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  • Action Bible New Testament


    Designed from the popular latest edition of The Action Bible, this fresh version of The Action Bible New Testament offers vibrant color, bold design, and biblical truth for kids, teens, visual learners, spiritual seekers, and anyone eager to know more about God’s Word. Readers of all ages will enjoy:

    *Expanded stories and improved story flow
    *Over twenty additional stories
    *Revised art with more faces and enhanced historical details
    *Trusted, nondenominational focus

    Solid content, fast-paced narratives with a clear chronological progression, striking artwork, and a great portable format make this graphic Bible a unique and dramatic rendering of the greatest story ever told.

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  • Biblia Infografica Para Ninos


    Mas de 100 superformidables actividades para ninos !Aprendizaje y diversion en uno! No importa por donde empieces. !Te espera una experiencia increible, donde la Biblia cobra vida de una manera completamente nueva!

    Over 100 craze-mazing activities for kids

    Learning and fun in one! It doesn’t matter where you start. An incredible experience-where the Bible comes to life in a whole new way-is waiting!

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  • Biblia Infografica Para Ninos


    !Luz y oscuridad, heroes y villanos, y hechos biblicos asombrosos! Un volumen a todo color y profusamente ilustrado, para que ninos, adolescentes y jovenes (y con toda seguridad que muchos adultos tambien) conozcan a detalle y profundidad cientos de datos, acontecimientos y ensenanzas de la Biblia a traves de divertidas, interesantes y educativas infografias. Los lectores podran conocer y contrastar a los personajes y caracteristicas opuestas entre si a los que se refiere la palabra de Dios y seran testigos de las mas epicas batallas entre el bien y el mal. Conocimiento biblico puro, expuesto e ilustrado inteligentemente.

    A colorful and richly illustrated volume for children, teenagers and young people (and probably many adults as well!). The readers will learn hundreds of facts, events and teachings of the Bible through fun, interesting and educational infographics. Readers of all ages will be able to learn about and compare opposites of all sorts found in the Word of God and will witness the most epic battles between good and evil. Pure biblical knowledge, presented and illustrated in a very fun way.

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  • Bible Infographics For Kids Activity Book


    EXPERIENCE Bible Infographics!

    Prepare (if you can) to solve perplexing puzzles, masterfully crafted mazes, translate Bible verses into emojis, muster up ad-libs, craft new creations, doodle, write, search, find, experiment, plus a lot more!

    More?!, you ask, in understandable shock. Well, we didn’t want to crazily un-craze the craze-mazing content contained between covers. (Seriously…spoilers!)

    Learning and fun in one! It doesn’t matter where you start. An incredible experience-where the Bible comes to life in a whole new way-is waiting!

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  • Peter The Apostle


    Looking for new ways to inspire your children to read the Bible? The action-packed Bible story of Peter is now more accessible for children of all ages, using a visual language they love and understand: Graphic Novels.

    *Biblically Based
    *Bible Verse References
    *A Great Ministry Tool & Literacy Tool
    *Full Color Comic Book Format
    *Awesome Characters
    *Action Packed

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  • DIY Room Makeover Ideas For Girls


    Your Daughter’s Room is Special…Just Like Her!

    A girl’s bedroom is an important part of her identity, maybe the only place in the world that she can truly call her own. Now your daughter can decorate her space to make her room a reflection of her unique personality.

    From twins Whitney and Westleigh Wood, creators of 52 DIY Crafts for Girls and the daughters of home decor expert Karianne Wood, comes a year’s worth of pretty projects that will transform your girl’s room to fit her one-of-a-kind style. Your daughter will discover fun and colorful crafts for her windows, walls, door, and so much more!

    Each craft has illustrated and easy-to-follow instructions, including a supply list, skill level projection, approximate cost, and estimated timeframe to complete the project. Your daughter will also get some practical advice and encouragement from Whitney and Westleigh along the way.

    Give the special girl in your life the room to make, create, draw, and paint and watch her creativity and confidence grow.

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  • Action Bible New And Expanded Stories (Expanded)


    The Action Bible presents more than 230 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, making it easy to follow the Bible’s historical flow and building up to the thrilling climax of God’s redemptive story.

    Plus, these spectacular updates take the action to a whole new level:

    *25 new stories showcase a more extensive exploration of God’s work in our lives.
    *23 expanded stories highlight additional experiences of the people who tell God’s story.
    *128 new pages of illustrations deliver a richer artistic experience with more close-up faces, historical details, and dramatic colors.

    Every page sparks excitement to explore God’s Word and know Him personally. Readers will witness God’s active presence in the world through stories from the life of Jesus and great heroes of the faith.

    Let this blend of powerful imagery and clear storytelling capture your imagination and instill the truth that invites you to discover your own adventure of life with God.

    Sergio Cariello’s illustrations for The Action Bible leap off the page with the same thrilling energy that earned him international recognition for his work with Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

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  • Barrel Of Good Clean Jokes For Kids


    Get ready to giggle, grin, guffaw, and sometimes groan with this supremely silly, fantastically funny, and completely crazy collection of clean jokes. This barrel full of fun will have your whole family rolling on the floor in laughter.

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  • Live Brave : Devotions, Recipes, Experiments, And Projects For Every Brave


    The all-new devotional, Live Brave, guides preteen girls toward a deeper relationship with God while providing them fun, age-appropriate activities to help them live out a brave life.

