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  • Black In Blue


    Whatever your positions on Black Lives Matter, defunding the police, and equity in law enforcement, former police chief Carmen Best shares the leadership lessons she learned as the first Black woman to lead the Seattle Police Department–a personal insider story that will challenge your assumptions on how to move the country forward.

    Chief Carmen Best has spent the last 28 years as a member of a major big-city police force, an institution where minorities and women have historically found it especially difficult to succeed. She defied the odds and became the first Black woman to lead the Seattle Police Department.

    In her tenure, she was successful in bringing significantly more diversity to the force. However, when the city council cut her budget in the midst of months of protests against police violence across the nation, she had no choice but to step aside. Without the city’s support, she felt she wouldn’t be able to continue changing the status quo of the police force from within.

    Throughout her career, Chief Best has learned lessons that those coming up behind her can benefit from. In this book, she will use her story to share those urgent lessons. Readers will read about:

    *How Chief Best grew up to believe in the change she set out to create.

    *Her early days in the police force, including lessons from the academy and her time on patrol.

    *How she progressed in her career within a primarily white law enforcement culture and the events that led to her becoming Chief.

    *How she built her team and overcame the politics involved in her high-level position until the call for defunding came.

    Carmen Best teaches readers the core qualities and mindset to persevere and rise through the ranks, even within a workplace whose culture and leadership must be challenged, and policies changed on the way to achieving that vision. Her story is one of motivation and serves as a masterclass in guiding principles for anyone striving to serve their community and rise to the highest echelon of success.

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  • Self Aware Leader


    What’s the single greatest obstacle leaders face in their development, effectiveness, and advancement?

    Lack of self-awareness!

    When leaders don’t see themselves clearly, understand their strengths and weaknesses, or recognize their negative interactions with their team, they limit their influence and undermine their own effectiveness. What’s the solution? Better self-leadership.

    Dr. John C. Maxwell’s The Self-Aware Leader will help any leader become more self-aware, focused, and confident. In this short yet insightful volume, you can learn:

    *How to Gauge Your Effectiveness as a Leader
    *How to Make Better Choices that Lead to Success
    *How to Discover and Correct Your Own Mistakes
    *How to Improve Your Leadership with the Team
    *How to Make the Right Trades in Your Career

    With fifty years of leading and teaching experience, Maxwell, the most influential leadership expert in the world, can help you become your best leadership self.

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  • Soul Of A Team


    From the New York Times bestselling author of The Mentor Leader and Quiet Strength comes a book sure to transform your team or organization!

    For most people, succeeding in life requires mastering the art of teamwork. Whether at work, school, church, or home, virtually everyone is part of a team-and when they work well, teams can accomplish more than individuals working by themselves.But not all teams are created equal. When a team isn’t functioning well, individual strengths can be undermined and weaknesses accentuated, making the work environment a terrible place to be. So what does a truly effective team environment look like, and how can you create one within your own organization?

    As a former Super Bowl-winning coach, Tony Dungy is an expert at building and bringing out the best in a team. Drawing on his experiences from years of coaching and working with other leaders, this football fable lays out four essential principles practiced by truly effective teams. Telling the story of a fictional NFL team looking for a turnaround, The Soul of a Team not only identifies some of the most common issues that hold a team back but also lays out a game plan for winning teamwork.

    Whether you aspire to be a better leader or a stronger team player, The Soul of a Team will show you how to contribute to a stronger, healthier, more productive team destined for success.

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  • Running With Joy


    Unleash your potential and learn how to activate your own special talents so you can run with joy!

    Executive and talent coach Robb Hiller wants to lift your spirits, help you find your passion, and come alongside you as you discover your natural, God-given talents. In his newest book, Running with Joy, Robb shares the inspiration he’s found in his dog, Bentley, and how his lovable Labrador naturally runs on joy. Through heartwarming stories about Bentley, Robb Hiller will help you learn how to run on instinct, use your natural talents, and lean into the happiness that has been yours all along. A total of five key principles can guide you toward a joy-filled life so that you, in turn, can guide others.

    Once you finish Running with Joy, you will have learned important lessons that will uncomplicate your business and personal life so that you can achieve greater success and live with enthusiasm and contentment every day.

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  • 5 Week Leadership Challenge


    Develop and expand your innate leadership abilities through daily exercises and challenges designed to help you grow into the leader you want to be and prepare you or the job you were made to have.

    A recent Harvard Business Review article outlining a study of over 17,000 leaders found that although, on average, people begin to supervise others at age 30, most do not start to receive formal leadership training until their forties.

    Don’t wait for training that doesn’t come until it’s too late. The Five-Week Leadership Challenge is an invaluable guide to help any aspiring leader begin a daily practice of exercises and challenges designed to develop and expand your innate leadership ability as quickly as possible.

    Patrick Leddin has served as a U.S. Army airborne, infantry, and ranger-qualified officer, founded and ran successful businesses, and trained thousands of leaders. In The Five-Week Leadership Challenge, Leddin shows you how to quickly build standout leadership skills so that when the next opportunity comes along, you’re the only person for the job.

    The Five-Week Leadership Challenge:
    *Includes 35 daily challenges designed to quickly develop standout leadership skills.

    *Outlines the leadership habits you can practice regularly that get you noticed-and promoted, based on Leddin’s experience training and consulting thousands of leaders all over the world.

    *Encourages you to share your completion of the leadership challenge on social media to exponentially expand your networking opportunities and receive bonus content and access to additional author tools.

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  • Faith After Ferguson


    Five years after the events that led to the Ferguson, Missouri, uprising, Ferguson and Faith author Leah Gunning Francis reconnects with the faith leaders who took to the streets to protest the police shooting of an unarmed 17- year-old black man and the racially tinged events in St. Louis and across the United States. In Faith After Ferguson, Francis weaves these first-person accounts with her own journey of activism in hopes of encouraging the reader to consider racial justice not just as an intellectual exercise, but to be awakened to the multiplicity of ways that racism shows up in the world and be inspired to act. Francis also reflects on the traumatic impact of the four years under the Trump administration, and the more recent events of racism and white supremacy in the killing of George Floyd, the presidential election, and the Capitol riots in early January 2021.

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  • Innovation Crisis : Creating Disruptive Influence In The Ministry You Lead


    If you aren’t innovating, stagnation isn’t far away.

    Ministry leaders carry the burden of keeping their organizations lean, focused, and relevant. The stakes are especially high for churches and other organizations that fulfill the Great Commission. When souls are on the line, there’s no room for bureaucratic bloat or sustaining a cumbersome infrastructure. It’s up to the leadership-that’s you-to realize where the organization is in maintenance mode and find ways to innovate even when the growth curve has slowed and the team has started to grow complacent.

    Using missions disruptor William Carey as an example, Ted Esler shows how you, too, can innovate in ways that change the ministry landscape. Esler will help you keep an eye on your eccliosystem-the ecclesial ecosystem in which you exist. You’ll learn about the four stages of organizational culture-disrupting, innovating, sustaining, and stagnating-and gain strategies for staying in that sweet spot where innovations keep coming and stagnation can’t take hold.

    The gospel of Jesus Christ never grows stale. Don’t let your ministry ever forget it!

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  • Help I Work With People


    This is not a book about leadership theory. It’s a handbook about how to connect with people.

    We know that leadership and influence aren’t limited to corner offices and business dinners. Leaders are found everywhere, from the PTA committee meeting to the retail storage room. Maybe you’ve been prepared to be the boss since elementary school, or maybe your good idea has opened a door for more responsibilities within your organization. Regardless of how you came into the position or how much experience you have, the idea of leading people can be intimidating for all of us.

    * How do you know if you have what it takes to be a good leader?
    * How do you use your influence to bring out the best in others?
    * How do you create an environment where your team’s shared vision can grow?

    In short, research-packed chapters, Chad Veach answers these questions with his trademark transparency and relatable storytelling. Help! I Work with People highlights the importance of self-awareness, people skills, and effective organization, encouraging you to lean in to your potential regardless of your level influence or experience.

