-married, divorced, widowed or a single parent…Single, but Not Alone gives you an in-depth look at the singles scene as it identifies unique needs of each singles group * gives tips and advice on facing challenges and solving problems * tells how singles fit into the ministry of the church and what the church can offer them * explains why it is OK to be single * reveals advantages to being single * looks at how to deal with stress and experience emotional healing * addresses God’s expectations for singles…and more. 144-page paperback.

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  • Single Steps In A Married World


    It’s time to walk out of captivity & into freedom! Discover what’s been keeping you from a life of freedom and completeness in Christ. In Single Steps in a Married World, you will learn to love your Lord, love yourself, and attract love to you! Journey with present day women as well as women of the Bible to discover your true self and so much more.

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  • Abundant Single Life


    The abundant life is readily available for every saved individual, not just those who are married. Didn’t Jesus Himself promise in John 10:10: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly? Yet, even though we recognize that God works for our good and that He makes no mistakes, many times Christian singles are made to feel that they are mistakes. This idea couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    If you are a single woman looking for worth and purpose in a couples’ world, this book will help you to discover both without compromising biblical convictions. If you are married, this book will give you a new understanding of what being single is like. If you are a leader in any ministry, it will help you to care biblically for those who may struggle with being single.

    Being single does not have to be a struggle. Truly, you can live the abundant single life!

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  • New Lady In Waiting


    1. Lady Of Reckless Abandon
    2. Lady Of Diligence
    3. Lady Of Faith
    4. Lady Of Virtue
    5. Lady Of Devotion
    6. Lady Of Purity
    7. Lady Of Security
    8. Lady Of Contentment
    9. Lady Of Conviction
    10. Lady Of Patience

    Additional Info
    You Are Worth Waiting For!

    In a world consumed with quick-fixes, superficial romances, and hookup relationships, maybe you’re asking-

    What’s the benefit to actually waiting for God’s best?
    Is there a perfect plan for my future-or is it just a fairy tale?
    Should I just settle like everyone else?

    With all-new insights from Jackie Kendall, a new generation will answer these questions and discover what made Lady in Waiting a life-changing encouragement to over half a million readers worldwide.

    You will learn to:

    * Step into your royal identity as a daughter of the King and experience contentment, security, and patience in your life
    * Protect your purity as you see how God sees you-valued, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind
    * Take advantage of the waiting process and use it to become a woman of devotion, faith, and conviction
    * Refuse to settle for anything or anyone less than God’s best for your life

    Enjoy the wait, embrace the journey, and experience the extraordinary power of being a Lady in Waiting!

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  • Living Single


    There are more singles today in our nation than ever. Yet, they are often marginalized in our Christian culture. But God’s view of singlehood is not the same as how many may view it. He places a very high value on His singles, and we should too.

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  • Sex And The Single Christian Girl


    Straight Talk on Sexual Temptation and the Tools to Overcome It

    True love waits…but then what? Many Christian women pledged as teenagers to remain pure for marriage, but the rhetoric falls short as they enter adulthood and encounter more serious romantic relationships. Bombarded with images of Hollywood’s version of romance, women facing real-world temptation may be wondering what they’re missing and if the wait is really worth it.

    Marian Jordan Ellis has been there. She struggled with the same temptations, the same questions, the same challenges of being a single Christian adult in today’s anything-goes culture. Now she wants to share what she learned. Emphasizing that women are cherished by God and their purity is worth fighting for, Marian offers much-needed advice on triumphing over the sexual pitfalls of dating and romance.

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  • Single Woman Life


    Smart, strong, independent-single women can live a fabulous life. Husband not required.

    Mandy Hale, also known by her many blog readers and Twitter fans as The Single WomanTM, shares her stories, advice, and enthusiasm for living life as an empowered, confident, God-centered woman who doesn’t just resign herself to being single-she enjoys it! Being single has had its stigmas, but Mandy proves it has its advantages too, and she uses wisdom and wit to inspire her fellow single ladies to celebrate and live fully in the life God has given them.

    Mandy encourages her readers on subjects such as taking chances, building friendships, letting go, and finding a greater purpose. With her help, readers can stop worrying about happily ever after and discover a happy life instead.