    Each of the 90 devotions in Live Brave features a passage written from the perspective of one of the popular Brave Girls characters–Hope, Glory, Faith, Gracie, and Honor–along with a Scripture and prayer. Each devotion is designed to help girls learn to trust God’s character and act out His goodness.

    In addition to this meaningful spiritual content, Live Brave includes prompts for 30 enriching activities. From baking and science experiments to crafts and service projects, girls will have a blast, grow in faith, help others–and get a little messy along the way. The Brave Girls characters invite tween readers to join them in . . .

    *planting a tree
    *cooking pita pizzas
    *starting a neighborhood small jobs business
    *drawing Scripture word art
    *building a solar oven (and baking s’mores!)
    *making a journal jar
    *hosting a school-supply drive
    *crafting paper-plate gift baskets
    *and more!

    Every brave family is different, so each activity is adaptable for either a solo adventure or group bonding. You’ll love the creative, budget-friendly ideas for family and friend time.

    Written in a voice that emulates a contemporary adolescent girl, this interactive, high-energy devotional helps preteens take ownership of their spiritual journey. Girls will practice everyday bravery and grow in godly character as they take their faith off the page and into the world.

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  • Youre Gods Girl Back To School Planner


    Help Her Stay Organized and Inspired

    This fun and colorful planner provides more than just a place where your daughter can write down homework assignments, school events, and appointments–it’s designed to encourage her spiritual growth and allow her space to express herself.

    Short and practical devotions will teach her how to study her Bible, how to pray effectively, and how she can share her faith with others. She will also find plenty of room to record her thoughts, feelings, prayers, dreams, and future plans.

    This undated planner takes her through 12 months, so she can start on January 1, the beginning of the school year, or any day she chooses. Each section includes a month-at-a-glance and weekly calendars to help her keep track of her schedule.

    Your daughter can draw closer to Jesus and have her best year ever!

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  • Climbing Upward : 100 Devotionals For Adolescent Boys


    Growing up involves more than growing taller and stronger. As Jesus matured from a boy into a young man, He grew in favor with God and man. Boys today can do the same.

    Climbing a mountain involves exerting energy, defying the pull of gravity to reach the summit. Growing up into what God wants us to be also takes dedication and effort: reaching new goals, resisting new temptations, and developing a deeper relationship with God.

    This book of one hundred devotionals encourages adolescent boys on the upward climb toward godly manhood. Boys will enjoy these stories and learn life lessons shared by men who remember what it is like to transition from boyhood to young manhood.

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  • Still The Storm


    You ask about this picture all the time, Tina! Mom exclaimed as Tina pointed to the drawing of the Man on the cross. I don’t know why they did it to Him. His name is Jesus. Now stop asking!

    Somberly Tina stared at the picture. The man had to be in a lot of pain! She counted again, One, two, three, four, five. Five places dripped blood. He had died there on the cross. But why? For sin? What did that mean?

    Raised in an Old Colony Mennonite setting in Mexico, Tina faced many adversities, storms that threatened her quest for truth. Illiteracy. Abuse. Mockery. Drunkenness. Doubt. Tragedy. Would she ever find the One who holds the answers and stills the storms? A true story.

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  • Important Things Every Kid Should Know To Survive Middle School


    This thorough (and thoroughly humorous) guide will equip your child with practical advice on how to manage middle school. Kids will learn what to expect on their first day, where they fit in, how to get over middle school phobia, and much more!

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  • Courageous World Changers


    Women of Fearless Faith

    Meet women who have used their God-given talents to live out their faith to the fullest. They come from a variety of backgrounds, eras, and ethnicities, but each one has answered the Lord’s call on their life in bold and innovative ways.

    Children of all ages will be inspired by the stories of:
    *Corrie ten Boom–activist, author, and Holocaust survivor
    *Laurie Hernandez–gymnast who won both gold and silver medals in her sport
    *Florence Nightingale–health care reformer
    *Madeline L’Engle–author of children’s literature
    *Mother Teresa–missionary and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

    These and the 45 other female spiritual role models featured in this book have made a profound impact on the world around them, and in many cases changed the course of history. Strong, smart, and sometimes outspoken, these women are tremendous examples of God’s love in action.

    These inspiring profiles will captivate kids’ imaginations and encourage them to discover their own gifts and how they can use them to glorify God.

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  • Braver Stronger Smarter


    This illustrated guide for girls ages 6 to 11 will help your daughter see how brave, strong, and smart God made her. Through easy-to-read stories and writing and drawing prompts, she will learn practical ways to fight back when worries come up and will feel empowered knowing she is deeply loved by a God who is bigger than her fears.

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  • How God Grows A Brave Boy


    How God Grows a Brave Boy is a devotional designed to grow up today’s young men God’s way. Featuring 180 devotional readings complemented by easy-to-understand scripture selections and prayers, this courage-inspiring collection offers a powerful blend of inspiration, encouragement, and godly guidance for the brave boys in your life. Boys will be motivated to spend one-on-one time with God as they read about topics that are important to them. Their faith will grow right alongside their relationship with the heavenly Father, as He molds them into mighty, brave boys!

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  • Paul The Apostle


    Looking for new ways to inspire your children to read the Bible?

    The action-packed Bible story of Paul the Apostle is now more accessible for children of all ages, using a visual language they love and understand: Graphic Novels. Paul’s life story, told to us in the Book of Acts, is filled with bravery, adventure, miracles, faith, and salvation, yet many children are not aware of Paul’s amazing life. In Paul the Apostle: Graphic Story Bible, children fall in love with the awesome characters and universe, all the while learning the accurate story of a great Bible hero they can look up to.