    As you lead yourself, you’ll grow and evolve into an influential, effective leader. As you lead others, you’ll bring out the best in them and invite them to join you in your mission. And as you lead teams, you’ll motivate people to work together to accomplish common goals.

    Because the heart of leadership is winning people over and influencing them for good.

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  • Spiritual Life Of A Leader


    The Best Leaders Rely on God

    No matter where you lead, the qualities that make a great leader are the same: you should be humble, selfless, honest, collaborative, and teachable. Most of all, you should recognize Jesus as the gold standard of leadership and make your relationship with God your top priority.

    In The Spiritual Life of a Leader, bestselling author Boyd Bailey will help you develop the habits and goals of an effective leader. As you orient your heart toward serving God, you’ll grow in your ability to bear spiritual fruit in your workplace, serve your colleagues, and raise up other leaders.

    Learn how you can…
    *use honest self-assessment to improve your weaknesses and hone your spiritual strengths
    *make spirituality a central part of your management style, even in a secular environment
    *avoid the temptations common to leaders and ensure your unique spiritual needs are met

    Get ready to grow as a leader and a follower of Christ. The Spiritual Life of a Leader will help you adopt God’s priorities as your own and enable you to shine for Him as you follow Jesus’ footsteps.

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  • Leading In Tough Times


    Learn how to lead well and grow your team amidst challenges and tough times.

    Great leaderships will face challenges. Markets will collapse; pandemics will come; people will always provide new and interesting ways to makes things difficult. But leaders must achieve results and build a team that produces, even when you are faced with difficult circumstances.

    This all-new book from John Maxwell, created using content from several of his previous bestselling titles, is the ultimate guide to helping your team survive and even thrive when the unexpected happens. Maxwell helps leaders identify their team’s main challenges, take stock of their liabilities, understand what they can control, and use challenges as opportunities to rethink the way they do things. He ultimately gives leaders the tools to grow their teams in the midst of difficult times.

    Through humor, in-depth insight, and examples, internationally recognized leadership expert John C. Maxwell reassures leaders that they can still lead well and help people develop the skills they need to become great leaders, even when times are tough.

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  • Big Results Leadership


    The success of any leadership is all too often pointed to the characteristics of good leadership. The reality is that many of us are fully aware of the qualities of a good leader. Book after book in the pastoral community may light the path to good leadership but rarely gives us the markers that allow us to discern if we are still moving in the right direction.

    Big Results: Leadership tackles that obstacle by guiding our future leaders in their early steps but also points to the results of that kind of leadership. The main take away from this read is that God-centered leadership always yields big results.

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  • Everyday Discernment : The Art Of Cultivating Spirit-Led Leadership


    We need a God who guides, right now, in real time, through the decisions and challenges of our lives.

    The author uses Scripture, a variety of resources, and his professional experience to demonstrate the key ways that Christian leaders can access the Holy Spirit’s guidance to discern God’s truth in the mysteries of everyday experience. Each chapter closes with practical action steps that leaders can take to practice living and working by the Spirit.

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  • Discipled Leader : Inspiration From A Fortune 500 Executive For Transformin


    Preston Poore has spent decades in corporate America. Despite all the excellent advice he was given for growing in leadership, there was something missing: a way to bring his Christian beliefs to bear in his professional life, not just his personal life. So Preston sought his own answer to how his faith could impact his management of hundreds of employees.

    What he discovered was this: the first step wasn’t adjusting his leadership style. Instead, he needed to let God change him before he could effect real change in his workplace. And in order to model discipleship to his team, he needed to first be discipled by the Spirit. Here, in the day-to-day practice of being a disciple of Jesus Christ, Poore found where his faith and exceptional leadership intersect.

    Through personal stories, biblical principles, and hands-on workplace guidance, Poore offers readers a unique look at this seldom-discussed connection. He challenges struggling leaders to engage in the hard work of daily discipleship. And he charges experienced leaders to return to the fundamentals of their faith, encouraging them to disciple other Christians with leadership potential.

    For anyone wrestling with how to bring faith to the workplace, whether it be a cubicle or a boardroom, Discipled Leader reveals that leadership doesn’t begin behind the desk–it begins in the soul.

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  • Lead Like Christ


    As a Christian, does your leadership approach look any different from that of those who don’t follow Christ? In the Bible, God showed us what leadership looks in his kingdom, and at first a lot of it seems upside-down. The first shall be last. The master shall be the servant. But how can we apply these counterintuitive truths in our own world today? The first step, it turns out, is to become a good follower–a disciple of Christ who always lets him take the lead.

    Rather than focusing on the nuts and bolts of management, Lead Like Christ looks closely at how leaders can better imitate the greatest leader of all. Looking to the example of Christ, regardless of the setting, is the only way to create the relationships, loyalty, and cohesion you need to lead well. This step of humility and obedience is not easy, but it will result in powerful, long-lasting change in both your own leadership role today as well as in God’s eternal kingdom.

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  • Aqui Se Hacen Lideres


    Grandes lideres crean grandes organizaciones. Sin embargo, una escasez de lideres hoy significa un deficit en el desempeo de maana. !No juegue con el futuro de su empresa! No es necesario esperar que aparezcan lideres en las filas o que reclutadores puedan encontrar de forma oportuna a los lideres que necesita. !La esperanza no es una estrategia! Usted puede crear una cultura en su organizacion que garantizara que su fuente de liderazgo este llena y fluyendo.

    En este libro, Mark Miller describe como nutrir a los lideres por toda la organizacion y como formar la linea del frente ejecutiva. Lideres hechos aqui describe un enfoque claro y replicable para establecer la banca de liderazgo que toda organizacion necesita.

    Great leaders create great organizations. However, a scarcity of leaders today means a shortfall in performance tomorrow. Don’t gamble with your company’s future! You don’t need to hope that leaders emerge from the ranks or that search firms can find the leaders you need in a timely fashion. Hope is not a strategy! You can build an organizational culture that will ensure your leadership pipeline is full and flowing.

    In this book, Mark Miller describes how to nurture leaders throughout the organization and form the front lines to the executive ranks. Leaders Made Here outlines a clear and replicable approach to creating the leadership bench every organization needs.

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  • Taking The Lead


    The president of Joe Gibbs Racing-the winningest team in NASCAR history-shares the secrets of succeeding in business and in life.In NASCAR, as in life, the difference between winning and losing often comes down to being in the right place at the right time and making the most of every opportunity.

    Nobody understands that better than Dave Alpern. Dave started his career as an unpaid intern selling T-shirts for the newly formed Joe Gibbs Racing team. Nearly three decades later, he’s now the president of JGR, a multimillion-dollar elite, record-setting racing team with more than 500 employees. In Taking the Lead, Dave shares the wisdom he’s learned along the way: key principles that will equip you with what you need to rise to the top and succeed with integrity and purpose-whatever team you’re on.

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  • Becoming Trader Joe


    Build an iconic shopping experience that your customers love-and a work environment that your employees love being a part of-using this blueprint from Trader Joe’s visionary founder, Joe Coulombe.

    Infuse your organization with a distinct personality and culture that draws customers in a way that simply competing on price cannot.

    Joe Coulombe founded what would become Trader Joe’s in the late 1960s and helped shape it into the beloved, quirky food chain it is today. Realizing early on that he could not compete and win by playing the same game his bigger competitors were playing, he decided to build a store for educated people of somewhat modest means. He brought in unusual products from around the world and promoted them in the Fearless Flyer, providing customers with background on how they were sourced and their nutritional value. He also gave the stores a tiki theme to reinforce the exotic trader ship concept with employees wearing Hawaiian shirts.

    In this way, Joe laid down a blueprint for other business owners to follow to build their own unique shopping experience that customers love, and a work environment that employees love being a part of.

    In Becoming Trader Joe, Joe shares the lessons he learned by challenging the status quo and rethinking the way a business operates. He shows readers of all types:

    *How moving from a pure analytical approach to a more creative, problem-solving approach can drive innovation.