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  • No Longer A Bridesmaid


    Mahogany Inspiration Title

    Single, but want to be married? No Longer a Bridesmaid offers practical, Bible-based suggestions, tips, and strategies for today’s single, Christian woman. Based on the author’s own experiences as well as her in-depth research and observations, this book shares a modern-day, realistic path from being a forever bridesmaid to becoming a bride – and wife. Terry Cato shares insight based on her seven-year journey that prepared her for her husband and the marriage she enjoys today. She offers lessons from her own experience, as well as what she has learned working with single women. Single, Christian women face many issues when praying for a mate. Cato addresses many of these in plain language, and in an easy-to-understand manner so you can apply the tools, tips, and strategies to your own life. In this book, learn: The seven types of single women and how they could be harming their chances of getting married, Why dating is just practicing for divorce, How to deal with and heal old emotional wounds, The seven steps the author used to successfully prepare for her husband, How to live a happy, celibate life as you prepare for your husband & more … Whether you’re dating a man you think might be The One, or you can’t remember the last time you were in a relationship, you can become a more joyful, spiritually-minded woman, on the way to walking down the aisle with the man Christ has already chosen for you. The single state you are in right now can help prepare you for your marriage, if you approach it properly. Do it right, and you may soon find that you are No Longer a Bridesmaid!

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  • Single Minded : Being Single, Whole And Living Life To The Full


    Our world, and indeed our church, seem to be built around a ‘couples culture’. From popular music to supermarket offers to ‘family’ events, being single can mean being the odd one out. Kate Wharton considers the challenges facing singles, addressing the issues of being complete without an ‘other half’, staying pure, being single again after divorce or bereavement, and dealing with pressures from both church and society. Kate reminds us that Jesus comes to bring ‘life to the full’, whatever our marital status. ‘When we are sold out for God,’ she says, ‘then life will be the very best that it can be – whether married or single, with children or without – because we will be on our way to becoming who we were created to be.’ Kate shows us how we can be single and whole.

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  • Thrive : The Single Life As God Intended


    Most Christian singles do not plan on being single and are unprepared for the single Christian life. Cultural norm and church tradition assume that single people will eventually get married breeding a mindset of endless waiting and dissatisfaction. Life for singles is placed on hold until the right partner arrives and for a growing number of Christians; the right partner never comes along.

    While the Church tries to be a welcoming and loving place for singles, most walk in and out of church week after week feeling the best is yet to come. Instead of thriving, many single Christians are lonely, misunderstood, and marginalized.

    Thrive looks beyond dating and personal contentment. It looks beyond waiting for the right partner. Thrive presents singleness as God’s best plan for the single Christian. It teaches singles what it means to thrive and how to get there.

    Readers will see God’s purpose for their singleness and lead a life of greater influence and joy because Thrive offers a Biblical perspective, identifies and addresses common pitfalls, and provides practical steps to living a thriving single Christian life.

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  • Cinderella Rule : A Young Womans Guide To Happily Ever After (Reprinted)


    Stop Looking for Prince Charming–Let Him Look for You Of all the fairytale princesses we know and love, Cinderella is the one who got it right. She knew the spell was about to break, and ran out of the castle just in time to keep her mysterious identity a secret. Prince Charming couldn’t help himself! He had to pursue her, to track her down and invite her to be his queen.The Cinderella Rule is your guide to letting your prince do the work. Whether he knows it or not, the man God has for you longs to experience the thrill of the chase . . . and that means running out of the castle before you give away all your secrets! Find out how to be a woman of mystery who lets herself be pursued, knowing you are worth every ounce of effort. The Cinderella Rule will show you how to be the queen your prince is already looking for.

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  • Vida Soltera Que Glorifica A D


    (Singlehood That Glorifies God) Los solteros necesitan comprenderse, y necesitan la comprension de otros. Este libro practico y biblico no solo habla a los solteros, sino tambien a las familias e iglesias donde conviven estos solteros. Si usted es soltero y desea vivir la vida en plenitud para la gloria de Dios, este libro le ayudara.

    Es una reimpresion del capitulo 4 del libro La vida de una familia cristiana.

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  • Dating And The Single Parent (Reprinted)


    Single parents who are dating or want to begin a dating relationship wonder, How will dating affect my children and my parenting? They probably have figured out that dating in a crowd is complicated. Now they’re looking for help. Ron Deal, who has counseled single parents and remarried couples for many years, helps single parents–as well as those who date them–navigate the potential pitfalls involved. He gives perspective on when a relationship may be harmful to the children as well as how it can be a blessing to all. Always at the forefront is the goal of strengthening families. Includes questions for individual or group study.

