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Cherished Girl Leopard Cross (3XL T-Shirt)


Leopard Cross(TM)

Share the gift of faith in this chic “Leopard Cross” Adult T-shirt by Cherished Girl(R) in Azalea. No life raft or rocket ship can truly save us in this life, but God’s incredible grace for us brings eternal salvation.

When you have the opportunity to stop and pray for someone, or tell someone your story, don’t hesitate to share the Good News about Jesus. God’s Son was born as a man, lived, died, and was resurrected, and He did it all for us. We are saved by grace, and it’s a gift we can share with others.

Cherished Girl(R) Adult T-Shirt – Leopard Cross(TM)

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SKU (UPC): 612978586372

Color: Pink
Apparel class: Womens
Manufacturer: Kerusso


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