    *How finding an affluent niche of passionate customers can be a better strategy than competing on price and volume.

    *How questioning all aspects of the way you do business leads to powerful results.

    *How to build a business around your values and identity.

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  • Liderazgo Promesas Para Cada D


    En esta edicion en espaol del best seller Leadership Promises for Every Day del experto en liderazgo John C. Maxwell, los lectores descubriran dia a dia, instruccion y aliento para crecer en su liderazgo. Escrituras breves y mensajes sencillos para un liderazgo mas efectivo han hecho de este libro un clasico. Con casi 50.000 ejemplares vendidos hasta la fecha, este libro ha demostrado ser un gran exito y esta nueva edicion promete alcanzar un exito similar.

    Leadership Promises for Every Day

    In this version of the bestselling book Leadership Promises for Every Day, originally released in 2005 in Spanish, readers discover day-by-day instruction and encouragement to grow in their leadership. Daily Scriptures and quick, simple takeaway messages for more effective leadership have made this title a classic. With close to 350,000 units sold life-to-date, Leadership Promises for Every Day has a proven sales history with readers, and this updated, deluxe packaging ensures a strong future as well.

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  • Clarity In Crisis


    Meet your next crisis head on and come through it stronger than ever by using the hard-earned strategies and core principles from Marc Polymeropoulos, a highly decorated, 26-year operations officer with the CIA.

    Marc Polymeropoulos has had to live with the consequences of decisions made under the most high-stress circumstances you can imagine as a senior intelligence officer in the CIA, retiring from his 26 years of service as one of the CIA’s most decorated field officers.

    Though your crisis situations may not entail international counter terrorism as Marc’s did, in our age of social media and a 24-hour news cycle, the consequences of mishandling a crisis can escalate quickly, leaving irreparable damage to a company’s reputation and bottom line in its wake.

    In Clarity in Crisis, Marc shares how true leaders need to lead in and through times of crisis and thrive under conditions of ambiguity, rather than message their way out or duck from hard decisions. Far from mere theory, Marc outlines the unique and specific mindset and strategies he himself practiced and honed throughout his remarkable career.

    Clarity in Crisis provides proven strategies and core principles that leaders can apply to meet any crisis head on and lead through it, including:

    *The critical elements to managing crisis, such as knowing who you can always count on to execute under high-stress situations.

    *An understanding of the importance of following and stressing key fundamentals and avoiding shortcuts that often do more harm than good.

    *Implementation guidance from the Mad Minute section at the end of each chapter that summarizes key points and action items you can begin applying right away.

    *How to gain confidence that you are ready for the next crisis, wherever it comes from, and embrace less than ideal situations with no fear, using the core principles outlined in these pages to find unshakeable clarity in crisis and lead when others want to flee.

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  • Creative Directions : Mastering The Transition From Talent To Leader


    Welcome to the Age of Creatives, where more and more makers, designers, writers, and artists are in demand. Learn how to succeed at managing other creatives … once you understand the new strategies and mindset that are required.

    For creators, getting that promotion to management is exciting but can also be scary. The skills that made them so successful may not translate to the skill required to be a great manager, and this gets even more complicated when managing other creatives who often don’t thrive under traditional management procedures.

    Creative Direction is a management masterclass in which readers attend lectures and seminars as they learn from some of the best in the business, including directors Ava DuVernay (When They See Us) and Joe Russo (Avengers: Endgame); two-time Academy Award-winning editor Angus Wall (The Social Network); executive producers from hit TV shows like The Simpsons and GLOW; and creative directors and leaders at businesses like Amazon, Apple, Disney, TikTok, and more. All of these lessons are provided in an attractive, easily accessible format so that readers can open the book to any page and find some actionable or inspirational insight or strategy.

    Readers will:
    *Receive essential guidance on how to master the delicate balance required to successfully lead a creative team, like how to relinquish control while keeping the focus where it needs to be.

    *Learn from star creative leaders in the entertainment industry on essential lessons they learned on their path to success.

    *Gain insights on how to balance mastering the new skills you need as a leader with finding the time and energy to focus on the creative work you love.

    Enjoy the snackable, easy-reference format that makes the lessons easy to implement and apply.

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  • Se Lider


    La iglesia esta experimentando una crisis de liderazgo. Por cada pastor famoso siendo el centro de atencion hay cientos de pastores no tan conocidos que desaparecen. Por que hay tantos pastores dejando el ministerio? El autor de exitos de venta Paul David Tripp sugiere que detras del fracaso de un pastor existe un liderazgo debil.

    Usando la Escritura como guia, Tripp presenta al lector un modelo con doce principios necesarios para un liderazgo centrado en el evangelio. Este libro contiene un mensaje tanto para aquellos que son nuevos en el ministerio como para aquellos con mas experiencia: la presencia permanente de Dios es nuestra esperanza para el liderazgo.

    The church is experiencing a leadership crisis. For every celebrity pastor existing in the spotlight, there are hundreds of lesser-known pastors leaving in the shadows. Why are so many pastors leaving the ministry? Best-selling author Paul David Tripp suggests that lurking behind the failure of a pastor is a weak leadership community.

    Turning to Scripture for guidance, Tripp presents readers with twelve leadership-community principles necessary for a gospel-centered leadership model. Here is a book with a message for those new to ministry as well as those experienced in it?God’s abiding presence is your hope in leadership.

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  • Rare Leadership In The Workplace


    Revive your leadership. Grow healthy teams. See great results.

    Healthy teams begin with healthy leaders, and at the heart of this dynamic is emotional maturity–the quality the greatest leaders possess.

    Combining cutting-edge brain science with decades of counseling and consulting experience, Rare Leadership in the Workplace shows you how to take your leadership and your team to the next level. It will equip you to:

    *Cultivate emotional maturity in yourself and others
    *Develop the four habits of R.A.R.E. leaders
    *Promote a strong group identity
    *Keep relationships bigger than problems
    *Increase productivity through trust, joy, and engagement

    Whether you are burnt out or just looking to improve, this book can help. When you prioritize people and lead from a secure identity, you’ll be amazed at the freedom you feel and the results you see. You can lead from a healthy place, respond rather than react, and build the team of your dreams.

    If you want to take your organization to the next level, it starts with you. Read Rare Leadership in the Workplace and be equipped to lead enthusiastic, emotionally mature, relationally connected teams.

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  • Revolutionary Leadership : Essential Lessons From The Men And Women Of The


    Times of crisis call for revolutionary leadership. What better model could we have for courage and creativity under fire than those who found themselves in positions of leadership during the American Revolutionary War? Men and women, famous and obscure, of European and African descent–the leaders of the revolution faced outrageous odds and dire consequences should they fail. Yet they stuck to their principles, winning the most unlikely of victories and not only shaping a new country but reshaping the world.

    Now Pat Williams helps you apply their genius to your sphere of influence. Through the remarkable stories of more than 25 leaders of the American Revolution, you’ll discover fresh insight into how great leaders are formed, refined, tested, and strengthened.

    As Thomas Paine wrote, We have it in our power to begin the world over again. Let Pat Williams show you how to lead in our day with revolutionary courage, confidence, and a serving heart.

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  • 101 Leadership Insights


    Tools, Tips, and Techniques for the Leader on the Go!

    Whether you lead in an office, a jobsite, a church, or a classroom, 101 Leadership Insights is a handy guidebook guaranteed to help you better face the challenges and conundrums that come with being a leader. This collection of short yet highly informative chapters takes on more than a hundred of the most common leadership issues, from handling workplace conflict to managing your personal life to recognizing red flags in unfamiliar situations and beyond.

    Written by bestselling author Bob Phillips and business owner Del Walinga, this book is packed with invaluable wisdom that will help you improve your skills as a manager, mentor, and communicator. Featuring helpful personal checklists, solution-oriented questions, illuminating illustrations, and insightful perspectives from well-known leaders, you’ll discover thoughtful and practical guidance readily available for you anytime you’re in a pinch.