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  • Sassy Single And Satisfied Devotional


    Michelle McKinney Hammond, noted singles advocate and bestselling author of Sassy, Single, and Satisfied (more than 200,000 copies sold) brings her dynamic style to this creative devotional. Focusing on the joys of life and trusting God, Michelle explores everyday issues singles face and offers biblical insights and solutions.

    Packed with more than 275 readings that draw on the wisdom of God’s Word and the lives of biblical women, Sassy, Single, and Satisfied Devotional encourages readers to embrace this exciting time in their lives. Michelle provides inspiring Scriptures, thought-provoking questions to contemplate, and practical applications to help single women live for God, answer His call, and be content while anticipating what comes next. Rerelease of Single-Minded Devotion.

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  • Felizmente Solteros


    Este libro esta dedicado a quienes no estan casados. En esta categoria entran los viudos, los divorciados y los que nunca se han casado. Si tu te encuentras entre ellos, este libro es para ti. Tu solteria va a ser tan hermosa como tu quieras que sea o tan miserable com tu escojas que sea. La meta de este libro no es conseguirte pareja sino que encuentres el proposito de Dios para tu vida mientras estas soltero y disfrutes tu vida al maximo en Cristo. Al final de la lectura e este libro, con la ayuda de Dios, tendras las herramientas para corregir en tu mente, tu corazon y tu vida todo lo que te limita de experimentar la gloria de Dios en completa libertad y pleno gozo.

    This book gives a glimpse about feelings, emotions and attitudes that make the single people satisfied with their lives.

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  • Confessions Of A Single Woman


    God wants a relationship with you! God loves you, and to show you how much He does, He sent His Son to die for your sins. God wants you to trust in Him and believe that with Him, all things are possible if you believe in Him.

    Confessions of a Single Woman is about forgiveness of sins, trusting in the God who made you and wants to keep you. It is also a guide to learning how to have a relationship with Christ.

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  • Confessions Of A Single Woman


    God wants a relationship with you! God loves you, and to show you how much He does, He sent His Son to die for your sins. God wants you to trust in Him and believe that with Him, all things are possible if you believe in Him.

    Confessions of a Single Woman is about forgiveness of sins, trusting in the God who made you and wants to keep you. It is also a guide to learning how to have a relationship with Christ.

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  • Single Parents Guide To Love Dating And Relationships


    SKU (ISBN): 9780768436631Shae CookeBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2011Publisher: Destiny Image Print On Demand Product

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  • Making Sense Of Sex


    Having sex can be a loving and delightful experience, but it can also be emotionally, physically, and spiritually devastating. Many singles struggle to sort out how to make their own sexual experiences physically and emotionally healthy ones. This book can help. Duffy offers a thoughtful guide to sexual decision-making for single twentysomethings, exploring ten issues readers should consider when deciding whether and when to have sex. Appropriate for non-Christians and Christians alike, Duffy’s work is as relevant to those who have already had sex as it is to those who are considering it for the first time.

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  • God Loves Single Moms


    Written by a psychologist who’s successfully navigated single motherhood herself, this book helps single moms believe they and their families deserve the best life has to offer. Packed with practical tips, smart strategies, and ways to improve the well-being of single moms and their children, this book shows single moms how to improve their leadership and parenting skills. It tackles pressing issues such as self-care, a support network, organizing, finances, discipline, and more. Teresa Whitehurst reminds single moms that they don’t need to be overwhelmed and that God loves them, is on their side, and wants to guide and support them every step of the way. While they may get weary, they need never feel alone.

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  • How To Get To I Do


    Ten years of eye-opening experiences on the Christian dating scene equipped Amy Bonaccorso to offer hard-hitting advice that will help you get real, get practical, and get married. As a happily married woman, she knows what works (internet dating), and what doesn’t (living a nun-like existence), and gives you the confidence to date strategically with an eye toward marriage. Forget about Prince Charming because he doesn’t exist, but plenty of good men are waiting for a woman like you to throw away the checklist of idealized mate material and settle down with a real man.

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  • Right Guy For The Right Girl


    Just another book for singles? No! The Right Guy for the Right Girl emphasizes the state of your heart, not your marital status. It is not about finding the right woman, but about being the right man. In response to the wildly successful Lady in Waiting book, The Right Guy for the Right Girl is full of answers to questions all men have regarding relationships. It nudges you closer to God, while acknowledging longings you have to be loved and cherished by a woman.