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  • I Am Brave


    It’s a tough time to be a tween. Body image struggles, peer pressure, social media, and confusion about what truth is and why it matters can make growing up harder than ever. How do you stand firm in what you believe? What does it mean to be brave in your faith? What does it look like to love others? Finding answers to the most challenging questions can help tween girls thrive as they grow into brave young women of God.

    I Am Brave invites girls ages 8-12 to join the Brave Girls-Hope, Glory, Faith, Gracie, and Honor-as they grow closer to God every day. The latest book in the popular Brave Girls series, I Am Brave includes journaling prompts, devotions, and lots of great questions to help girls learn more about who God is and who they are.

    The Brave Girls are ordinary girls who are stronger and more courageous because of God’s love and guidance. I Am Brave will help your own young reader speak up for truth, stand up for faith and live out the real meaning of godly bravery.

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  • Vive Tu Fe


    Ayuda a tu preadolescente a vivir su fe. La destacada autora y maestra de la Biblia, Elizabeth George, quiere ayudar a las ninas entre los 8 y los 12 anos a entender lo que la Palabra de Dios dice y como se aplica a la vida cotidiana. En este estudio interactivo del libro de Santiago, las preadolescentes descubriran pequenos capitulos con secciones utiles que les ayudaran a estudiar e internalizar las lecciones de vida que aqui se presentan.

    Bestselling author and trusted Bible teacher Elizabeth George wants to help tweens, age 8-12, understand what God’s Word is saying and how it applies to everyday life. In this interactive and guided study of the book of James, tweens will discover short chapters with helpful sections that will help them study and apply many life lessons included in the Scripture.

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  • Blockbuster Bible : Behind The Scenes Of The Bible Story



    Lights, Camera, Action…! Join 3D Freddie and Popcorn Sally for the Bible story, retold as never before.

    Meet the Bible’s best-loved characters through scripts and storyboards, movie posters and social media, acceptance speeches, and interviews with the stars.

    Discover a wide range of passages from Genesis to Revelation, written in a lively way but staying very close to the original text, complete with cast list, glossary, maps, and timelines.

    Follow the scene selection cards as a visual guide through the Bible story, and track the theme cards as the three big storylines unfold.

    Use flashbacks and flash-forwards to see how one Bible event links to another.

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  • Focus And Finish


    Learn What It Takes to Succeed

    Zach Ertz didn’t start out as a great football player. In fact, his first love was basketball. But then a chance encounter with an NFL legend changed the course of his life forever.

    Join Zach as he works his way up from oversized middle-school lineman to the Super Bowl–winning and All-Pro tight end he is today. Go behind the scenes and discover what the life of a professional athlete playing at the highest level looks like.

    Children ages 8-12 will learn, by Zach’s example, the value of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, traits that he developed with the help of his mom, coaches, and most important, Jesus Christ.

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  • I Am Yours


    Prayers That Will Change Your Daughter’s Life

    Bestselling author Wynter Pitts’s life was a beautiful reflection of the power of prayer. Here, in her final words before her untimely passing, Wynter shows your tween girl all the wonderful things God has in store for her when she talks to Him.

    Your daughter will learn when and why and how to pray and what she can pray for to strengthen five of the most important relationships in her life-her relationship with God, herself, her family, her friends, and the world around her.

    Each short chapter includes a key Scripture verse, an impactful message from Wynter, and a heartfelt prayer written specially to help your daughter communicate with God. Page by page, she will discover her true identity in Christ and grow in her faith.

    Of all the I am statements your daughter will encounter in this book, it all starts with the fact that she belongs to God and can say with absolute confidence, I am Yours.

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  • Devocionales De La Biblia Aven


    Toma tu abrigo y tu brujula y preparate para la aventura! El nuevo libro ilustrado Devocionales de la Biblia: Aventura NVI: Edicion exploracion polar lleva a los nios a una emocionante y enriquecedora busqueda. Este devocional de 365 dias esta lleno de emocionantes historias diarias e incluye indices tematicos y de las Escrituras. !Los temas devocionales abarcan la autoestima, el coraje, la amistad y muchos otros! Los nios y nias aprenderan mas acerca de Dios y la Biblia y se sentiran inspirados para vivir una vida de fe; la mayor aventura de todas. Es un complemento de la Libro de Devocionales de la Biblia Aventura NVI: parte del destacado exito de ventas de Biblias infantiles.

    Este devocional presenta un interior a todo color.

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  • True Girl : Discover The Secrets Of True Beauty


    Is your tween prepared for what’s ahead?

    It used to be that middle school was the time to talk to kids about topics like modesty and body image. Unfortunately, the at-risk demographic for distorted views on the body is now girls ages 8-10. Fortunately, Dannah Gresh has provided a resource for this need.

    Secret Keeper Girl is geared to helping tween girls understand their dignity in Christ. It features a creative self-help text format that includes sidebars, quizzes, games, exploded quotes, and graphics to help them absorb the message.

    Here’s what author Dannah Gresh has to say about the motivation behind the book: My past fifteen years of studying at-risk teen and tween behavior has over and over again led me to good news: girls who are exposed to an age-appro-priate, Bible-based understanding of beauty and fashion between the ages of 8-12 tend to be less likely to engage in early sexual activity or have body image issues. They are also more likely to have healthy friendships, excel academically, and become positive social contributors in their com-munities, all while expressing their beauty and value appropriately.