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  • 5 Levels Of Leadership


    Fuel success and grow your team at every level of leadership.

    True leadership isn’t a matter of having a certain job or title. In fact, being chosen for a position is only the first of the five levels every effective leader achieves. To become more than the boss people follow only because they are required to, you have to master the ability to invest in people and inspire them. To grow further in your role, you must achieve results and build a team that produces. You need to help people to develop their skills to become leaders in their own right. And if you have the skill and dedication, you can reach the pinnacle of leadership-where experience will allow you to extend your influence beyond your immediate reach and time for the benefit of others.

    The 5 Levels of Leadership are:
    1. Position – People follow because they have to.

    2. Permission – People follow because they want to.

    3. Production – People follow because of what you have done for the organization.

    4. People Development – People follow because of what you have done for them personally.

    5. Pinnacle – People follow because of who you are and what you represent.
    Through humor, in-depth insight, and examples, internationally recognized leadership expert John C. Maxwell describes each of these stages of leadership. He shows you how to master each level and rise up to the next to become a more influential, respected, and successful leader.

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  • Hinge Moments : Making The Most Of Life’s Transitions


    In life we have moments in time in which we have an opportunity before us to make a change or to respond to a situation.

    According to Michael Lindsay, president of Gordon College, what follows these instances will depend intrinsically on the decisions we make and the actions we take. These are what he calls hinge moments–opportunities to open (or close) doors to various pathways of our lives. Lindsay maintains that getting these moments right can change our lives for the better, and getting them wrong can pose problems for years to come: Some transitions have a disproportionate impact on our happiness, our contribution to society, and our family’s well-being. In these pages Lindsay shares faith-based stories of success and failure from his ten-year study of 550 PLATINUM leaders. He has charted seven phases of transition, providing both practical and spiritual insights for making the most of each stage. In uncertain and tumultuous times, there is no better advantage than wisdom gained early.

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  • Change Your World Workbook


    John Maxwell and Rob Hoskins have invested their lives as champions of change. Maxwell’s organizations EQUIP and the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation have transformed communities by training more than five million leaders from literally every country in the world. Hoskins’s One Hope has transformed the lives of more than one billion children and youth in 120 countries around the globe.

    Now, for the first time, these two leaders have partnered to write a book about how anyone, anywhere, can transform their world. Offering practical principles based on solid research and real-life experience, the authors teach how to recognize where and how to get started, who to recruit, when to mobilize people, what to do, how to communicate, and how to know when they’ve really hit the target. This accompanying workbook integrates the power of Maxwell’s familiar and engaging leadership communication with the research-based international insights of Hoskins’s and One Hope global experience.

    Transformation is within the reach of anyone who is willing to think, speak, and act in a way that values people and collaborates with them to bring about lasting positive change. This workbook will give them the tools to go through the steps, based on the trade book, to make that happen in their lives.

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  • Ayuda Trabajo Con Personas


    Sabemos que el liderazgo no es exclusivo de las oficinas y los presupuestos multimillonarios; algunos de los mejores lideres son los mentores y tecnicos que se sienten mas comodos tras bastidores. Pero, y si ser un lider eficaz no se trata solo de tener ideas innovadoras y altos niveles de productividad? Que pasa si convertirse en un gran lider se trata mas de priorizar la conciencia y las habilidades de las personas, que de la produccion y el desempeo?

    !Ayuda! Trabajo con personas no es un libro sobre la teoria del liderazgo, sino un manual sobre como conectarse con las personas e influir en ellas para siempre.

    Con su caracteristico relato transparente y facil de relacionarse, Chad Veach utiliza la investigacion moderna y los principios biblicos para alentarlo a que se apoye en su potencial de liderazgo, independientemente de su nivel de influencia o experiencia. En capitulos breves y facilmente digeribles, aborda las tres fases para convertirse en un lider de calidad:
    – Aprender a liderar a la persona mas dificil de la que estara a cargo: usted mismo
    – Reconocer el poder de convertirse en una persona sociable
    – Crear una cultura y un entorno donde la vision compartida del equipo pueda crecer

    Las personas son la parte mas importante de la vida. Aprendamos a liderar como si nos gustaramos el uno al otro.

    We know leadership is not exclusive to corner offices and multimillion-dollar budgets–some of the best leaders are the mentors and technicians who are more comfortable behind the scenes. But what if being an effective leader isn’t just about having innovative ideas and high levels of productivity? What if becoming a great leader is more about prioritizing self-awareness and people skills than production and performance?

    Help! I Work with People is not a book about leadership theory, but rather a handbook on how to connect with people and influence them for good.

    With his signature transparent and relatable storytelling, Chad Veach uses modern research and biblical principles to encourage you to lean into your leadership potential regardless of your level of influence or experience. In short and easily digestible chapters, he addresses the three phases of becoming a quality leader:
    – learning to lead the hardest person you will ever be in charge of–yourself
    – recognizing the power of becoming a people person
    – creating a culture and environment where the team’s shared vision can grow

    People are the most important part of life.

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  • Trauma To Triumph


    An organization-wide blueprint outlining the simple steps to successfully navigate through crisis or trauma, giving leaders at every level the guidance they need to create confidence, courage, and enthusiasm in their team-and come out stronger on the other side.

    When leaders navigate a traumatic event the right way, the organization doesn’t just survive. It can be transformed and flourish in ways previously unimagined. And though organizational trauma takes many forms-a pandemic, an economic meltdown, an act of violence, a failed merger, layoffs-events like these don’t have to traumatize leaders and employees, sending everyone into survival mode.

    In Trauma to Triumph Mark Goulston, MD, and Dr. Diana Hendel present a visionary and tactical roadmap to help leaders create stability in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, move productively through a traumatic event, and come out even stronger and better on the other side.

    Here are just a few things you’ll learn:
    *How the survival mechanism manifests in employees and leaders in the midst of trauma.

    *The predictable polarities, dilemmas, tensions, and other patterns that emerge in traumatized organizations-and how to break these cycles.

    *Why lack of clarity in roles and poor communication are so dangerous in times of crisis-and how to avoid these common pitfalls.

    *How leaders can shift to a mindset that helps them create feelings of trust, confidence, respect, and inspiration in employees.

    *Why creating a common language around trauma allows leaders at all levels to share a narrative of safety, confidence, and hope.

    *How to help others overcome resistance to change, adapt as needed, and break out of their competence zone.

    *How to launch a rapid-response process that allows you to control the controllables and create a framework for making better decisions in the throes of crisis.

    *High-impact tactics to help your organization recover and heal in a way a that doesn’t just return to baseline, but transcends it.

    Filled with tools and tactics, Trauma to Triumph isn’t just about being prepared for future crises. It’s also about leading in a new way in the times of stability in between.

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  • Lead Like It Matters To God


    Richard Stearns is a leader who has been tested as a CEO in both secular companies and also as the head of one of the world’s largest Christian ministries.

    After stints as CEO of Parker Brothers and then Lenox, Stearns accepted the invitation to leave his corporate career to become the president of World Vision US, where he became the longest serving president in their seventy-year history. During his tenure there he implemented corporate best practices, lowering overheads while tripling revenues. His leadership in calling the American church to respond to some of the greatest crises of our time, notably the HIV and AIDS pandemic, and the global refugee crisis, challenged Christians to embrace a bold vision for compassion, mercy, and justice. In Lead Like It Matters to God, Stearns shares the leadership principles he has learned over the course of his remarkable career. As a leader who has navigated both secular and sacred spaces, Stearns claims that the values Christian leaders embrace in their workplaces are actually more important than the results they achieve–that God is more concerned about a leader’s character than a leader’s success. With wisdom, wit, and biblical teaching, Stearns shares captivating stories of his life journey and unpacks seventeen crucial values that can transform leaders and their organizations. When leaders embody values such as integrity, courage, excellence, forgiveness, humility, surrender, balance, generosity, perseverance, love, excellence, and encouragement, they not only improve their witness for Christ, they also shape institutions, influence culture, improve team performance, and create healthy workplaces where people can flourish. Through this book, Stearns will inspire a new generation of Christian leaders to boldly take their values into their workplaces to tangibly demonstrate the character of Christ, the love of Christ, and the truth of Christ as they live out their faith in full view of others.