    Life-changing qualities thoroughly discussed and biblically supported include:
    *Reckless abandonment

    The ten qualities focused on throughout The Right Guy for the Right Girl will not only enhance your relationship with your heavenly Lover, but also guide you as a single man, guard you while you date, support you in marriage, and comfort you if you become widowed or divorced.

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  • Sassy Single And Satisfied


    A brand-new cover on this bestselling book (over 200,000 copies sold!) will capture the attention of readers. Countering media messages that say happiness equals being in relationships with men, Michelle McKinney Hammond encourages singles to get busy living a life that blesses others and enriches their single experience.

    Always upbeat, always biblical, Michelle reveals how to find fulfillment now, including getting fit spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Readers will discover how to…
    squeeze the most out of being single
    prepare their hearts, minds, and souls for mates
    be wise about the man thing
    have their deepest desires and needs met
    get their priorities in order

    Packed with lively stories, wisdom for handling real-life situations, and a host of secrets for living life to the fullest, Sassy, Single, and Satisfied gives readers insights on life, love, men, happiness, and God’s love for them.

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  • Please Dont Marry A Caterpillar


    It is the purpose of this book to help girls of all ages make the right decisions for their lives so that the memory of Morgan Benton is as she would have wanted, for others.

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  • When Love Ends And The Ice Cream Carton Is Empty


    SKU (ISBN): 9780802483522Jackie JohnsonBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2010Publisher: Moody Publishers

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  • Oh God Oh God Oh God


    Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh God! addresses issues of love, sex(uality) and embodiment from the perspectives of young adults who work for or are involved with the church.

    Discussion about sex and theology are taboo in many churches. And what about the tensions felt between the commitments of love, dating, marriage, or parenthood, and living lives of faith and integrity? The essays in this book address multiple perspectives on these concerns and encourages discussion of them with the questions at the end of each chapter.

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  • Single Married Separated And Life After Divorce (Expanded)


    Single, Married, Separated, & Life After Divorce, Expanded Edition (2003) Singleness is a myth. To be single means to be all one (alone), separate, unique and whole. MARRIAGE is when two separate, unique and whole persons, one male and one female, make a covenant to exchange vows, committing their lives to remain together until death. Separation is an unofficial divorce with the exact same effect as divorce. It is the most tragic state of limbo. Divorce means to desert. The armed forces prosecute deserters. God has made no provision for divorce in the Bible. If you are invited to a wedding, you are a covenant witness, and if this couple later divorces, you should be invited to the divorce just as you were to the wedding.

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  • Sacred Singleness : The Set Apart Girls Guide To Purpose And Fulfillment


    Leslie Ludy, popular writer and speaker, has a powerful message for today’s single adults. Through personal experience and in interaction with thousands of young women over the past fourteen years, she has found that most Christian young women fall into one of two categories: those who are discontent and unfulfilled, constantly searching for the right one, and those who are consumed by a passionate romance with Jesus Christ and are living joyful, satisfied lives. Her desire is to help readers move toward the totally surrendered and fulfilling experience rather than one of striving and disappointment. Leslie shares firsthand stories and testimonials of modern-day single women who may sometimes struggle with loneliness and personal desires but who, in following God’s plan for them, have discovered a deeper delight, purpose and true joy in their lives. Sacred Singleness gives every single woman the inspiration to live counter to the culture and find amazing opportunity in this sacred season.

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  • One : A Womans Search For Eternal Love


    Believers Press Publication

    Are you single? Are you looking for the one? This is a common question singles seem to always hear. Web sites grossing billions of dollars are there to help you in your search for the one. Once you reach your mid to late twenties, family, friends and people you dont even know, make it their personal mission to help you in the quest for the one. Tonia felt inspired to write about the search for the one in her latest book The One A Woman’s Search for Eternal Love. Tonia spoke at length to a group of single women that shared some of these same concerns. Their thoughts are shared throughout the book. One thing they all agreed upon was that their singleness has been a time for understanding who they are and who God has called them to be. Its also a time to become prepared for all the different roles women play in life. One woman commented on how sometimes we allow ourselves to be defined by our singleness but there are so many aspects that make up who we are and we have to position ourselves to be used by God in various roles. Respected women such as Dr. Gloria Morrow, Valorie Burton and Dr. Wanda Turner also share advice for single women. Real life scenarios and opinions of single and married women in ministry, media and the business world are also included to give voice to the real issues and concerns these women. The reader will learn how to better focus on seeking THE ONE in every area of their life, including relationships, finances and goalsetting.