    It’s not rocket science. It is social science paired with a whole lot of prayer and Bible study. We can change what tween girls see when they look in the mirror by changing what’s inside their hearts.

    This is the heart behind Secret Keeper Girl a desire to teach tween girls how valuable they are and how to honor their God-given dignity. Ultimately, it’s about grounding girls in their identity in Christ so the tumultuous teen years don’t uproot them.

    This book pairs with Secret Keeper Girl Mom-Daughter Devos, allowing moms a helpful resource for walking through this formative time with their tween girl.

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  • More Crack Yourself Up Jokes For Kids


    Did you hear about the guy who stole a trunk full of rubber bands?
    He was put away for a long stretch!

    Last night I slept in a ten-foot bed.
    That’s a lot of bunk!

    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Dots who?
    Dots for me to know and you to find out!
    Full of wacky illustrations, hilarious jokes, and crazy tongue twisters–Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager!– More Crack Yourself Up Jokes for Kids promises hours of good clean fun and all-out belly laughs for kids ages 6-8. Perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons, long car or plane rides, and any time you need a laugh!

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  • Soaring Through The Bible


    Help a Kid’s Faith Take Off!

    God’s Word can be difficult to read, even for adults. This kid-friendly version of pastor Skip Heitzig’s popular book The Bible from 30,000 Feet gives tweens (ages 8-11) a panoramic overview of all 66 books of the Bible, helping them see the context and significance of each.

    Each chapter provides a flight plan for exploring a portion of the Bible:

    Check Your Location–a clear and concise survey of the author, the main point, and why it’s important.

    Plot Your Course–a brief synopsis that shows what the chapters are about in language kids can understand.

    Enjoy Your Trip–a summary that contains the practical takeaway, helping children to apply the information to their own lives.

    Creatively designed with kids in mind, Soaring Through the Bible also features fun illustrations and fascinating facts to keep young minds and hearts engaged and interested.

    Prepare a child for takeoff on a lifelong journey of learning and loving God’s Word.

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  • Chase Your Dreams


    Go for the Goal!

    World Cup-winning soccer player Julie Ertz inspires kids to lead a life of faith and virtue as she shares her own stories and the lessons she has learned in childhood and now in her illustrious playing career.

    Each chapter focuses on a character trait essential to success on and off the playing field. Children will discover the value of sacrifice, hard work, and having a good attitude. They will gain a trusted mentor in Julie, who encourages them through personal examples to be winners in life.

    Packed with engaging photos and filled with timely wisdom and biblical truth for tweens, this book will help boys and girls chase their dreams with passion and purpose.

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  • Luna : The Science And Stories Of Our Moon


    Explore the moon from all angles, from its place in the night sky and our solar system to its role in shaping human history and culture.Through gorgeous illustrations and photography, see the moon like you’ve never seen it before. Read myths of the moon’s creation from around the world. Discover the science of how the moon actually formed. Learn all about the moon’s effects on Earth’s tides and imagine what the world would be like without them. Take a look at moon-men hoaxes from history and find out how scientists may actually colonize Earth’s closest neighbor. Weaving together science and myth, history and technology, Luna is perfect for anyone who’s ever imagined walking on the moon, wondered about the night sky, or been captivated by a thrilling werewolf story.

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  • Captain Aquaticas Awesome Ocean


    Take to the seas with marine conservationist and shark researcher Captain Aquatica and her hammerhead shark sidekick, Fin, to explore the ocean’s wettest and wildest depths and get the latest facts from the field!

    Scientist Jessica Cramp illuminates her work studying sharks and protecting our amazing ocean with in-depth scientific info and comic-book flair. Cramp’s conversational and witty explanations will make kids want to dive right in. Colorful side stories in graphic novel-style feature Cramp as character Captain Aquatica, with her sidekick shark, Fin. Together they help make big concepts accessible and interesting to kids of all levels. Amazing photography and cool content draw kids into the subject and story, attracting STEM fanatics and reluctant readers alike.

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  • Best Travel Activity Book Ever


    Perfect for vacations and family getaways, this fun activity and devotional book will keep kids entertained for hours. Activities include word finds, mazes, mini games, coloring pages, sketch starters, break-the-code puzzles, dots and boxes, spot the difference games, and more. Best of all, kids will find devotions written especially for them, and encouraging Scriptures to think about during the day. Have fun and be filled with joy as you spend time in this exciting activity book for kids! Heartfelt devotions for kids – Encouraging Scriptures – Inspiring prayers – Word finds, mini games, mazes, sketch starters, puzzles, coloring pages, and more!

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  • Best Sports Activity Book Ever


    Perfect for mini sportsfans and athletes, this fun activity and devotional book will keep kids entertained for hours. Activities include word finds, mazes, mini games, coloring pages, sketch starters, break-the-code puzzles, dots and boxes, spot the difference games, and more. Best of all, kids will find devotions written especially for them, and encouraging Scriptures to think about during the day. Have fun and be filled with joy as you spend time in this exciting activity book for kids! Heartfelt devotions for kids – Encouraging Scriptures – Inspiring prayers – Word finds, mini games, mazes, sketch starters, puzzles, coloring pages, and more!

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  • Vietnam : A History Of The War


    A comprehensive overview of one of the most controversial wars in America’s history, written by masterful children’s historian and Newbery Medalist Russell Freedman.

