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Cherished Girl Leopard Cross (3XL T-Shirt)


Leopard Cross

Share the gift of faith in this chic Leopard Cross Adult T-shirt by Cherished Girl in Azalea. No life raft or rocket ship can truly save us in this life, but God s incredible grace for us brings eternal salvation.

When you have the opportunity to stop and pray for someone, or tell someone your story, don t hesitate to share the Good News about Jesus. God s Son was born as a man, lived, died, and was resurrected, and He did it all for us. We are saved by grace, and it s a gift we can share with others.

Cherished Girl Adult T-Shirt – Leopard Cross

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SKU (UPC): 612978586372

Color: Pink
Apparel class: Womens
Manufacturer: Kerusso


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