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  • Serious About Love


    Dr. Kay Kuzma answers the question Is there really a way to know if someone is right for you? Whether you’re dating someone or just looking for the right one, this book will help you understand the serious side of love and offers plenty of down-to-earth guidance for dating and love.

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  • How To Be Found By The Man Youve Been Looking For


    Bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond, whose books have sold over 1.3 million copies, encourages single women to place their need for love in perspective, take their lives off hold, live purposely, and gain a better understanding of how to relate successfully to men. In her candid, no-nonsense style, Michelle assures the reader that the journey toward finding a mate for life does not have to be filled with anxiety or regret. She warmly offers encouragement from her own life experiences and gleans godly principles from Ruth, a sister in the Bible who got her man, to show readers how to get the love they want. Those stuck in the dead-end dating scene, along with those on an involuntary relationship fast, need to know that marriage could very well be on the horizon…if only they learn how to be found by the man they’ve been looking for. Formerly titled Ending the Search for Mr. Right

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  • Man Worth Waiting For


    In this long overdue companion to Lady in Waiting, bestselling author Jackie Kendall gives women funny and relevant tips for skipping the bozos and recognizing the Boazes they’ve been waiting for. Jackie believes that when you find the right man–a man like Boaz found in the biblical book of Ruth–you’ll be incredibly glad you didn’t settle for one of your earlier options. Drawing on real-life stories that will have women laughing and crying in commiseration, Jackie Kendall tells about the Mr. Wrongs she dated on the way to Mr. Right, what told her that her husband was the One, and what she learned along the way. Women will learn how to avoid common dating pitfalls and how to know when they’ve met A MAN WORTH WAITING FOR.

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  • Courtship That Glorifies God


    What do you think about:
    -Common dating practices?
    -The age dating ought to begin?
    -Parental involvement in dating?
    -Casual dating?
    -Dating a variety of individuals?
    -Dating a backslidden person?
    -The meaning of engagement?
    -The length of engagement?
    -Dating someone with an immoral past?
    -Kissing and holding hands in dating?

    This booklet tackles such questions head-on from the vantage point of scriptural principles. Whether you agree with everything or not, you will be challenged to examine your own beliefs. And you will find many practical suggestions for building dating and engagement solidly on Christ. ..

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  • Secrets Of An Irresistible Woman


    Secrets of an Irresistible Woman is required reading for any woman who wants to know how to capture a mans heart for keepsand enjoy a full life in the meantime…. Today’s Christian Woman Now with a brand-new cover, Secrets of an Irresistible Woman (more than 185,000 copies sold) can reach even more women with its time-tested strategies for living full, complete lives and becoming more captivating. Michelle McKinney Hammond calls on Scripture, her own experiences, and the wisdom of others to help every reader become the woman God created her to be-beautiful, gracious, loving, and desirable. Women will discover… what true love really looks like ways to enhance their natural beauty and strengthen weak areas what to look for and what to avoid when dating Includes an insightful study guide readers can use to better understand themselves and how they relate to God and others.

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  • Every Single Day


    Imagine taking a refreshing two-minute time-out that will bring godly encouragement to the maddening pace of any day. That’s just what Donna Huisjen has created with her fast-paced daily readings that combine a brief story, a scriptural reflection, a prayer, and an inspirational thought to take you through the day. As a single adoptive mom who raised three special-needs daughters, her struggles and joys will strike a familiar chord with any mother. Her thoughts on topics such as character development, compassion, appreciating each child’s uniqueness, and savoring simple pleasures are sure to brighten every single day with positive perspective-builders.

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  • Are You Really Ready For Love


    Harvest House Print On Demand Title

    Singles who have never been married and those who have suffered a divorce or the loss of their mate through death are faced with a challenge: When love comes their way, will they be ready? What does that readiness look like? Clinical psychologist and counselor Dr. David Hawkins prescribes a practical and biblical approach for preparing for love. Dr. Hawkins encourages singles to spend less energy looking for the perfect mate and more energy in becoming people who can enter wholeheartedly into an intimate relationship. He demonstrates how readers can increase their capacity to… practice the sacrificial love Paul describes in 1 Corinthians 13 get to know others for who they really are and respect their uniqueness express love through appropriate love languages receive love without fear or feelings of unworthiness take risks for the sake of personal and mutual growth practice healthy boundaries humbly recognize their own weaknesses and turn them into strengths This user-friendly guide will give singles of any age a positive and constructive plan for becoming ready for love.