    With prose that is clear, concise, and enthralling, Russell Freedman presents a detailed overview of the Vietnam war. Beginning with the rise of communism in Vietnam and detailing the increase of American involvement, Freedman then explains why, twenty years later, an exit was so difficult.

    In addition to explaining the complex beginnings of the conflict through the catastrophic damage the war caused, Freedman concludes with a hopeful epilogue on modern Vietnam. This is a definitive resource for young history readers as well as anyone who wants a concise and authoritative understanding of the Vietnam War, exploring both the American and Vietnamese perspectives.

    Freedman chronicles the history leading up to the war and the unfolding events in Vietnam and in the US as increasing numbers of young men were sent into the jungles to fight. Coverage includes the French war in Vietnam, the rise of Ho Chi Minh, the fall of President Diem, the Tonkin Gulf, the Tet Offensive, the My Lai massacre, the bombing of Cambodia, and the fall of Saigon, as well as the US anitwar movement.

    The book includes nearly 100 historic photographs and illustrations, as well as candid photographs showcasing the state of Vietnam today. A glossary, source notes, bibliography and index are included.

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  • Absolute Expert Rocks And Minerals


    From amethysts and tanzanite to the sparkling geodes and erupting volcanoes, get the latest geological insights and intel straight from the field from National Geographic explorer and geophysicist Dr. Sarah Stamps.

    Ready to go on a rocking great adventure? Travel across the globe to find out how the Earth formed so YOU can become an absolute expert. Get up close to the layers of rock beneath the Earth’s surface. Learn about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rock cycles. Dig into sparkling crystals, quartz, diamonds, and other glorious gems. On the hunt for incredible rocks and minerals, you’ll mine the depths of our planet and venture into the Earth’s core. Geology comes alive in this cool book, filled with special features, sidebars, wacky trivia, and more.

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  • Sound Of Silence


    Myron Uhlberg was born the hearing son of deaf parents at a time when American Sign Language was not well established and deaf people were often dismissed as being unintelligent. In this young reader adaptation of his acclaimed memoir, Hands of My Father, Uhlberg recalls the daily difficulties and hidden joys of growing up as the intermediary between his parents’ silent world and the world of the hearing.

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  • Bible Infographics For Kids Volume 2


    Ding, ding, ding! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Bible Infographics for Kids Vol. 2, where we’re going to compare some of the most AWESOME opposites from God’s Word and witness amazingly EPIC battles between good and evil.

    See these fierce foes square off in the infographic octagon:
    *Light vs Darkness-and why you’ll never see them in the same place.
    *Angels vs Demons-both are powerful, but only one side will win in the end.
    *Feats of God vs Failures of Men-God did incredible things. Men? Not so much.
    *False Gods vs the One True God-separating the many pretenders from the only real contender.
    *Heaven vs. Hell-hell is no joke. But neither is heaven. It will be seriously mind-blowing!
    *Plus…fantastic animals, fallen empires, the 411 on the four Gospels, and way more!

    And yes, we’re going to explore more fun and quirky facts from God’s Word and gain a bunch of Bible knowledge along the way. Because that’s what infographics do. They make the most exciting book in the world that much more craze-mazing!

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  • Fantastic Jungles Of Henri Rousseau


    Henri Rousseau wanted to be an artist. But he had no formal training. Instead, he taught himself to paint. He painted until the jungles and animals and distant lands in his head came alive on the space of his canvases.

    Henri Rousseau endured the harsh critics of his day and created the brilliant paintings that now hang in museums around the world. Michelle Markel’s vivid text, complemented by the vibrant illustrations of Amanda Hall, artfully introduces young readers to the beloved painter and encourages all readers to persevere despite all odds.

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  • My Family And Me


    MY FAMILY AND ME is for every child who wants to learn more about their family history-whatever family means to them. This highly designed, colorful paperback original is packed with quizzes, games, and other activities for a child to complete with a family member.

    Learn more about who you are and where you come from!

    This brightly colored, stylish fill-in book encourages children to learn about themselves by learning about their families. MY FAMILY AND ME teaches children the basics of genealogy and family records by having them interview a family member. The inclusive wording and expansive definition of family also ensure that every child can use this book, no matter what their family looks like or who is raising them.

    Filled with quizzes and games, it’s a perfect bonding activity designed to help relatives share favorite memories and start meaningful conversations about their lives. MY FAMILY AND ME offers hours of entertainment for now and a book of memories that you can hold onto forever.

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  • Destination Moon


    From bestselling science writer Seymour Simon comes Destination: Moon, a visually stunning and very accessible look at the lead up to the 1969 Moon landing. Updated with an airy design and chock-full of NASA photos and sidebars, it’s perfectly timed with the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing.

    3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Blast off!

    In 1969, the United States’ Apollo 11 spaceflight sent astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins to the Moon. Aldrin and Armstrong were the first humans to successfully make the epic landing. But what led up to this historical trip? And what if they hadn’t made it home?

    In Seymour Simon’s Destination: Moon, readers can explore all sorts of information about the infamous Space Race between the US and the Soviets, the basics of space travel, and lots of Moon facts as they gaze upon spectacular photos from this inspiring moment in history.

    Destination: Moon is the first of the Seymour Simon titles to feature a full-scale design update, giving a new look for the series going forward.

