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Kerusso Kids Wonderfully Made Dinosaur (T-Shirt)


Wonderfully Made Dinosaur

Let out a great big roar for the Lord in this cool Wonderfully Made Dinosaur T-shirt by Kerusso Kidz in Orange. Our Creator God made every creature from tiny plankton in the deep blue sea, to the birds of the air, to the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex that once roamed the earth. Remind the kids in your life He made them, too!

Start kids off on the way they should go, and they won t stray from a life of faith later. Pray together, and remind them often that as much as you love them, Jesus loves them even more!

Kerusso Kids T-Shirt – Wonderfully Made Dinosaur

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SKU (UPC): 612978585436

Color: Orange
Apparel class: Child
Manufacturer: Kerusso


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