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  • I Love Him Lord But Hes Not A Christian (Revised)


    I Love Him Lord, but He’s Not a Christian is the unmarried Christian woman’s guide to deliverance from relationships with men who do not share your faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Unequally yoked relationships are toxic. This book, premised on God’s Holy Scriptures, encourages you to seek freedom from the toxic relationship you may be in, forsake the toxic relationship you may be considering, or thwart the plan of the devil to engage you in toxic relationships in the future. Readers are armed with the Word of God, testimonies of the author and other women, and prayerful applications to help guide them toward deliverance from unequally yoked relationships with nonbelievers or immature Christians. Readers are challenged with the question, How can he love you as Christ loves the church, if he does not know how Christ loves the church. This book offers encouragement and hope to single Christian women.

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  • Before You Meet Prince Charming


    How can young people be committed to purity and to God’s best? This guide to radiant purity combines the story of a young princess with solid, clear teaching of Biblical convictions that young ladies today need to grasp. Through a captivating fairy tale, modern day examples, practical instruction, and abundant humor, Sarah Mally challenges young ladies to turn to the Lord for fulfillment, to guard their hearts and minds, to identify and avoid the world’s thinking, and to shine brightly in this generation. This book offers Biblical answers to every day questions and deep life struggles. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

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  • Raising Great Kids On Your Own


    One parent households frame the new landscape of American family life. But raising kids alone is hard work, and single parenting is a struggle for most. David and Lisa Frisbie provide a practical and proactive plan single moms or single dads can use to… nourish their own souls, maintaining a vibrant faith in God and a vital connection to family and friends nurture their children, empowering kids to successfully process the trauma of divorce manage their households as they assume roles and tasks that may lie well outside their comfort zone build a future they can enjoy, making choices about education, careers, finances, and relationships The Frisbies’ constant travel and ongoing counseling ministry provide a rich reservoir of effective strategies and ideas. Moms and dads who parent alone will find confidence and hope from this manageable and optimistic approach.

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  • Savvy Senior Singles


    Who likes being called a Senior Citizen?

    Not many. Even though the reaility of age may demand the description, there is a more accurate way to speak of many older people who find themselves alone.

    Author Samantha Landy prefers the phrase Savvy Senior singles for those who are mature but still very much young at heart – and living without a partner. Her practical insights give you the nudge needed to live a successfully fulfilling second-half of life.

    Being a savvy single begins with:

    Reviving old dreams.
    Facing relational issues.
    Exploring new opportunities.
    Not settling for good enough.
    This optimistic but practical vuew of life addresses issues that affect your emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial health.

    You will enjoy this spiritual travelogue of sojourns over hill and dale filled with faith and great expectations.

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  • Reaching Single Adults (Reprinted)


    Although 44 percent of all adults are unmarried, most churches are focused on marriage and families–and so miss many opportunities to reach out as well as to benefit from all that singles can offer to the church. Here at last is an up-to-date, comprehensive handbook to single adult ministry. Based on his over twenty-five years of experience, Dennis Franck offers church leaders guidance on all aspects of this often-overlooked ministry, including: -understanding singles’ diverse life situations and needs -developing a biblical philosophy of ministry -the practical aspects of building a ministry Pastors and lay leaders will gratefully welcome this new in-depth resource to guide their ministry to, for, and through single adults

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  • Broken Heart On Hold


    A woman who is separated needs a friend to walk beside her on her difficult journey. Broken Heart on Hold is that friend, one that will uplift, encourage, and hold her up while offering practical insights and pointing her to God. It is a book of hope. Because it is written by a woman who has gone through the trauma of a separation and the eventual healing of her own marriage, the reader will know she is not alone.
    This collection of honest, heartfelt messages reaches down into the valleys of a woman’s loneliness, travels with her through her mental labyrinths, and sheds light in the dark tunnels where answers seem nonexistent. It provides the emotional and spiritual strength to help a woman sort through her confusion. While winding her way through the maze of her emotions, she will realize there is hope as she hangs on to God and trusts him for the outcome. Broken Heart on Hold is a book she will return to again and again.

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  • What To Do Until Love Finds You


    The book that started it all-Michelle McKinney Hammond’s popular first book re-releases with a dynamic new cover and all the attitude and wisdom that made it a fabulous start to Michelle’s growing list of inspiring books.