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  • Destination Moon


    From bestselling science writer Seymour Simon comes Destination: Moon, a visually stunning and very accessible look at the lead up to the 1969 Moon landing. Updated with an airy design and chock-full of NASA photos and sidebars, it’s perfectly timed with the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing.

    3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Blast off!

    In 1969, the United States’ Apollo 11 spaceflight sent astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins to the Moon. Aldrin and Armstrong were the first humans to successfully make the epic landing. But what led up to this historical trip? And what if they hadn’t made it home?

    In Seymour Simon’s Destination: Moon, readers can explore all sorts of information about the infamous Space Race between the US and the Soviets, the basics of space travel, and lots of Moon facts as they gaze upon spectacular photos from this inspiring moment in history.

    Destination: Moon is the first of the Seymour Simon titles to feature a full-scale design update, giving a new look for the series going forward.

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  • Celebrate Easter : 52 Fun Activities And Devotions For Kids


    Perfect for the days leading up to Easter and beyond, this fun activity and devotional book will keep kids entertained for hours.
    Activities include word finds, mazes, coloring pages, sketch starters, break-the-code puzzles, dots and boxes, spot the difference games, and more. Best of all, kids will find devotions written especially for them, and encouraging Scriptures to think about during the day.
    Have fun and be filled with joy as you spend time in this exciting activity book for kids!

    Special Features:
    – Encouraging Scriptures and heartfelt devotions
    – Word finds
    – Mazes
    – Spot the difference
    – Coloring pages
    – Sketch starters
    – Break-the-code puzzle

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  • Sugar Smart Cookbook For Kids


    Sugar Smart Kids Are Healthy Kids

    Let’s face it, kids love sweets. Add that to the fact that many foods, from mustard to beef jerky to salad dressing contain hidden sugar and it’s no wonder that childhood obesity, an early indicator of diabetes and other serious health risks, is on the rise.

    Where can you go for sugar smart solutions that don’t take a lot of time to make and aren’t difficult to prepare? Cookbook author and mom Georgia Varozza has plenty of ideas for preparing simple, straightforward, trouble-free recipes for every meal of the day that will please even the pickiest eaters.

    You and your kids will enjoy low-sugar creations, such as:

    Cheesy Apple Nachos Greek Isles Salsa Stealth Kale Zoodles Chicken Salad Tortilla Wraps
    …and many more

    The Sugar Smart Cookbook for Kids will help you trim sugar from your child’s diet and offer a better, more healthful way to eat.

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  • Kiki And Jacques


    Can Kiki and Jacques be friends-or are they just too different? Life could be better for twelve-year-old Jacques. His mother just died, his father is jobless, and his grandmother’s bridal store is on the verge of closing. At least he can look forward to the soccer season-after all, he’s a shoo-in for captain. But the arrival of Somali refugees shakes up nearly everything in his French-American Maine town, even soccer. Jacques isn’t the only star anymore-Mohamed is just as good as him, maybe better. School, church, sports . . . everything suddenly seems different. So Jacques is surprised to find himself becoming friends with Kiki, a smart, kind, and strong-minded Somali Muslim girl with a mysterious scar. Can kids as seemingly different as Jacques and Kiki be friends? Kiki and Jacques offers a realistic and heartwarming portrait of a town learning to embrace its changing face.

    A Bank Street College Best Children’s Book of the Year

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  • Saint Anna Simone (Large Type)


    St Annasimone was the daughter of the King of Constantinople in the seventh century. Following the death of her father, she assumed the throne. Despite the riches and honour which she had as Queen, her heart longed for something greater. Her strong desire to live for the Lord forced her to leave the kingdom and run to the wilderness. After living in humiliation amongst the nuns of a convent, her holiness was revealed and so she escaped and lived the rest of her life as a hermit.

    Her story is a great example of someone who denied themselves and followed the One who loved us and gave Himself for us. She loved reading the stories of the saints as a child, and so followed their example all her life. St Annasimone the Hermit Queen, told through the eyes of her spiritual father, will encourage young readers to seek God wholeheartedly and enjoy reading about the saints, as did she!

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  • 5 Minute Devotions For Girls


    Make every moment with God count with the Faithgirlz 5-Minute Devotions for Girls for readers ages 8-12.

    Written for girls on the go, this 5-minute devotional will help busy girls slow down and take time to grow closer to God. Short and sweet devotions applicable to everyday life are paired with relevant Scripture passages that will resonate with readers. Devotions focus on the ups and downs of tween-hood–friendships, peer pressure, bullying, boys, and self-confidence–all while showing girls how to live their faith each day.

    With a beautifully foiled cover and a 2-color interior, this devotional makes the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, and everyday giving. Features text from the bestselling New International Version (NIV) translation.

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  • Generales Di Dios Para Ninos K


    Children Can Title

    I believe in miracles!

    Kathryn Kuhlman was a woman who loved God. Thousands of people were healed by God in her meetings without even being prayed for. Kathryn’s life will show you what God can do through you and encourage you to believe God for more.

    Kathryn was an ordinary woman who God used in extraordinary ways. God can work through anyone who believes in him. As Kathryn would say: I believe in miracles, because I believe in God. Her incredible story is told in this book.

    Roberts Liardon is an author, public speaker, spiritual leader, church historian, and humanitarian. A well-known author and speaker, ministering in 127 countries, his books have been translated into more than sixty languages.