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  • Lead Like It Matters To God Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    Lead Like It Matters to God by Richard Stearns is about how the values Christian leaders embrace are more important than the success they achieve.

    This eight-session companion study guide explores seventeen values that will transform your leadership. Following the structure of review, reflect, and practice, this dynamic guide also provides discussion starters for groups to have honest conversations about how values-driven leadership not only improves their witness for Christ but also influences culture and creates healthy workplaces where people and teams flourish. Take a look at the seventeen leadership values you will explore in this study guide:

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  • Character Carved In Stone


    Overlooking the Hudson River on the campus of the United States Military Academy at West Point are 12 granite benches, each inscribed with a word representing a key leadership virtue: compassion, courage, dedication, determination, dignity, discipline, integrity, loyalty, perseverance, responsibility, service, and trust. These benches remind cadets of the qualities that lead to victory and success, not just on the battlefield, but in all of life.

    With his signature enthusiasm and insight, Pat Williams shares the incredible stories of West Point graduates who exemplified these traits, from the Civil War to the War on Terror. He shows readers of all backgrounds how to develop these 12 essential virtues in their lives, whether they are in the corporate world, the academic world, the military, the church, or in some other sphere.

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  • Leading Things You Didnt Start


    A high-impact leadership coach gives you the tools you need to maximize your influence in a new role, giving you the ability to meet any challenge and take your team, organization, church or company to new heights.

    Tyler Reagin addresses a mission-critical but often overlooked aspect of leadership: healthy upward transition. Most leaders find themselves responsible for organizations, teams, and products that they didn’t launch from the ground up. They step into the middle of established cultures, processes, teams, and goals. It’s from that middle that they must make the most challenging and crucial decisions.

    Through the use of tried-and-true coaching principles and practical case studies with leaders like Buzz Williams, head coach at Texas A&M, and Cheryl Bachelder, former CEO of Popeyes, Reagin helps you maximize your newfound influx of influence and master the intentions of an inheriting leader. Get the strategies you need in order to ask the right questions, motivate the new-to-you-team, identify and attack the right problems, invest your energy in core systems, increase your output, and bring out the best in you and your team.

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  • 7 Deadly Sins Of Women In Leadership


    For the first time in modern history, women are making their way into strategic positions of influence and leadership within the church, public, corporate, charity and voluntary sectors, in unprecedented numbers. Women are called by God to flourish in these arenas. However, there are significant external and internal issues that hinder women in leadership in unique ways.

    But if you think this book is only for women, you are gravely mistaken. While women’s entry onto the leadership arena may have been the catalyst to uncover deep-seated issues in leadership culture, the challenges addressed here are not unique to women in leadership alone.

    In 7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership, Kate Coleman considers what lies at the root of the many challenges facing today’s leaders–women and men–and proposes ways of dealing with them. Effective leadership starts with you and, based on her 35 years of leadership experience, Kate explains how you can:
    *Overcome limiting self-perceptions
    *Establish boundaries
    *Develop a tailor-made personal vision
    *Cultivate a healthy work/life rhythm
    *Stop being a people-pleaser
    *Learn to confront not collude
    *Be intentional with your inner circle

    Written for every leader from any sector, this proven and practical book will enable you to identify and overcome self-defeating patterns of behavior, in ways that will radically transform your leadership.

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  • Starfish And The Spirit


    Leveraging the metaphor Ori popularized in his NYT best-selling book, The Starfish and the Spider, Ori Brafman shows why the distributed structures of starfish organizations are uniquely fit to the church. They can function without a rigid central authority, and their regenerative abilities make them nimbler in reacting to external forces. Seeding starfish networks inside todays churches will prepare the church of tomorrow to be agile while still maintaining the necessary accountability to be effective.

    Rather than advocating the adoption of a starfish structure in place of the hierarchy of the spider, Brafman, along with pastors Lance Ford and Rob Wegner, emphasize the advantages of adapting the structure and order inherent in a spider organization toward a hybrid model–either a Spiderfish approach (leaning toward centralization) or a Starder approach (leaning toward decentralization).

    The Starfish and the Spirit is about creating a culture where church leaders view themselves as curators of a community on mission, not the source of certainty for every question and project. It is about creating a team of humble leaders in the middle of the church, not at the top–leaders who naturally reproduce multiple generations of leaders, from the middle out on mission. Imagine a church led by a team whose gifts and talents are completely unleashed, enabling everyone to show up and step up with all they really are. The joy and vigor coming from the collective strength, intelligence, and skill in the community of leaders not only brings greater potency but better yields for your ministry as well. What would it be like to see this kind of healthy leadership reproduced into the second, third, and fourth generation, on multiple strands?

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  • Empower : The 4 Keys To Leading A Volunteer Movement


    How do you lead a movement?

    Movements that unify millions and sustain national relevance over the course of decades are hard to come by. They’re even harder to plan and predict. But that is exactly what happened and is captured with stunning detail in this book.

    In Empower, Jeff Martin drills in to four key principles that can unlock a volunteer-led movement. They were unearthed from an event he founded in 2004 called Fields of Faith that focused on giving ordinary people the microphone. It has impacted and united millions of people, thousands of volunteers, and countless community organizations. Each year, over 250,000 people gather on one night in communities across the country.

    How was he able to lead this movement? How can you lead a movement? Empower will give you the four keys-value, simplicity, commonality, and ownership-to lead a movement of your own.

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  • Leading With Cultural Intelligence


    Succeeding in today’s global market requires a new set of skills than it did when the pioneers of the twentieth century were making their mark. But don’t let that intimidate you from expanding your business beyond our borders. In order to negotiate with vendors in Japan, it is not necessary to immerse yourself in the Asian culture. To explore potential markets in Africa, you don’t need to take a month-long safari across the jungle to learn what their people are like. The key to taking your business global, and doing so effectively, is all about your CQ–or cultural intelligence. Having done training and consulting for leaders in more than 100 countries, David Livermore, president and partner at the Cultural Intelligence Center, has detailed in Leading with Cultural Intelligence a four-step model for improving your CQ and maximizing your impact in managing across cultures: – Drive–boost your motivation for and confidence in interacting with other cultures – Knowledge–understand the relevance of differences in religion, values, norms, and languages – Strategy–plan ahead for unfamiliar cultural settings, but remain flexible if actual experience differs from expectations – Action–successfully adapt your behavior to each situation Featuring fresh research, case studies, and statistics on the ROI of improving your CQ, this new edition of Leading with Cultural Intelligence with help you thrive in any business environment–whether it’s across the world or in your own backyard.

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  • Lead Like A Woman


    Speak up.
    Don’t take it so personally.
    Just make a decision already.

    Every day, whether they’re competing in the business world or serving in a nonprofit, women hear that they’re not enough. They’re too emotional to lead, and the way they act, speak, and even think is detrimental to success.

    But in Lead Like a Woman, former Fortune 500 executive Deborah Smith Pegues shows that your uniquely female qualities can position you for success-if you know how to use them. She’ll teach you to embrace 12 traits that can help you excel as a leader, and she’ll also help you eliminate 12 tendencies that could be hindering your progress.

    You will discover how to…

    *develop confidence while sharpening your professional and relational skills
    *let go of unproductive thoughts and habits that sabotage your success
    *create a transformative, participative, and inclusive organization

    Whether at work or in your community, Lead Like a Woman will empower you to walk boldly down your path of leadership and find fulfillment in the journey.