    In What to Do Until Love Finds You, Michelle offers women practical, godly advice on how to:
    *handle sexual temptations regardless of past experience
    *release expectations and embrace life
    *get to know God’s purpose

    The biblical truths, honest personal insights, and refreshing take on love and the single lifestyle are as relevant and remarkable today as when this book first appeared in bookstores-and on the nightstands and coffee tables of countless single women.

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  • Raising You Alone


    RAISING YOU ALONE is an essential book for any single-parent family. With heart and humour, it talks about the quirks and challenges that must be faced every day. A picture book for parents as well as children, this honest, engaging story is the perfect way to say, I will always love you. Bunnies are universal and represent any type of single parent family (Mom or Dad. Boy or Girl. Divorice or Death.)

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  • Every Single Mans Battle (Workbook)


    As a single man, you’re in a war against sexual temptation.
    But God has given you powerful ammunition.
    A comprehensive workbook for personal or group study!

    You’re bombarded by sexual images. You’re constantly battling inner urges. You want to do right-in fact, you want to meet God’s standard of avoiding any hint of sexual immorality. But accomplishing that goal is a challenge.

    If you are a single man struggling to remain sexually pure, you are not alone. Now there’s practical, hard-hitting help from the authors of the blockbuster Every Man series. Every Single Man’s Battle Workbook guides you-or your men’s group-through an honest and clear exploration of God’s Word. You’ll undertake a personal journey into key Scriptures, wrestle with questions for reflection and examination, and discover the practical tools and Biblical strategies you need to live the pure life God is calling you to– even while living in a sexually soaked culture.

    Make a frontal assault on the temptation every single man faces. This workbook provides all the resources you need.

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  • Every Single Womans Battle (Workbook)


    Powerful Tools for Guarding Your Body, Mind, and Heart

    Remaining pure while single isn’t easy in a culture that encourages women to use their bodies to gain power and personal fulfillment. The longing for emotional and physical connection can gradually and subtly lead you into compromises you never intended to make. But you can resist the pressures or reclaim your purity by building a strong foundation of integrity.

    This companion workbook for Every Woman’s Battle designed specifically for single women will give you the tools you need to resist temptation and help you discover true fulfillment. Through practical and biblical lessons you’ll be equipped to:
    *understand the unique components of female sexuality
    *discern your personal areas of vulnerability
    *design a defense plan to protect your heart and mind, as well as your body
    *allow God to satisfy the desires he placed within you

    Each weekly study section perfect for use by both individuals and small groups in either 8-week or 12-week tracks guides you deeper into God’s Word, then helps you personalize and apply the principles that will help you win the war for sexual and emotional purity.

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  • Promises From God For Single Women


    In the inspiring tradition of The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord, Bishop T. D. Jakes delivers a compassionate collection of scriptural verse and empowering wisdom for all women still looking for love, searching for their own divine worth-and longing for a connection with the Lord.

    If you’re a single woman, chances are you have concerns about your life and where it’s headed. You may be struggling with loneliness, wondering if you will ever find Mr. Right. Or if you are in a relationship, you may be dealing with issues of commitment, fidelity, sexuality, and intimacy. Now, with inspirational and specifically chosen Bible verses and passages, as well as his own personal understanding and insight, Bishop Jakes guides you through the joys, and sometimes overwhelming hardships, of being single-touching on love, sex, forgiveness, temptation, and other topics that affect your life-all the way directing you toward a stronger relationship with God.

    Promises from God for Single Women is a vital handbook for navigating the complex path of being a single woman in today’s world.

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  • And She Lived Happily Every After


    SKU (ISBN): 9780830832651Skip McDonaldBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2005Publisher: InterVarsity Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Purpose And Power Of Waiting And Dating


    This book tracks through the murky waters of relationships between single people. In the western world we call this relationship dating. Dr. Munroe looks at all of the relevant questions that swirl around the dating issue. What is the purpose of dating? When is a person ready to date? What are the appropriate guidelines for dating? Should I be dating? These are important questions that deserve answers. Dr. Munroe provides those answers as he seeks to help people avoid the possibility of shipwrecking their lives and helps them build for the future.

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  • Believing God For His Best


    This book is a personal story that will walk you through the author’s journey of singleness, and ultimate decision to marry. The anecdotal style, coupled with godly wisdom is sure to inspire singles and provide fresh insight for those in need of encouragement.

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