    !Yo creo en milagros! Kathryn Kuhlman era una mujer que amaba a Dios. Miles de personas fueron sanadas por El en sus reuniones sin siquiera orar por ellas. La vida de Kathryn te mostrara lo que Dios puede hacer a traves de ti y te animara a creer que Dios hara mucho mas. Kathryn fue una mujer comun y corriente a quien Dios uso de maneras extraordinarias. Dios puede obrar por medio de cualquiera que crea en el. Como diria Kathryn: Yo creo en milagros porque creo en Dios. En este libro se relata su increible historia.

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  • Doodle Devotions For Girls


    The best devotionals for youth are the ones that encourage them to engage with God s Word and spend time meditating on what they ve read. Doodling, coloring, and journaling are some great ways to do that, and Doodle Devotions for Girls by Nancy Taylor fits the bill. Sixty devotions designed especially for teen girls will help your daughter, niece, or Sunday School student get deeper into her Bible in a way that s fun and creative!

    At just 152 pages, this book is easy for a young person to manage, and the illustrated black-and-white inside pages present the perfect canvas for the reader s own colorful doodles and notes. As the author says, Write all over this book! Ideal for preteen and teen girls.

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  • Super Women : Six Scientists Who Changed The World


    Super Women celebrates the scientific as well as the social significance of six incredible women who broke new ground with their research, busted through glass ceilings with their careers, and advanced humanity’s understanding of our world in the process. These amazing women defied prejudice to succeed in the sciences using genius, ambition, and perseverance:
    *Katherine Coleman Johnson, a mathematician who calculated trajectories for NASA flights and is one of the women showcased in the award-winning feature film, Hidden Figures
    *Eugenie Clark, an ichthyologist who swam with sharks
    *Marie Tharp, a cartographer who mapped the ocean floor
    *Florence Hawley Ellis, an anthropologist of Pueblo cultures who pioneered tree-ring dating
    *Gertrude Elion, a Noble Prize-winning pharmacologist who developed treatments for leukemia and AIDS
    *Margaret Burbidge, an astrophysicist who formulated a theory of quasars and helped create the Hubble telescope

    ALA Notable Book author Laurie Lawlor deftly paints portraits of each of these pioneers who refused to take no for an answer, pursuing their passions through fieldwork, observations, laboratories, and research vessels in the face of sexism. This diverse group of women, all with awe-inspiring accomplishments, were active mentors and determined people who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

    The beautifully written book includes key photographs, a glossary, and source notes–and is truly an important book for our time.

    A 2018 NSTA-CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students K-12!

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  • Kids Game Plan For Great Choices


    Sports Devotions to Help Your Child Win in Life

    From the father-and-son team of Michael and Christopher Ross comes this unique devotional combining your kid’s love of sports with faith and life lessons to encourage growth.

    Your child will be inspired by tons of pro tips from sports superstars, including Tim Tebow, Stephen Curry, Allyson Felix, and many more.

    These forty devotions feature stories from 15-year-old Christopher’s world, plus kid-relevant teachings that bring Bible verses to life.

    Your kid will get the game plan for making good decisions in three key areas:

    With the Team–learning godly sportsmanship At School–having A+ encounters with teachers and friends With Family–scoring big with parents and siblings
    A Kid’s Game Plan for Great Choices will help your child see the connection between the things they love and the One who loves them.

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  • Buried Lives


    An illuminating look at the complex relationships between George Washington and the enslaved people of Mount Vernon, and the history still being uncovered there.

    When he was eleven years old, George Washington inherited ten human beings. His own life has been well chronicled, but the lives of the people he owned–the people who supported his plantation and were buried in unmarked graves there–have not. Using fascinating primary source material and photographs of historical artifacts, Carla McClafferty sheds light on the lives of several people George Washington owned; the property laws of the day that complicated his decision to free them; and the Cemetery Survey, an archeological dig (set to conclude in 2018) that is shaping our understanding of Mount Vernon’s Slave Cemetery. Poignant and thought-provoking, Buried Lives blends the past with the present in a forward-looking account of a haunting piece of American history. Includes a foreword by Zsun-nee Matema, a descendant one of the enslaved people at Mount Vernon who is highlighted in this book, backmatter outlining the author’s sources, and an index. A Junior Library Guild selection!

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  • If What If


    Quirky Questions. Clever Conversations. Faith-Filled Families.

    You know that awkward pause when you sit down with your family and aren’t sure how to get a conversation going? Especially when it comes to talking about God? Well, this unique devotional can change that. Filled with clever questions and conversation starters, it can move your family from random chit-chat to meaningful talking and listening, all while working through the Bible in 365 devotions.

    Use it around the dinner table, pull it out while on a hike, or read it as part of a family road trip–anywhere you can manage to wrangle a few minutes as a family. It’s sure to create meaningful discussions, grow your family’s faith, and offer plenty of laughs along the way.

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  • 100 Extraordinary Stories For Courageous Girls


    Girls are world-changers! And this deeply inspiring storybook proves it!

    Just for the girls in your life, ages 8 and up, this collection of 100 extraordinary stories of women of faith–from the Bible, history, and today–will empower them to know and understand how women have made a difference in the world and how much smaller our faith (and the biblical record) would be without them. Featuring full-page, colorful illustrations alongside the true stories of amazing women like Lydia, Naomi, Rahab, Rebekah, Jane Austen, Corrie ten Boom, Bethany Hamilton, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, and dozens more, the stories of these 100 women will encourage and inspire girls to become the world-changers God created them to be!