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  • Crisis Y Oportunidades


    Nadie esta exento de pasar por crisis, unas a causa de situaciones individuales y otras provocadas por circunstancias ajenas a nuestro control, como la pandemia que atravesamos. Cualquiera que sea la causa, Efren Ruiz Arregui abre la puerta de la oportunidad pues, como asegura, por cada problema que enfrentamos hay una solucion. Cada capitulo plantea una crisis, y a traves de diferentes experiencias personales, aplicacion de principios y frases de sabiduria, el autor propone puertas hacia caminos diferentes que te guiaran para abrir tus propias puertas y resolver asuntos del pasado y del presente, o para plantearte un futuro en especifico. Esta habil propuesta para examinar tus crisis esta diseada para que encuentres tus soluciones y veas tus oportunidades en 30 dias.

    No one is exempt from going through crises, some due to individual situations and others caused by circumstances beyond our control, such as the pandemic we are experiencing. Whatever the cause, Efren Ruiz Arregui opens the door of opportunity because, as he assures, for every problem we face there is a solution. Each chapter raises a crisis, and through different personal experiences, application of principles and phrases of wisdom, the author proposes doors to different paths that will guide you to open your own doors and resolve issues of the past and present, or to consider a specific future. This clever approach to examining your crises is designed to help you find your solutions and see your opportunities in 30 days.

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  • Einsteins Boss : 10 Rules For Leading Genius


    When employees are exceptional, everyday rules no longer apply. In 1933, Albert Einstein fled Nazi Germany for the leafy streets of Princeton, NJ. He would have been welcome anywhere, but Einstein joined the Institute for Advanced Study, bestowing instant credibility on the fledgling research center. Abraham Flexner, the institute’s founder, wasn’t a physicist or mathematician-but he was a gifted administrator. Under his leadership, IAS became a global powerhouse, home to 33 Nobel Laureates, 38 Field Medalists, and myriad winners of the Wolf and MacArthur prizes. The team of thinkers that Flexner assembled produced some of the greatest scientific advances of the 20th century. The man had a knack for leading genius. Einstein’s Boss filters Flexner’s practices through the lens of modern business, where industries from computing to engineering to biotechnology compete for top talent and cutting-edge innovations. Original and insightful, the book explains how to spot the deep thinkers who will transform your business-and reveals 10 rules for guiding them to greatness, including: * Get out of the way: Allow brilliant people ownership of their projects * Shut up and listen: Consider their input openly before reaching conclusions * Turn over the rocks: Be completely transparent-a genius will figure out what you’re hiding anyway * Practice alchemy: Mix complementary minds together for maximum effect * Let the problem seduce: Frame challenges in a way that captures the imagination and draws them toward the goal * Quit chasing squirrels: Guide innovation towards the core mission. Leading people who are smarter than you is no easy task. But for managers who learn to channel brainpower into breakthroughs, the rewards are boundless.

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  • Speak To Win


    The ability to speak with confidence and deliver winning presentations can accelerate your career, earn people’s great respect, and enable you to achieve your greatest-even most impossible-seeming goals. But what many people don’t realize is that anyone can learn to be a great speaker, just as easily as they can learn to drive a car or ride a bike! As one of the world’s premier speakers and personal success experts, Brian Tracy is the ideal instructor. In Speak to Win, Tracy reveals time-tested tricks of the trade that readers can use to present powerfully and speak persuasively, whether in an informal meeting or in front of a large audience. Readers will learn how to: * become confident, positive, and relaxed in front of any audience * grab people’s attention from the start * use body language, props, and vocal techniques to keep listeners engaged * transition smoothly from one point to the next * use humor, stories, quotes, and questions skillfully * deal with skepticism when presenting new ideas * wrap up strongly and persuasively Brimming with unbeatable strategies for winning people over every time, Tracy lets readers in on his most powerful presentation secrets in this indispensable, life-changing guide.

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  • 21 Leyes Del Liderazgo En La B


    Todo lo que se sobre el liderazgo lo aprendi de la Biblia

    Cuando el autor best seller John C. Maxwell comenzo a ensear liderazgo a personas en la iglesia, a menudo se sorprendieron. Era obvio que era joven e inexperto, pero las ideas que transmitia parecian ir mas alla de lo que deberia saber. Mas tarde, cuando comenzo a hablar a un publico mas general, la gente pregunto: Donde aprendio usted todo esto?.

    John estaba feliz de contarles su secreto: todo lo que sabia sobre el liderazgo lo aprendio de la Biblia. La Biblia no solo es el mejor libro jamas escrito, sino que es el mejor libro sobre el liderazgo jamas escrito. Todo lo que pueda desear aprender sobre el liderazgo (vision, proposito, estrategia, comunicacion, actitud, aliento, mentoria, seguimiento) se puede encontrar en las paginas de la Palabra de Dios.

    En este estudio de veintiuna lecciones, John lo guia a traves de las mismas escrituras fundamentales que han formado la base del trabajo de su vida. Cada leccion incluye:

    * La definicion de la ley: una breve descripcion e introduccion a la ley.

    * Estudios de casos: tres estudios biblicos, incluyendo lideres como Moises, Josue, David, Elias, Ester, Maria, Pablo y Jesus, que revelan e ilustran la ley.

    * Preguntas de estudio: preguntas de reflexion y aplicacion para ayudarlo a profundizar en las historias de los hombres y mujeres en las Escrituras y aprender de ellas.

    * Perspicacia y reflexion del liderazgo: preguntas para ayudarlo a evaluar y mejorar sus propias habilidades de liderazgo.

    * Como llevar a la accion: lecciones practicas y orientacion para ayudarlo a incorporar cada leccion en su vida diaria.

    * Preguntas de discusion en grupo: preguntas para ayudarlo a aprender y procesar el material de estudio de la Biblia con otras personas de ideas afines que desean crecer en liderazgo.

    * El liderazgo es para todos, porque cada persona que acepta a Cristo esta llamada a influir en los demas. Asi que aprenda de los mejores lideres que han vivido: los hombres y las mujeres en la Biblia.

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  • What Comes Next


    What if, instead of keeping up with change, you could get ahead of it?

    Our mission as Christians was the same yesterday as it is today and will be tomorrow. The world, however, is changing faster than ever before, and keeping up feels impossible. The realities of human life–from how we develop relationships to how we use technology to have impact –therefore change rapidly too. It’s critical that Christian leaders take this into consideration as they plan for their organizations’ future.

    In What Comes Next?, strategists and innovation experts Nick Skytland and Ali Llewellyn use the eight elements of their Futures Framework to teach us how to help shape the future, be visionary, and grow our businesses and ministries. This futures-thinking process is a proven solution for executives, entrepreneurs, pastors, and anyone in between who struggles to respond to an ever-changing world.

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  • Non Negotiable : The Story Of Happy State Bank And The Power Of Accountabil


    Do you ever find yourself questioning what you believe around issues that impact your life and business? Do you ever feel lost in your decisions? Are you ever frustrated in your lack of ability to take your life or business exactly where you know you want to go?

    Non-Negotiable is all about understanding what you believe, what you can control, what your mission is and ultimately taking your convictions to the level of Non-Negotiable.

    Based on the real life story of J. Pat Hickman, a man with a purpose, and the bank he leads, Happy State Bank, you will see firsthand what success looks like.

    Sam Silverstein, champion of accountability, presents the inspiring story of how J. Pat Hickman transformed a sleepy small town bank from one location and $10 million in assets into 34 locations and over $2.5 billion in assets by knowing what he believes and not negotiating on what he holds dear. In the process, he assembled a team of leaders that understand what great culture looks like and a bank full of motivated people who love what they do.

    Read this book to:
    *Discover and define your own Non-Negotiables
    *Energize your ability to avoid distractions and make important decisions
    *Establish a culture that promotes personal and organizational accountability
    *Understand the power of true accountability
    *Unleash the power of knowing what it is you truly believe

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  • 150 Essential Insights On Leadership


    The best leaders bring all of the resources in their world into play to accomplish something great. John Maxwell

    Influential author and teacher John C. Maxwell travels around the world to meet with people of all backgrounds, helping them discover their God-given purpose. John’s timeless leadership principles equip and empower people-from Fortune 500 companies to community leaders-to do remarkable things and lead significant and fulfilled lives.