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  • Fly With Me


    Enchanting stories, lyrical poems, stunning photography, and fascinating science fill the pages of this treasury celebrating the amazing world of birds.

    This thoughtful and beautifully curated collection of our flying, feathery friends highlights the role birds play in human life from centuries ago to present day. While it’s beautiful, it’s also full of valuable real science about these wondrous creatures. From history and behavior to spotting and photographing, there’s sure to be something for every bird fan in your flock. Young birders will learn all about migration and the importance of habitat conservation. They’ll find stories about bird rescues and fun facts about the fastest, strongest, and tiniest fliers. They’ll also discover the best bird nests, sweet songs to sing, ways to listen for and identify the birds around them, and more. Paired with stunning art and photography and beautiful design, this treasury is sure to become a classic for bird enthusiasts of all ages.

    Fly with Me was created to help celebrate Year of the Bird, National Geographic’s 2018 initiative to bring awareness to the plight of birds around the world.

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  • Ultimate Predatorpedia : The Most Complete Predator Reference Ever


    The natural world experts at National Geographic present the ultimate reference book on predators, teeming with fascinating facts, lively text, and tons of cool, colorful images of the fiercest, fastest, most amazing predators on planet Earth.Welcome to the amazing world of creatures who prey on others for their survival: From high-profile sharks, lions, tigers, and bears to the tiniest ants, mites, and spiders. Every animal in this book is ferocious, fierce, and fantastic in its own way! With colorful photographs and fun facts, this easy-to-use encyclopedia features profiles accompanied by Did You Know details, and fast facts (including scientific name, size, diet, and habitat), as well as thematic spreads covering topics from predatory techniques to defenses and communication, and much more. Fans of Ultimate Dinopedia, Ultimate Bugopedia, and Ultimate Reptileopedia in the same series, will want to find a place for Ultimate Predatorpedia on their bookshelves.

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  • Just Joking Jumbo 2


    Laugh your tail off with a jumbo-size, jam-packed joke book featuring 1,000 jokes and 1,000 photos.With silly facts that are strangely true, laughable lists, conversation jokes, and long-story jokes with hilarious endings, this full-color, supersize book will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Sidesplitting topics include funny stuff about pets, technology, spooky sensations, adventures, around-the-world wonders, animals, myths and legends, dinosaurs, music, and treasure hunting. Between giggles and guffaws, hoots and hahas you can enjoy tons of hilarious photos with silly captions. It’s the perfect combination of laughing, learning, and maybe jump-starting a career in comedy!

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  • Thankful Heart Is A Happy Heart


    Being thankful doesn’t always come easy…even for children. Having an attitude of gratitude can change their outlook on life and bring happiness to their hearts.

    This gratitude devotional encourages children to think about the things in their lives that they are thankful for.

    Watch their faces light up with smiles as they focus their hearts and minds on things that are good.

    Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things. Philippians 4:8 NIV

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  • Prayers And Promises For Kids


    Prayers & Promises for Kids incorporates more than 70 themes that will help guide children in how to connect with their Creator in all the different areas of life.

    It will help them understand God’s promises about courage, trust, wisdom, value, peace, and much more, while also encouraging them to pray.

    Children will see that by staying connected to God, and believing the promises of his Word, they can live a fulfilling, blessed life in close relationship with their heavenly Father.

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  • Rain


    A poetry collection celebrating the wonders of the natural world

    This collection of haikus will enchant both nature lovers and budding poets. The spare, lyrical text describes a series of short vignettes, each of them taking place in a different kind of rain, from thunderstorms to falling flower petals. The poems–some serious, some gently humorous–depict scenes from all over the globe: a horse struggling to plow a field, a father changing a tire while his children play, and two friends making up after a fight.

    With its majestic artwork, this introduction to a classic poetic form will inspire readers to write their own haikus as they experience the amazing world around them.

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  • Savior Is Born


    By arranging a few rocks together an entire story can be told. A Savior Is Born, Rocks Tell the Story of Christmas, created by Patti Rokus, is an unforgettable picture book that uses majestic rock art and simple yet powerful text to inspire wonder and awe as the miracle of Christmas unfolds across the pages. Readers will be absorbed in the nature-filled artwork that shows the birth of Jesus and the celebration of the very first Christmas in a powerful and unique way.

    The cover of this book sparkles and shines with foil, embossing, and spot gloss.

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  • Seeing Stars : A Complete Guide To The 88 Constellations


    A graphically stunning, comprehensive introduction to the constellations

    This artful and accessible introduction to constellations equips readers with the information they need to locate, name, and explain all 88 internationally recognized constellations. Each cluster of stars is featured alongside the story (mythological or historical) behind its naming, tips on how to find it, what times of year it is visible, and key stars and asterisms within its grouping. Complete with star maps and a glossary, this keepsake volume of visual reference and beauty is perfect for inquisitive young stargazers. Colors are brighter than they appear – printed in pure Pantones. Book jacket features foil stamping and laser-cut pinholes.

    Ages 7-10

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  • Childrens Activity Bible For Children Ages 7 And Up


    Here is a story Bible that teaches the Word of God while engaging in fun and challenging activities!

    Each Bible story is accompanied by word searches, puzzles, crosswords, and other entertaining, age-appropriate games. Perfectly tailored to its audience, each edition offers playful color illustrations to help children visualize the narrative of God’s love from the beginning with Adam and Eve to King David and on to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Over fifty Bible stories with Bible references are included to help children grow in their faith.

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