    Now you can gain from John’s wisdom and guidance with this collection of some of his most impactful quotes. Whether you are called to lead or you’re simply seeking God’s direction for your life, you will benefit from his valuable insights on…

    *Taking Action: In the beginning, you just need to get moving. Try different things. It’s much easier to start doing something right if you’ve already started doing something.

    *Dreaming Big: Dreams are valuable commodities. They propel us forward. They give us energy. They make us enthusiastic. Everyone ought to have a dream.

    *Investing in Others: One of the ironies of leadership is that you become a better leader by sharing whatever power you have, not by saving it all for yourself. You’re meant to be a river, not a reservoir. If you use your power to empower others, your leadership will extend far beyond your grasp.

    Let John’s words inspire you to make a difference in your home, your workplace, and your world.

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  • 150 Essential Insights On Leadership


    The best leaders bring all of the resources in their world into play to accomplish something great.
    John Maxwell

    Influential author and teacher John C. Maxwell travels around the world to meet with people of all backgrounds, helping them discover their God-given purpose. John’s timeless leadership principles equip and empower people-from Fortune 500 companies to community leaders-to do remarkable things and lead significant and fulfilled lives.

    Now you can gain from John’s wisdom and guidance with this collection of some of his most impactful quotes. Whether you are called to lead or you’re simply seeking God’s direction for your life, you will benefit from his valuable insights on…

    *Taking Action: In the beginning, you just need to get moving. Try different things. It’s much easier to start doing something right if you’ve already started doing something.
    *Dreaming Big: Dreams are valuable commodities. They propel us forward. They give us energy. They make us enthusiastic. Everyone ought to have a dream.
    *Investing in Others: One of the ironies of leadership is that you become a better leader by sharing whatever power you have, not by saving it all for yourself. You’re meant to be a river, not a reservoir. If you use your power to empower others, your leadership will extend far beyond your grasp.

    Let John’s words inspire you to make a difference in your home, your workplace, and your world.

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  • Boss Up : This Ain’t Your Mama’s Business Book


    Boss Up! will help you put your business on the map and the ideas you’ve previously only dreamed about into the marketplace. It will help you overcome your fears and guilt to find a fulfillment that changes you and your families for the better. And it will help you break free of the hard and boring and allow you to have fun along the way.

    In Boss Up! Lindsay helps you gain the confidence to know that having ambition doesn’t make you a bad mother or wife. That it’s okay to have a desire for something more than endless sippy cups, clean-ups, Band-Aids, and groundings. That no matter your education or experience, you can tap into your passions and create businesses that give you increased flexibility, fulfillment, and financial security.

    And Lindsay doesn’t just do this through commiserating but, instead, through giving you the tools for change. Using the lessons she learned on her own path to success, Lindsay shares real, solid business principles with ten distinct success philosophies that you will encounter on the journey to entrepreneurship, such as:

    *Think Long Term
    *Be Unapologetically Yourself
    *Use the Unsales Tactic
    *Understand Your Why
    *and many more

    Stay-at-home mom turned multimillion-dollar-producing business owner Lindsay Teague Moreno doesn’t just have a passion for entrepreneurship. She has a deep passion for helping women of all walks of life gain the confidence and skills to tap into their ambition and achieve success in their own business endeavors.

    Boss Up Ain’t Your Momma’s Business Book

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  • Leading From The Second Chair


    They say it’s lonely at the top. And it can be even lonelier when you are almost at the top. Church leaders who hold second-chair positions are under tremendous pressure. They are expected to do their jobs and provide leadership but to defer to the top leader too. It’s a demanding balancing act. How can they lead effectively while serving under someone else’s leadership?

    Leading from the Second Chair offers an invaluable resource to leaders who serve in second- (and third- and fourth-) chair roles, enabling them to become more productive, proactive, and fulfilled. The book reveals the paradoxes of second chair leadership. These leaders must be subordinate to the top leader yet lead in their own right. They should be deep in their expertise but wide in perspective. And they must be content in their jobs yet remain enthusiastic about their dreams for the future.

    Mike Bonem and Roger Patterson share their own and others’ experiences of failure and success in this vital role. They offer support and practical advice for reshaping the way second-chair leaders can serve well and improve the overall performance of their church or organization. Leading from the Second Chair equips readers with the positive attitudes, skills, and strategies needed to become powerful leaders who will survive and thrive in God’s service.

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  • C Suite And Beyond


    What is your roadmap to success? As someone who has lived and worked in several different countries, Tom Kereszti shares how to lead a business based on Christian principles in this guide. He focuses on four keys: who you are, your vision, is your strategy a growth strategy, and the members of your team. He also highlights a bonus principle: connecting with others. The book is filled with stories of leaders who have successfully led teams, inspirational quotes, Biblical lessons, and companies who have gotten it right. If you are a C-Level executive or just aspiring to be one, this book will empower you to become a better leader. Find a Christian-based path that leads to personal and business success with the lessons, insights, and examples in C Suite and Beyond.

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  • C Suite And Beyond


    What is your roadmap to success? As someone who has lived and worked in several different countries, Tom Kereszti shares how to lead a business based on Christian principles in this guide. He focuses on four keys: who you are, your vision, is your strategy a growth strategy, and the members of your team. He also highlights a bonus principle: connecting with others. The book is filled with stories of leaders who have successfully led teams, inspirational quotes, Biblical lessons, and companies who have gotten it right. If you are a C-Level executive or just aspiring to be one, this book will empower you to become a better leader. Find a Christian-based path that leads to personal and business success with the lessons, insights, and examples in C Suite and Beyond.

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  • Tempered Resilience Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    Tempered Resilience by Tod Bolsinger is about forming resilience so leaders can lead through the resistance that always accompanies change. This eight-session study guide is designed to lead to honest conversations for self-discovery as well as offer practices that leaders and their teams can take on together.

    Leadership leads to vulnerability that requires the security of relationships to endure.Tempered Resilience: How Leaders Are Formed in the Crucible of Change is about forming resilience so leaders can lead through the resistance that always accompanies change. Tod Bolsinger, an organizational and pastoral leader, writes that experiencing resistance leaves us feeling exposed, unsure, and often discouraged. Honest and supportive relationships are key to flourishing in these moments of vulnerability. Thus the sessions in this guide are designed to lead to honest conversations for self-discovery as well as offering practices that leaders and their teams can take on together. Following the structure of review, reflect, relate, and practice, this guide for both individuals and groups will help you to forge the kind of tempered and resilient leadership that the times deman

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  • Tempered Resilience : How Leaders Are Formed In The Crucible Of Change


    What type of leadership is needed in a moment that demands adaptive change? Exploring the qualities of adaptive leadership within churches and nonprofit organizations, Tod Bolsinger deftly examines both the external challenges we face and the internal resistance that holds us back, showing how leaders can become both stronger and more flexible.

    What type of leadership is needed in a moment that demands adaptive change? Tod Bolsinger, author of Canoeing the Mountains, is uniquely positioned to explore the qualities of adaptive leadership in contexts ranging from churches to nonprofit organizations. He deftly examines both the external challenges we face and the internal resistance that holds us back. Bolsinger writes: To temper describes the process of heating, holding, hammering, cooling, and reheating that adds stress to raw iron until it becomes a glistening knife blade or chisel tip. When reflection and relationships are combined into a life of deliberate practice, leaders become both stronger and more flexible. As a result, these resilient leaders are able to offer greater wisdom and skill to the organizations they serve. Also available: Tempered Resilience Study Guide

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  • 7 Perspectives Of Effective Leaders


    According to CEO and executive coach Daniel Harkavy, effective leadership boils down to just two things: your decisions and influence. Good decisions lead to strong results, which in turn increase your influence. If you get these two things right, your leadership effectiveness improves.

    But as all leaders know, it’s not that easy, especially in today’s fast-paced, complex, and connected environment. To make the best decisions and have maximum impact, you need to see your business from seven perspectives:
    – current reality
    – long-term vision
    – strategic bets
    – the team
    – the customer- your role
    – the outsider

    Drawing upon his 25 years of experience as a successful CEO and executive coach, and including conversations and thinking from more than 20 well-known business and organizational leaders, Daniel Harkavy unpacks a proven framework you can implement for immediate results in your organization’s culture and performance. If you’re looking to improve your leadership, this book will give you a straightforward framework to do so.

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  • Sticking Points : How To Get 5 Generations Working Together In The 12 Place


    Updated with new findings on Gen Z!

    With five generations in the workplace at once, there’s bound to be some sticking points. This is the first time in American history that we have five different generations working side-by-side in the workplace: the Traditionalists (born before 1945), the Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964), Gen X (born between 1965-1980), Millennials (born 1981-2001) and Gen Z (born 1996-present). Haydn Shaw, popular business speaker and generational expert, has identified 12 places where the 5 generations typically come apart in the workplace (and in life as well). These sticking points revolve around differing attitudes toward managing one’s own time, texting, social media, organizational structure, and of course, clothing preferences. If we don’t learn to work together and stick together around these 12 sticking points, then we’ll be wasting a lot of time fighting each other instead of enjoying a friendly and productive team. Sticking Points is a must-read book that will help you understand the generational differences you encounter while teaching us how we can learn to speak one another’s language and get better results together.

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  • Shrinking The Integrity Gap


    Every leader values integrity, but far too few live it out. The founders of Living Wholehearted, Jeff and Terra Mattson, find that most high-capacity leaders have experienced childhood trauma and use leadership as a way to cope.

    In Shrinking the Integrity Gap, the Mattsons remind readers that integrity is a way of being and not a one-time event. Providing long-term solutions rooted in grace, they explore the following:

    *The symptoms and systemic impact of the integrity gap
    *How a leader’s unresolved story impacts their influence
    *Ways to overcome the loneliness and effects of leadership
    *Healthy leadership habits for wholehearted leadership

    Integrating biblical truth, clinical research, relational wisdom, and real stories, Shrinking the Integrity Gap equips readers to become the kind of leader anyone would want to follow.

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  • Inspiration Code : How The Best Leaders Energize People Every Day


    Everyone wants to be the kind of leader who can energize and mobilize others with their words, who in a single conversation can change the direction of someone’s life. But why is it that so few crack the code of how to do just that? Executive coach Kristi Hedges has spent years studying exactly what inspiring leaders do differently, and in The Inspiration Code dispels the myths that have hindered too many in their unsuccessful campaigns to inspire their team. Informed by quantitative research and thousands of responses from leaders at all levels, Hedges reveals that inspiring communication isn’t about grand gestures. Instead, those who motivate us most do a few specific things routinely, consistently, and intentionally. Learn the myths that don’t work. Learn the common qualities of the most inspirational leaders. Learn how to authentically excite and motivate your team toward new frontiers of success!

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  • Around The Corner To Around The World


    Learn twelve key lessons from Dunkin Donuts former CEO Robert Rosenberg that offer critical insights and a unique, 360-degree perspective to business leaders and managers on building one of the world’s most recognized brands.

    For entrepreneurs fighting for survival and leaders in growing businesses facing critical strategic decisions, competition is always fierce, and the future is never certain. Throughout all the chaos and the noise, you need a mentor that has seen a business through all the ins and outs and can offer guidance that will exponentially tip the odds in your favor to succeed.

    Robert Rosenberg took over as CEO of Dunkin Donuts in 1963, 13 years after the first restaurant was founded by his father, William. In his remarkable 35-year run, he grew the company from $10 million in sales to over $2 billion, with more than 3,000 outlets. Through his tenure, Robert learned important lessons on running and scaling a family business.

    In Around the Corner to Around the World, Rosenberg shares his insider perspective on all the dramatic highs and lows that are part of the Dunkin Donuts story to guide you to your own success story.

    Around the Corner to Around the World:
    *Distills the characteristics of a successful company through all phases of growth.
    *Provides a new perspective on the dramatic story behind the rise of one of the world’s most iconic brands.
    *Tells the first-hand account (including essential lessons learned) from the tenure of one of the most successful CEO runs in modern business history.
    *Reveals some of the dramatic and surprising plot turns in the story of Dunkin’s rise to global prominence.

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  • Undaunted : Overcoming Doubts And Doubters


    Undaunted is one woman’s journey past doubts and doubters to become the award-winning CEO of Hint(R) water. After interviewing dozens of business leaders for her podcast, Kara Goldin uncovered the overarching key to their success based on the way they handle and move past obstacles and their own insecurities, which she unpacks in these pages.

    Too many people go to work each day feeling like they were meant for something else. Their dreams of one day starting a business around their true passion or changing careers stay on the backburner or move out of sight altogether once the day’s priorities take over. While most motivational business and life books offer quick fixes, Undaunted focuses on your long-term success, showing you how to take control of breaking down barriers and moving forward. This book is a must-read for anyone who knows what they want but sees obstacles in their way.

    Setbacks will come, but Kara shows you can learn from failures and frustrations and keep advancing toward your true purpose. Nothing in life is too hard if you remain Undaunted. As Kara always says, It’s all part of the journey. Embrace it.Whether you want to start a company, get healthy, break an addiction, find a new career or just grow in life, Undaunted will help you get moving and keep going.

    Undaunted offers:

    *The dramatic story of how Kara Goldin changed her lifestyle, which led to the founding and steady growth of a now iconic business, Hint, Inc.

    *Fundamental life and business lessons drawn from Kara’s personal story and her experience as an executive, entrepreneur, mentor, and in-demand public speaker.

    *Inspiration through Kara’s commitment to mentor entrepreneurs, increase awareness of healthy lifestyles, and lead a mission to improve drinking water standards nationwide.

    Undaunted won’t solve your problems and challenges. You will. But it will help you see through other’s experiences that it’s possible to do so.

    Bypass your doubts and doubters and create the life you want.

    Find the courage to be Undaunted.

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  • Whats In Your Hand


    After decades of tending sheep, Moses is suddenly thrown into one of the greatest and most challenging leadership roles in the Old Testament. His first assignment on the job? Free two million Israelite slaves and lead them through the desert.

    As leaders, many of us can relate to Moses’s feeling of inadequacy in the face of daunting and unknown leadership landscapes that lie before us. In What’s in Your Hand, author Eddie Estep follows Moses’s incredible, sea-splitting journey and offers important leadership lessons that include:

    – Hearing God’s voice
    – Leading through change
    – Managing emotion in leadership
    – Activating your leadership team

    From a timid, self-effacing shepherd to a mighty biblical figure, the life of Moses teaches us a valuable lesson. God is not looking for a perfect leader with a powerful scepter but only a willing servant gripping a staff. What’s in your hand? God asks each of us as he calls us to serve and lead the people God loves.

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  • Wisdom From Babylon


    What does it mean to provide leadership for the church in an increasingly secular context? When religion is privatized and secularism reigns in the public square, Christians are often drawn toward either individualist escapism or constant cultural warfare. But might this context instead offer a fresh invitation for the church to adapt and thrive? Gordon Smith is passionate about the need for capable, mature leaders to navigate and respond to a changing society. In this book, he draws on his extensive experience as a university president, pastor, and international speaker to open a multidisciplinary conversation about the competencies and capacities essential for today’s leaders. After analyzing the phenomenon of secularization in the West and charting common Christian responses, Smith introduces four sources of wisdom to help guide us through this new terrain: the people and prophets of Judah during the Babylonian exile, the early church in its pagan environment, contemporary churches across the Global South, and Christian thinkers in post-Christian Europe. From these resources he identifies practices and strategies-from liturgy and catechesis to mission and hospitality-that can give shape to faithful, alternate communities in such a time as this. In cultures fraught with fear and division, Smith calls for leaders who can effect change from the margins, promote unity and maturity among Christians, and provide a non-anxious presence grounded in the presence of Christ. Educators, church leaders, and anyone seeking to understand the times will find this book to be an indispensable resource for cultivating distinctively Christian leadership.

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